Fairview Swim Club Normal Policy

In case of inclement weather the whole staff is on heightened alert to look and listen for strong winds, thunder and lightning. In our neighborhood the nearby bridge, railroad tracks and construction all make similar noises.  Any staff member, but usually the guards on the stand, will notify the nearby manager on duty and they will consult with each other. In the case of definite thunder or lightning, the pool will be cleared and the patrons directed under the shelter until 30 minutes have passed since the thunder or lightning was last observed. The manager on duty will designate a staff member to keep record of the elapsed time and also notify the guard staff when to safely allow people back into the pool.  


Fairview Swim Club Home Swim Meet Policy

The Host Team Meet Director in conference with the Visiting Team Meet Director(s) shall be responsible for making and implementing all decisions regarding weather issues.  Generally accepted electronic lightning and weather monitoring devices must be used to assist in those decisions.  In the event of thunder or lightning (including “heat” lightning) or rain hard enough to obscure the bottom of the pool as observed by lifeguard(s), Referee, or any Meet Director, the Meet Director(s) or Referee shall immediately stop the meet and clear the pool of all swimmers.  In the case of thunder or lightning, everyone will also be cleared from the deck and directed to safe shelter until at least 30 minutes have passed since thunder or lightning were last observed.  The meet may not be resumed until after this 30 minute period has passed as determined by the Meet Directors.  Each team shall have a plan for clearing its pool area which fits its structure and safe shelter availability.  The host's team's pool management policy will prevail if more strict than League policy.  (Revised, 2013)