Fall 2017

U10 & U12 Rules:

  1. Team listed first will be considered the home team. For DDY teams this means they will wear the navy jersey and if they are the away team, then they will wear the white jersey.
  2. Size 4 balls will be used for games, game balls will be provided by the home team.
  3. Play will consist of 7 vs. 7 for U10.  There will be 6 field players and a goalkeeper.  For U12 they will play 9 vs. 9, eight field players and a goalkeeper.  The minimum number of players to begin a game will be one less than the number required on the field.  For U10 the minimum will be six (6) players, and for U12 the minimum will be eight (8) players.
  4. Each game will be divided into two halves.  U10 halves will be 25 minutes and U12 halves will be 30 minutes in length. Half time will be 5 minutes in length.
  5. All players are required to play at least 50% of the game unless hurt during the game or become sick.  The coach must inform the referees of any players being disciplined with game time for behavior problems at the start of the game.
  6. Also a goalie can ONLY play half a game in the goal for U10 & U12 age groups.  The player must play equal time in the goal as on the field.  This is a Georgia Soccer Association rule and will be enforced.
  7. Player’s equipment:  All players must wear shin guards covered with socks, players shall wear molded cleats only or tennis shoes, and players shall not play with a hard cast.
  8. Substitution: Unlimited substitutions will be allowed   Substitutions will only be allowed during game stoppage and by the consent of the referee at the following time:

Substitutions will not be allowed during the stoppage of play for a player being sent off for a red card.

  1. No slide tackles will be allowed in the U10 age group.
  2. Mercy Rule:  The rule for teams leading an opponent by a substantial goal difference

Reasoning: Games can get lopsided and if a coach does not take appropriate measures the game becomes no longer fun for all involved.  Teams should be challenged whether they are winning or losing a game and this way teams will still be challenged even if the one team is winning by a substantial amount.

  1. Players are no longer allowed to head the ball during practice or games.  If a player intentionally “heads” a ball during a game, then it will be an automatic penalty with an indirect kick at the site of the penalty.
  2. Parents and spectators are not allowed to sit on the same side of the field as the Players and coaches.
  3. All Games will be officiated by certified referees.  In the event that a referee does not show up to a field, each coach, home and away, will be asked to officiate a half of the game.  Please notify the Field Supervisor if a referee does not show up to a game.
  4. Georgia State Soccer Association Youth Rules and Regulations will govern all other rules of the game.  The Rules of Play used will be the "FIFA Laws of the Game", as modified by the US YOUTH SOCCER Official Administrative Rulebook and those modifications contained herein.