SLC Survey Feedback Fall 2015




Students (121/319) 38%

1 = Strongly Agree

2 = Agree

3 = Disagree

4 = Strongly Disagree

I was prepared for my conference.

73             60%

42           35%

5               4%

2              1%

I was clear about my role in the conference.

61             50%

48           40%

11             9%

2              1%

I have ownership of my learning.

70             58%

44           36%

4               4%

4              4%

I am a skilled goal-setter.

45             37%

70           58%

5               5%

2              1%

My conference mentor knows and supports me.

99             82%

17           14%

3               3%

2              1%

Learning is more important than grades.

51             42%

53           43%

12           10%

7              7%

My parents provided helpful feedback.

57             47%

54           45%

8               6%

4              4%

Qualitative Data

Any other comments, questions, or ideas on the student led conference experience?

I do not have any other remarks.

no comments

I loved being at my conference


No, i think this is really fun!

It was fun



I felt that it was hard to be in a room with just u and ur teachers

I think that my new goals are AWESOME!

I do not have any other comments or questions.


I felt a little bit awkward and nervous being at the conference. Maybe it was because it was my first time doing it.


My teacher made it very easy to understand my grades and learning skills.

I liked how the conferencing went and how my mentor got to know and understand me better through me explaining my personal and academic goals. I feel closer to my mentor now that she knows me better.

How can we make it flow better?

Could we have an outline on the overall structure of the meeting?

Could we have more of a structure to the meeting?

I think that instead of agree i will make strongly agree

I liked how organized it was of times.

It was a new experience in good and bad ways

The student led conferences were very helpful in my communicating skills and I and excited to see where this takes me.


I enjoyed it, and I am glad we are doing SLC this year

I liked how it wasn't just about grades it was more than that and it wasn't putting you right on the spot it felt easier for me to communicate to my teachers when I was more prepared then coming in pretty nervous and not talking. Overall, I thought it was a great expierence and I would love to do it again


I think that it was good to be in the conference because I could discuss how I could improve.

That even though I was a little afraid of doing it, I feel great about it now. This was a great experience!

I liked being able to tell my parents about my goals. I think that the conference went very well.


I thought that the conference was really interactive which was great, because I could really show how well I was doing win my classes. I was also very proud of how I was doing, so it was great to be able to be at the conference and explain how I was doing.

I overall liked the conference and liked how I got to know what both my parents and teachers thought about me.

I thought it went well

I loved how my mentor took my ideas and wanted to use them to change the whole MSAB. My dad gave great feedback on another way to grade groups beside rubrics. They helped me get more work to do if I ever get bored. I honestly loved the concept and the conferance, and I am so excited for the next one, (its on my birthday) :).

How are we going to lead the conference?

I thought that my conference went smooth and easy

I liked how I could be able to have a say on my learning experience throughout the year.


I liked how we didn't talk about grades

This was fun.

I think that student lead conferences are great. I learned a lot of what my parents have to do and what my teachers have to do. Overall this was a great learning experience for me

I had a good talk with my teacher and thought he provide my mom with good information. I like the idea with student led conferences so we could be there and know what we need to improve and not just our parents telling us we need to work on something.

I feel that my mentor knows me better now that we had the student led conference.

I liked the student led conference and think that they are a good way to teach us to be leaders.

I really like it and I think we should do it again.

I learned really good ideas to help me learn more.


I think the student led conference version is different, but cool. It was interesting to be in charge. I'm excited for the full on student led conference, but overall this was good.

I would like to go more in depth, not just the top layer.


I believe this new system with increase our abilities to communicate to others and will be very beneficial to our life in the future.


Maybe less Student Lead Conferences Meetings

It was helpful for me because it taught me new stratigys

In my case, I felt like it wasn't "student led". It was more that my mom talked a lot about my future, and I wasn't exactly talking a lot.



It was awesome, my teacher is one of the best, couldn't be better!


My teacher is a FABULOUS teacher and is very supportive. She is also very encouraging and helpful. I love being around her

I thought the SLC were pretty good. I read my goals to my parents, and I felt they and my teacher helped me to understand how I can achieve my goals

I think that the purpose of the conference is to talk about the student and it is not the same when the student is in the room.

