We have returned from another 2 ½ weeks on the road and praise God for all the great connections, wonderful new friends, provision from unexpected sources as we went, and safe travel.

Jeanine’s (my sister) biopsy came back clear while we were home. Thank you God!!

Betty Thompson (daughter in the Lord) called while we were gone to rejoice that her 5th MRI showed her inoperable brain tumor is GONE!! The doctor put unexplainable on the report. We are praising God!!!

ServantCARE, Evon Belflower Update – She files back to GA soon. She is doing great and staying away from foods that irritate her stomach. Her neck is good! Pray for her to have a safe trip. She is grateful for your prayers.

Larry and Janice Thomas have sold their townhouse, and mobile home, and are returning to Israel to minister as worship leaders at an evangelical congregation. God’s faithfulness in God’s timing.

Belarus – The family you have prayed for has been greatly impacted by you. He is in the US and we kept missing one another. We left Kansas days before he arrived and we arrived in Tennessee hours after he left. We thankfully did get to talk to one another and God is connecting him with those who can be a real benefit to their ministry so they are rejoicing in that.