Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)

John, Johnny, Johnson, Mother, The boss, The Police and the jar of mayo

Setting (When, where, … be descriptive)

The great dark forest

November 29th 1995

Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)

The big one Johnson was in trouble because he worked for a lollie shop but it was a trap and he was going to die unless there two brothers gave him all there money before December 5th 2003.

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




In the great dark forest in November the 26th 1995 lived three little people and there mother lived in a big house but they were running out of money little people got given $250 each and they went out to the city to find a job.  The little one John was the first to find a job and he worked as a accountant and he got $350 a day, the one in the middle was a scaffolding worker and he got $400 a day and the big one Johnson was a worked in a lollie shop and he only got $100 a day and they worked for 8 years until 2003.

In 2003 November the 26th there mother was so proud of them, each year they would do a great big feast for them with Mcdonald's, KFC and lots of fizzy drink and they stayed up until 3:00am in the morning and they would get up at 10:00am in the morning and they would be late for work but they told them that they had a party on the 26th of November every year so they had a day off on the 27th of November but Johnson had to go to work because his boss wanted to talk to him about something and when Johnson went into the shop be it.” then the boss clicked his fingers and the jar of mayo pressed the button to the trap door that Johnson was standing on, and Johnson fell down into a dungeon and luckily he had his phone on him so he quickly phoned his brothers and said”Quickly get all the money that you have because and call the police secretly  

The brothers brang thousands of dollars and there brother was in a dungeon all alone then the brothers gave the money to the boss and then they had a fight and the two brothers won against the jar of mayo and the boss.  

Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved) the two brothers knocked out the boss and the jar of mayo and they live happily ever after.

Theme/Author's  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?) just don’t let Johnson to work for a lollie shop.