I think this was a really good idea, especially to help the students really take control of their own learning

My conference went very good.

I love MVPS and am so glad I switch to here!1

Nope it was grat and I hope we can keep doing this thank you so much

Not that I know of

I loved the SLC and was very excited to try it out. I would love if we could do this again!


I think that SLC was a great idea! It is great to hear what your teacher has to say about you and we are the ones who need to know that the most.

I like that we didn't get thrown under the bus if you know what I mean

I think it would have been cool if the teachers could have had our

E-portfolios on the board, because sometimes it's hard to read the writing on computers if they aren't close to you. I like how the teachers took notes about what we liked or how we felt because that makes it easier for a student and teacher to bond.

Why didn't we lead the the first and second time?

I felt nervous at the beginning, but then I got better.


I liked It

I liked the SLC's

I liked how we got to be a part of the conferences

I really liked student lead cnferences. It was cool getting to lead your own conference. I liked how my mentor helped me and guided me through it and it was easy for me to talk to my parents. I really enjoyed this experience.

We need more to talk about. Some things should already be picked out to talk about instead of having us pick them on the spot.

No not anything But my teacher helped me alot

I think it cool that we can choose witch one to do first, grades or goals.

I liked the student led conferences, I just wish we knew exactly what we would be doing during the conference.




I liked how it was enough, but not too much.


I think that next time I would of wanted to have all of my teachers at my conference because then I could of talked more specifically about grade,questions,comments,concerns,etc. about each class. I say that because I don't even have my conference mentor as a teacher in any of my classes so I feel like this conference was unnessary. Besides that I really enjoyed the conference because it gave my parents a chance to be able to see my grades and goals which I liked for my parents to know.

I think that student led conferences allowed us all to have a chance to talk to our parents about what WE want whilst having back up from our mentor. I do think that it shouldn't take as much time from advisory though.


I liked how it was so calm, nice, and easy. It wasn't stressful at all.


I felt very stresed and honesly i did not like the student led confrence becue i get all nervus like i did something rong when i know i did not

Not really I think having the students there was a good idea

I think the conferences went pretty well and I am a lot more excited for my next one that I was before.

I thought it was good

I have no other comments or concerns with the student led conference experience.

It felt a little awkward to me, but besides that it was fine!

I felt like it was sort of unnecessary for the students to be there as we didn't really do much

I have no questions.

I think that the conference was very helpful for me.

No comments.

I wished we could talk more about how each class is going and what we are doing in each class, rather than just talking about my grades and my eportfolio.

I liked it, but I felt like I didn't have as much control over what we were doing as I liked

None other comments

I wish I would've been able to have every teacher at my conference so my parents could hear from them how they think they are teaching.

Even though it gives students a chance to lead, talking to parents is something that can be easily done at home. Conferences are a time for parents to have a one on one time with the teacher, and with the student there the mentor may not feel as comfortable telling the parents details about the student.

It was a little strange with my parents asking dumb questions and making me feel nervous.


I did not like having to come to my conference

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


I think we should of talked more about are grades.






Parents 88/319 (28%)

1 = Strongly Agree

2 = Agree

3 = Disagree

4 = Strongly Disagree

My child was prepared for the conference.

58            66%

21          24%

4           4%

5           5%

I was clear about my role in the conference.

44            50%

33          38%

5           5%

7           8%

My child demonstrated ownership of his/her learning.

58            66%

20          23%

3           3%

5           5%

My child set clear SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, results-driven, time bound).

41            47%

33          38%

9          10%

4           4%

My child's conference mentor knows and supports my child.

73            83%

8             9%

1             1%

6            7%

Learning is more important than grades.

55            63%

24          27%

6             7%

3            3%

I provided helpful feedback to my child during the conference.

41            47%

36          41%

7             8%

4            4%

Qualitative Data

Any other comments, questions, or ideas on the student led conference experience?

