===== 8/20/2013 回覆ACP 副總裁 Mr. Faburel,並cc給ACP總裁 & 阮會長 ======

Dear Mr. Faburel:


Your message is very clear. We are all deeply disappointed by ACP's decision. We only wish ACP, at least, please read this email.


[* 當時阮會長曾打電話給北二區主辦人林世良,承諾要集合數人開會,但事後卻一再拖延]

Last year when I, on behalf of many cyclists, first approached you with inquiries regarding BRM, at that time we all had hope for our recently appointed representative. After waiting for his promised-but-never-held meeting, we had lost our hope for him.

然而,持著對ACP這樣健全組織的信心,我們收集支持車友的簽名,希望你們能夠體認到Randonneurs Taiwan (RT) 的問題。你們的回應只能說讓我們很傷心。

Still, with faith on a sound organization like ACP, we collected signatures from supported cyclists, in hope that you could recognize the problems in Randonneurs Taiwan (RT). Your response can be described as heartbroken to our cyclists.

這裡我們只從RT眾多問題中例舉一個案例。附上"Special Approval 600K.xls",這是在2010年7月2-3日在台灣所舉辦的第一場600km活動的檔案。RT黃副會長將這檔案,連同其他的認證檔案將這檔案,給志工江尚倫,委託他幫符合資格的車友做2011 PBP預報。

Here we only present one of the problems we found about RT. Attached a filed "Special Approval 600K.xls", which is for the first 600km brevet held in Taiwan during July 2-3, 2010. Ms Huang (current vice president of RT) gave this file, along with other homologation files, to a volunteer, Shang ­Lun Chiang, who was appointed by Ms Huang to help PBP pre-registrations for qualified cyclists in 2011.


1. 四位車友 (方,胡,江及葉) 試騎這600km活動。只有葉先生(葉師傅)在時間內完成騎程。另三位(方,胡&江) DNF。方,胡&江沒有再試騎此路線,且在正式600km活動時當志工。



2. 這個"Special Approval 600K.xls"檔案還列著阮耀樟先生同600km的認證碼。阮先生並沒有在這正式活動騎乘,而我們也沒聽過他有試騎。



1. Four cyclists (Fang, Fu, Chiang & Yeh) pre-rode this 600km brevet. Only Mr. Yeh finished the ride within the time limit. The other three, Fang, Fu & Chiang were DNFed. Fang, Fu & Chiang did not pre-ride the route again and later were volunteers at the official 600km event.

We all knew these three cyclists did not finish the pre-ride, because Mr. Fu announced they failed in Facebook. However, RT obtained 600km homologation numbers for these three cyclists.

The cyclist Mr. Chiang here was later surprised to find out this file.

2. This file "Special Approval 600K.xls" also lists Mr. Jack (Yao-Chang) Ruan's homologation number for this 600km brevet. Mr. Ruan did not actually participate the official event during July 2-3, 2010, and we also don't have any knowledge that he did pre-ride for this event.

Mr. Ruan did appear on the meeting with cyclists of this 600km brevet, which was held on the day before the start.


These are the facts we present to you. No matter whether you believe us or not, we ought to tell the truth. Our petition does not come from a small section of cyclists who have participated randonneuring, but from the core of this community.


Mr. Yeh, the south-area brevet organizer and also a supporter for the petition, just contacted Mr. Ruan regarding the future BRM organization in Taiwan. Mr. Ruan has no intention to meet us to resolve the problems. Mr. Yeh is likely to be removed from brevet organization after this October due to his backing on the petition.


After sending 130 signed petitions to you, if ACP only sees the number of participants in BRM in Taiwan and still believes there is no problem at all in RT, all we can said is that we are very disappointed by your response.

Best regards,

Yiping Lin

on behalf of the petition


==== 8/20/2013 隨後,ACP副總裁Mr. Faburel對上述email回覆說明 ======


Jack Ruan and the ACP are aware that there are some issues in the BRM organization in Taiwan. We all know that some improvements have to be done.

From our point of view, there are only two ways :

-              Our representative wants to go further and modifies the current organization by adding new peoples in his team.

-              Our representative doesn’t want to go further and finds some else to replace him.

Jack Ruan chose the first option and we are happy to go further with him. Of course, all the helps are welcome.

Best regards,

Jean-Gualbert FABUREL

Audax Club Parisien

76 rue de la République



阮會長 (Jack Ruan) 跟ACP都知道台灣BRM活動辦理有些問題。我們都瞭解需要採取些改善措施。



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