TheKaz is developing Sailable Ocean

Presently there are 9 Regions together forming the Kazpian Sea

Residents or HG Avatars may rent regions in the Kazpian Sea.

Of course the plan is to have openwater connecting all the sims in TheKaz Grid however the size of it means it will be some time away.

Chiba Yacht Club is the hub of the Kazpian Sea  Here you can moor your boats at the Marinas around the Yacht Club

Relax with friends on the deck etc

You may also use this for meetings and events.


The Front of the Yachtclub.  I think this is a lovely picture with the colors.  It is a great setting.


One of the many Isle in the Kazpian Sea.

A lovely Beach property nestled away.

This Region is being developed.


Juli Velde presents Grandpas Cove

Juli loves color and her Grandpa displays some of his naughtiness in this Region.  All in Fun - its a pretty build

You can also see some of Julis original Houses here.

Grandpas Cove_001.png

The peacefulness of the Kazpian Sea is to be experienced.  Sailing quietly in the many coves and tacking close in the open sea cannot be described in a picture