My child has really come out of the gates stronger than ever before this year, and my husband and I were wondering what was this difference - now we know! By setting her own goals early on, she has taken ownership of her schoolwork, grades, homework, and team projects. Please continue this process because I do not have to remind her about homework for the first time EVER! Love it, and one more reason to LOVE our (daughter's) school.

Would be more beneficial to have direct feedback from each teacher. Felt the teacher feedback was very general. Perhaps the teachers could follow a similar format as the kids by providing both strengths and weaknesses per student per class. Would be much more meaningful and help the kids adjust there learning goals.



This was a good first experience

Student-led conferences are brilliant. It clearly demonstrates that learning is a team effort between student, teacher, and parent.

I loved the student led conference. This was our first one and our son is only in 5th grade. It was a bit awkward but only as expected. He was not sure what to do exactly but was guided by his teacher very well. I was very proud of him and excited to hear his input. This will be fantastic in the future

FABULOUS! Thank you for empowering our children to be the leaders of their learning. Bravo!

After attending today, it makes me wonder why conferences would be done any other way. This was certainly the best conference day I have ever been a part of. The teacher did a great job of helping our student to talk about himself as a learner- and own up to some behavior that he knows he needs to work on. This conference will be very helpful as we continue to talk with our student about school- as now he is a part of the conversation, not just being told what to do or what he needs to do better. Thanks for a great day!

Great idea. Please keep doing it.

Loved the student-led conference. It was so valuable having all of us sit down at the table together.

I like the journal aspect of the e-portfolio and the idea of this building skills for creating a fluid and active resume. This gives us a chance to encourage our child to add experiences and project stories that will truly exhibit her 8th grade year. Great job MVPS.

I thought the conference went well and look forward to next semester when the student will lead - I think this is a great experience for them.

I believe the conference experience was very positive. My child thought it went well and seemed proud of her participation. Initially I think she was nervous but afterwards commented that it was a good experience.

Students may benefit from learning more about how to set specific academic goals.

I agree that learning is more important than grades---but because MVPS does a great job of using multiple measures to assess students' learning I believe that grades are probably a good reflection of learning for most students. It's "stickiest" when grades are on the border (e.g., 89/90).

For my child, grades are a motivator for working hard and help her to gauge whether she is meeting her expectations. Usually her grade matches her perception of her learning. There aren't a lot of instances where her grade is off in regard to what she believes she has learned.

This was the best day of parent teacher conferences we have ever had. please keep this format!

This was a nice activity, and worked well for us since we did not have any pressing issues to raise. It is clearly preferable to not scheduling a conference at all. However if there were issues to raise, we would have had to meet with specific teachers and this format would not have been very useful.

I don't think the format was the problem, but I don't feel like I learned anything at this conference. It was the least informative conference I've had at the school in the 10 years we've been there.

When do we see our students eportfolio ?

Attending the conference with our student was wonderful. I agree that at her age all discussions about her learning involve her from creative problem solving to celebrating her balancing her school with more ease this year. She seemed to feel comfortable & confident. Thank you for all you do!!!

Our conference was more teacher led than "student led"....but maybe that was to be expected for the first time. Possibly Feb.'s student led conference is truly "student led"?

My son participated in answering the questions asked of him during the conference....but he did not lead the conference.

It was a good interaction/conference.

Thank you!

We absolutely loved the student led conference. I think this method will instill accountability in our children at a young age. Our society has not always placed enough emphasis on accountability and verbal communication, clearly MVPS is working hard to change that…one child at a time.


Great idea. Please keep doing it.

I liked the way the kids set goals and explained why. I do miss interacting with all the Teachers in my students various subjects.

I would like to know how my child is doing in all classes with feedback from each teacher. Still think 5th grade is too young for student led conference.

Once again & as usual MVPS has stepped up & delivered a cutting edge example of how our children are being taught to be real world ready & prepared to face daily challenges head on & with eyes/minds wide open. Thank you for keeping up your end by providing the essentials & so much more for our children.

I feel very blessed that my children are able to be part of this wonderful educational/life changing experience.


The facilitator did a fantastic job during the conference. She clearly knows and cares about my child's learning and social experience.

