Sometimes you need to change the timezone in your calendar.  The most common reason is that you are traveling and you need to see your appointments for phone calls or web conferences at the correct time.

In the Elmhurst Google Apps for Education Calendar you change the timezone by doing the following.

First, go to your Calendar.  If you are not logged into your Elmhurst College Gmail account, please do so by logging into the College Portal  at  and selecting Google Apps Email.  Once you are logged into your Elmhurst Gmail, just click on the “waffle iron” GoogleAppsWaffleIron.pngsymbol in the upper right of your Gmail window. This opens up access to other applications including the Calendar.  Click on the Calendar.  This will open the Calendar in a new tab.  If you are logged into multiple Google accounts simultaneously, please make sure that the calendar that you go to is the Elmhurst College Google Apps Calendar.  You can check the user account associated with this Calendar by hovering your mouse over your picture or icon in the upper right.  Switch it if necessary.

The instructions below assume that you are setting your Calendar to United States Central Time.  Make appropriate changes if you are somewhere else.

In Google Calendar:

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of any Google Calendar page
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the Country section, select United States
  4. In the Your current time zone section, select (GMT -6:00) Central Time
  5. Click Save