OpenMRS and Women- OpenMRS World Summit

December 2015

1.         Statistics

a.          Number of devs throughout the levels

                                                                                              i.         Probably 2, perhaps 3

b.         Number of female at GSoC sponsored events

                                                                                              i.         Students male 54/ female 16

                                                                                            ii.         Mentors male- 86/female 5

                                                                                          iii.         Back up mentors- 66/female 5

                                                                                         iv.         Increase in number of women- 4% women in 2006; 10% in

2015 OpenMRS Summit

  1.          Number of women at the OpenMRS summit
  2.          How to diversity a hackathon

                                                                                              i.       Clever marketing

                                                                                            ii.        How to not be like other applications

                                                                                          iii.         The vibe

                                                                                         iv.          Soundtrack your hack

                                                                                           v.          Dream teams- equal representation of male/female

                                                                                         vi.        Different food

                                                                                       vii.         Labs/ schedule

                                                                                     viii.          Presentations—not a competition; no pitches/ no prizes

                                                                                         ix.         Diversity is not only about gender

b.          A Mighty Girl—lessons learned ( NPR)

c.          How to be intentional about diversity



Outreach events that target women


The outreachy program (Apply by Feb 2016)

What are the initial impressions people get when they enter the community? f

or example, asking for help via the guides program?

Notes from the session

Tiffany ( managing global social sector work in TW)- 12 years in TW

Sabine- Rwanda








  1. PIH -internships in the summer so usually unable to participate in GSoC
  2. TW
  1. junior consulting hires- 50% are women ( managing partners)
  1. decision made to take a stand in the tech space
  2. 5 years ago
  1. TW internal leadership program- mentoring within the company
  1. mentoring program for two years
  2. managing partners-- goal was to fill by 50%
  1. met this goal in 10/14
  1. Conferences
  1. Grace Hopper - conference for recruiting/presenting at conferences
  2. Robotopia - conference for diversitying campaign
  1. low fi and low cost marketing of women in OpenMRS
  1. tweeting and blogging about women in tech
  1. subtle messaging and blogging on the OpenMRS web site
  1. pictures and one minute low fi videos
  2. message out to tell a story
  1. Office of social change initiatives ( OSCI video)
  1. work that is being done by individuals
  2. quick videos of people out doing their work, or their engagement in the community
  1. OpenMRS mentoring
  1. organization and creation of the program
  2. what’s sustainable in our current resources? what are other options?
  1. meetups?
  2. one on one mentoring?
  3. conferences - abstracts - support for writing for scholarships...
  1. Consider OpenMRS making a multi year investment and reach out to these communities
  1. find one who is international; US options include:
  1. girls who code
  2. black girls code
  3. women who code (wwcode)
  1. Schools for girls
  1. high school/ tech schools
  1. OpenMRS summit co-hosted with that organization
  1. Social Volunteer options for OpenMRS
  1. identify organizations that may want to participate in this
  1. Community Management Team
  1. needs to have leadership within the community that is more diverse
  2. “diversity manager”?

To Do:

  1. commitment from OpenMRS community management team to diversity
  1. role to manage this - push it forward
  1. develop an implementable diversity plan for CY 16
  1. include report on where we are
  2. commit to annual reporting to the board about this
  3. picture of women for the annual report with a paragraph on this commitment
  1. identify women in the community        
  1. willing to mentor
  1. change hackathon to reflect what we know makes a difference in diversity
  1. ask Michael about this change for next year
  1. advertise diversity learning opportunities

October 10, 2016

  1. OpenMRS leadership commitment - done
  1. Update the LT that we met and our role forward
  1. Diversity plan for CY 16
  1. Dev stages
  2. 2016- GSoC increase in female participation- Suranga wil update
  3. Update to dev stages-- terry will do

Objective 4.4

increased diversity in GSOC with at least 10% increase in female participants ( CROSS CUTTING)- DID NOT MEET ( RED)

Objective 6.2

At least one additional woman is identified and participating at a dev 2 level

Objective 6.2

at least one additional woman is identified and participating at a dev 4 level

  1. Landing page for diversity on the WIKI
  1. Information overall
  2. People in the community who are willing to mentor ( not technical help; more social support)
  1. Paragraph about us on the landing page
  2. Jordan can post this to talk to find people who might be interested
  1. Uganda Meeting and Hackathon-
  1. Encourage women to participate
  1. Less competitive
  2. Incentive to participate
  3. Advertisement - actively recruit women to attend the meeting and the Hackathon
  1. Diversity learning opportunities
  1. Host a call on diversity and its importance in the community
  1. Authors have written about diversity
  2. Do one /quarter- start in January ( will aim for January)
  3. Reach out to specific women to see if they would be willing to participate
  1. Annual report
  1. Update on diversity with details about what we are doing
  1. Next meeting in four weeks - terry to schedule that