My daughter showed some signs she was not confident in presenting her plan but I do feel she was prepared. I believe this is the type of activity that will help her gain more confidence.

I did not provide much feedback because I wanted to hear what my student and the teacher had to say. They both brought great energy and enthusiasm to the dialog.

The teacher was wonderful in my daughter's conference. Thank you!

I thought it was a positive experience.

This was a fantastic process and we are very pleased with the change to this system. In addition, the teacher is a thoughtful and thorough teacher and we are very happy to have her as my child’s 7th grade mentor. It was clear that the teacher had a full understanding of our student as a student and a young lady, and we believe our child will thrive under her leadership.

Thank you for making this change -- not only to the student-led process, but particularly to the mentor system. It speaks to Mount Vernon's attention to innovating new ideas and better approaches!

I think it would've been helpful for my child to know some of the questions he was going to be asked beforehand so he could give it some thought, as he was caught off guard and couldn't articulate what he thought his strengths were. Otherwise it was a good meeting.

The letter following would have been more helpful preceding the conference


The conference actually didn't seem as productive as other parent/teacher conferences we've had in the past. We didn't really learn much about our child's progress outside of things we already knew. She's doing very well, but we would have appreciated having each teacher (not just the mentor) supply comments on how our child is doing in their class; things she is mastering and areas where improvement could help her learning. We also didn't feel that our child really knew what to expect or discuss.

Love it!

I think the idea of a student led conference is great! I did not feel like my son (a 5th grader) was prepared or knew what to expect, and I could tell he was very nervous. There did not seem to be a clear role for him during this first conference. I think it would be helpful to provide more prep for the students ahead of time and to give them maybe one or two specific "jobs" during the conference period. Particularly for the younger middle schoolers.

This first student-led conference was a learning experience for me. I think we all sort of stumbled our way through it. It felt like my student was asked some questions, and that the parents were asked some questions, but that there wasn't much substantive teacher feedback other than to facilitate the discussion and add additional questions.

I hope that the next one feels more normal. I know I will have a clearer picture of how it should work next time, and can better prepare my child. I'd like to have some teacher provided specific examples of my child's strengths and weaknesses.

Great idea!

I suggest it would be great if MVPS offer students additional time to help regarding homework, since tutorial it's giving only once a week for a short period of time). I strong believe, that it's not enough time to help all the students.

Thanks for your consideration,

I was very pleased with the student led conference. It's great experience for our student. The teacher is very supportive of our student and wants him to succeed and do well.

I thought this meeting was valuable. I think having the Student involved is a great way to get him to understand that he has some control over what he does.

This was fabulous! What a win for the Middle School. The teacher did a fantastic job leading our student to talk about his own goals, learning, progress, strengths, and weaknesses. This conference will make it much easier for us to talk to our student specifically about the things that were raised- as well as hold him more accountable, because HE was the one saying what things he needs to do- rather than US telling him. So pleased with the day!


Loved the student led conferences.

My son had really good goals, but they might be hard to measure by standard procedures. We were very happy with the conference! Great idea!

The teacher did a great job mentoring both conferences. He is very, very encouraging and wise. He is an excellent role model.

I thought the student lead conference was really great! Wonderful opportunity for the kids to be in an "interview" type situation. I noticed my child spent a lot of time uploading many items to their ePortfolios the week prior to conferences. However, I don't think they used any of the information they uploaded.

All in was a great experience.

I really loved the format of conferences and thought it was very informative. My child is in great hands with the teacher!

This was the first student led conference that I have ever participated in, and I think that this is such a productive, meaningful way for our child to take ownership of his educational goals!!

There seemed to be an accountability taking place when the student is asked about his goals and whether or not he is receiving the support that he needs to attain these goals.

After experiencing the conference in this format, it now seems like the only logical way to do a conference; as it was a positive, productive experience for our us and our child!

I was surprised at the outcomes of this conference. It really was a great experience for both of us and our child. He was prepared and had truly thought through his goals and we left there and he had a concrete way of achieving that goal and one we had not thought of before. I truly believe that this method contributed to him figuring out a way to be more successful.

The teacher is so wonderful! She is a standout teacher.

