The Mountain Adventure

Ding ding! My phone receives a text from Nyjah wanting to meet up sometime tomorrow and stay the night there.  When he arrives at my house we text Ryan and Shawn to see if they want to meet up tomorrow at Powder mountain at 5:30 am with your snowboards. Nyjah and I will meet you guys there.  When we meet up at  Powder mountain Ryan calls one of his sponsors Red Bull to fly the helicopter to the bottom of  Powder mountain so we can snowboard down.  The helicopter takes us to the top of the mountain.  After the helicopter leaves we do some warm ups before we go down.  When we get down about 20 meters the volcano has a small eruption and causes a small avalanche which makes them snowboard fast down the mountain away from the avalanche.

When we get back to our house we have a little sleep before we drive 2 hours to an indoor skatepark so we can skate there.  When we arrive at the skatepark the skatepark is empty and when it’s empty it’s free entry.  When we start skating we all play follow the leader. The leader does a 50-50 on the rail then a kickflip down the five star then he does a tre-flip off the hand rail then he sets one more trick and he does a triple kickflip off the ledge.  After we finish skating we go out for dinner to a five star restaurant could Alinea.  When When we wake up in the morning at around about 5:30 am our driveway is covered in deep snow so I open the garage and get my big Dodge Ram out andwe sat down we looked at the menu and I saw a something that I felt like eating I felt like eating a fancy roast chicken.  When we finished dinner, Ryan asked if he could stay at my house tonight. Then every one asked and “I said yes”.

 start crashing it into the snow until it gets out , when we get out of our long driveway we rushed to the airport to get to my private jet called Louie's Awesome.

When we arrive “Nyjah says it was a long flight to japan but worth it because we won free passes to Japan.”1  When we caught a taxi to our hotel next to a ski field named furano ski field.  After we make ourselves comfortable we go to the hot tub outside of our room.  After we get changed we all go for a dive in the cold swimming pool then we quickly jump out and hop in the hot tub.  After we finished swimming we go to bed.  When we wake up we all decide to explore some of Japan, When we arrive at the town centre we see a snow and ski shop and we go in there and we see some really good quality gear, so I buy some new jacket that is a Neff 20 k jacket.  When we finish walking around the town centre we ask some of the locals where a good restaurant is “and they say that ninja akasaka is a really good restaurant to go to.  

When we arrive at ninja akasaka we get a seat in the restaurant that the chefs cook in front of you.  When we finished eating we went back to the hotel to get some dessert from room service I order a sara lee cake Louie Ryan Shawn and Nyjah all get the same as me but I got passion fruit Ryan and Nyjah get raspberry and Shawn gets chocolate.  When we finished dessert we brushed our teeth then went to sleep.

Beep beep beep! Our alarm clock goes off so we wake up get our skis and snowboards and head out of the door but what we didn’t hear was that a really bad guy wants to take over a small town at 8:30 am.  By the time we reached the top of the mountain it was already 8:25 am, when we get 100 meters down dynamite goes off and causes an avalanche which his plan didn’t work because it didn’t reach the town “Nyjah yells go go don’t wait for me I fell down!”  When Nyjah gets up and catches up to us we all fall down a blind cliff and end up in a cave.  When Nyjah tried to walk around and find a way out but he couldn’t walk any further than ten meters, He screams out I can’t walk any further.  When we come to help him Shawn tried to pick up Nyjah’s ankle and “Shawn said ah my wrist.”  When he pulls up his sleeve from his jacket then he sees that he can see his bone.  When we get back to our stuff Ryan pulls out his safety kit.  He pulls out the bandages and wraps Nyjah's sprain and Shawn's wrist.

When Ryan and I got two shovels out and start digging our way then we realised that the snow is quite deep.  When we make our way out we write sos in the deep snow.  We waited a little while until the rescue helicopter flew over the mountain,  When the helicopter flew over the mountain they landed 100 meters away.  They came running to us with  something that carries your body in emergencies.  

When we arrive at the hospital in Japan we stayed in there for at least one week ‘Nyjah asks when are we going to be back home? “And I respond with we already booked  flight in two days time.”  When we arrive at the airport we check in then go through security and wait 5 minutes before we board the plane.  When we board the plane we get seated in first class.

When we arrive back in America all our family were waiting there, concerned if we were all okay.  When we get back home in our home town heaps of fans were there wanting to take photos with us, When the crowd got too big we had to call the police.  When the police came they took some crazy people away.  ne year later we are living our original life.


                       The End