DHMN Organizational Meeting

September 23, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Jake K., Paul K., Jason K., Bob T-Son, Mike P., Sim, Mark F.

Late arrivals:

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Jason K.

Seconded: Paul K.


Treasurer's Report

Monthly subscriptions total:  $642.64 actual

    $675 nominal (5@15, 2@25, 11@50+)

    2.5 new, 1 lost.


9/23/2013 balances/pending:

Checking balance: $1275.11

Paypal balance: $822.34

Paypal tx in progress: $500

Cash On hand: $-26.95

Rent due: $-550


Overall end of September assets: $2020.50 (monthly change = -23.39)

~6.5 Months until bankrupt.


Monthly exchanges of note:

$75+$30 to Bar Camp FDL



Donate for the BarCamp FDL if you said you would.

Rent goes up next month!

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Jason K.


Tech Officer Report

Outlet installed; still working with landlord on doorknob.

Send an email if you have a project that need tech support.

Old Business

Grand Opening is Oct. 12 to coincide with Willams building G.O.

Mark: We can reuse some of the demos for the WLA Conference at the end of October.

New Business

We discussed three specific options for more appropriate spaces.

We decided to keep this meeting at the same times.

We discussed having more events and publicizing them.


Move to Adjourn: Paul K.

Seconded: Jake K.