I thought it was a delightful experience. I was so thrilled that grades were never mentioned and that learning was the main focus. Also a true inquiry to the child's happiness. I very much enjoyed the exchange with my child and the mentor.

What is the appropriate attire for the students? I realize uniforms were not required but I felt like my student was slightly under dressed. Just wondering for future conferences.

For our son's first conference like this I think it went well and look forward to next semesters conference.

Loved it!


Thanks - so much to the teacher for her support of our student.

I think that students being involved in the conference is a great idea. It holds them more accountable for their academic behaviors.

I thought this was an excellent idea! Kudos to all!

LOVED the student-led conference. It was a great experience for my student to prepare for and lead the discussion. The conference was an opportunity for a great dialog about how to be successful.


Loved it! Great school, great teachers!!

We appreciate the innovative approach to the parent teacher conference model! In the future actual written quotes from each of the teachers in addition to the grades may be helpful as well as a written SMART timeline for posting inside the student's locker.

Perhaps too early in the year for a student-led conference...just a thought- maybe the first one is a piece of paper they are to discuss with us at home (signature) and then once they have more pieces in their e-portfolio to show us and be proud of, then we come in to see those. So there is more to see.


Great opportunity for my student to articulate what he is learning and what plans he has for growth and improvement. This was a great demonstration of ownership and responsibility. I love it!

My child was one who is doing very well so far this semester. I think if she had been struggling, the conference would've been more helpful or useful, thus giving rise to the question, "was this even necessary?" Honesty, I didn't see the point other than all of us agreeing that my child is doing well, which we discuss at home anyway.

Overall good session.

Great format - looking forward to student led conferences - overall a great experience for student and parents - thank you

I support SLC and believe that it encourages the student to self-reflect and identify their strengths as well as opportunity areas. It gives them a sense of ownership. I encourage MVPS to continue to develop this program.

While we reviewed the grades per class, next time I'd like my student to demonstrate areas of learning within each of those courses (something they feel they have grown in/learned and an area where they need further growth - a la the growth mindset).

Otherwise, I think the interaction with the student was great. Perhaps next time - send the parents a list of possible questions they might ask during the conference - then they will be further prepared for their role.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this went. I was impressed with the information, suggestions & feedback from both the teacher and our daughter. I was further impressed at the thought and effort both had put into the conference and the expectations they established for the year. The concepts of ownership, responsibility and self motivation are welcome & exciting!

While this was an interesting meeting, and we appreciated our child being both involved and prepared, it was kept to a higher level discussion and did not address any action plans for the Fall semester.

I think it was great......our daughter got an opportunity to share her feelings about learning and she did so in such a mature way.....a great opportunity to speak to adults and she showed such confidence. Was so very proud!

I thought having child in conference was a wonderful idea!

In 2 of the 5 core subjects, the first test/assessment is taking place this week. It would be good to align conferences so that every subject has had an assessment graded prior to the conference. I think doing so would give a better picture of student retention/performance and may lend to additional questions/discussion points in the conference.

Appreciated the opportunity to spend some time with the teacher and get an update on progress.

Townsend is a gem. Clearly, with his teaching style, he inspires our student to learn.

Awesome experience all the way around!

I think that the child should sit at the "head" of the table, teacher on one side and parent(s) on the other side.

Also, would be nice to have a comment or two from each teacher.

I'm not sure how you can say learning is more important than grades when everything in society focuses on grades and gpa - maybe equally important.

I think it would help to give the parents some guidelines suggestions on our role before the meetings.

Overall, I think it is a great idea.


We thought the conference was a great success today!

A copy of the conference notes my child made would have been nice.

Great idea - loved the format. The teacher was extremely supportive of my child.

I think the conference should be 20 minutes

I think a sign up genie should be used instead of deciding on a time for us.

Very helpful- would have liked to have spent more time on grades- having the other teacher in the room that she is struggling with in class would have been helpful

Student Led Conference is a great idea. We were very impressed the way our son engaged in open and honest dialogue. This is an excellent way to help develop a student's oral communication skills. We are supportive of this type of conference. Today's conference was awesome mainly due to the sharing of the conversation involving all of us.

I enjoyed having my student involved in the conference and hearing his thoughts/goals for the year

This process was clear to me as it relates to my student in (8th grade). However, I did not understand that this was the process for my student (10th grade) I wanted to speak with my student’s math teacher and made an appointment. what I didn't understand was that my student should have attended that meeting. After the meeting I wish she would have been there. Also, if my student has a conference mentor (the first question) I am unaware of him/her.

Faculty  20/22   90%

1 = Strongly Agree

2 = Agree

3 = Disagree

4 = Strongly Disagree

I was prepared for the conference.

13          70%

5          25%


1          .05%

I was clear about my role in the conference.

12          60%

7          35%



My mentees  demonstrated ownership of their learning.

8           40%

9          45%



My mentees set clear SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, results-driven, time bound).

3          15%

5          25%

12          60%


I know my mentees well.

9           45%

10          50%



Learning is more important than grades.

11         55%

7            35%



Parents provided helpful feedback to my mentees during the conferences.

11         55%

8            40%



My mentees were prepared for the conference.

12         60%

7            35%



My mentees were clear about their roles.

13          70%

6            30%



Parents were clear about their role.

8            40%

11          55%



I provided clear, helpful, and constructive feedback to my mentees on their goals.

3            15%

17          85%



My teammates helped me close the gap between what I knew and what I needed to know about each child.

11          55%

8            40%



Qualitative Data

Definitely glad we had all the times to meet before the actual conference. The 7th grade students totally owned it! I also felt much more relaxed going into it, and the parents were very responsive!

Conferences went very well.

For the majority of parents, the SLC concept/format was welcomed by them. One parent was not as welcoming, although late for his appointed time, took his full 30 minutes even with reminders that others were waiting. Students, did a good job with their goals and grades as well as giving all this information to their parents. Overall, this is a WIN for middle school.

I loved the conferences and was pleasantly surprised that the experience exceeded my expectations. My favorites quote from one student when I asked "Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?" His response... "I'm so happy to be a Mustang". Loved forming these connections with students.

Our first round of SLCs were great! The only other comment to add on from this morning is that some parents wanted to know more about the student from the perspective of their other teachers. So maybe as a team we can have more time to talk about other students. When we do, it goes well, so maybe just extra intentional time set aside for it.

I truly enjoyed this experience! It was my first and I feel the parents enjoyed it more than previous years based on their feedback. I only had a couple kids who were uncomfortable but they worked through it. I was very proud of them. I strongly feel this was overall a great experience and choice!

not right now. I'm worn out!

I loved the parents positive response to this experience - a real win!

I believe that learning is more important than grades, but the students have difficulty grasping this. Many are still working on narrowing down their goals, as opposed to just having "I want to learn all A's."


Add in a morning break but don't go later than 4, please.

Give more time to establish SMART goals.

Parents seemed to be very involved in this process.

I thought our first SLC day was a huge success! One suggestion is to either allow teachers a short morning break or 5 min. between conferences. Also, I think the last conference should be at 3 p.m. (not 3:30-4).

My mentees did a very good job during the student-led conferences. Each student was prepared and organized for the conference taking the leadership role seriously. My mentees showed ownership and took responsibility for topics discussed during the conference which made both myself and parents proud.

Glad we did it

I look forward to follow-up with the students on their goals and making them more genuinely SMART.

Well done! I think SLC's were a good experience for all parties involved. I agree with my colleague, 2 heads are always better than one, and I'm excited to see how conferences evolve in February.

All in all it was a positive experience for the students and their parents. Some students took on greater roles than others, and thus received a greater benefit from the process. Logistically, other than lunch, there was no break for the teachers.

I really would love to see us scaffold for the students now that we are implementing this. Each year, starting as young as possible, they start taking ownership of a different piece of the conference until they are fully running it by high school.

I thought the conference was WAY more meaningful with the students there and not only provided a time for the teachers to check in with parents and students but the parents and students to check in with each other. I had several parents cry at the conference because they were so proud of their student. Several parents were amazed by things they didn't know their child had accomplished.

I would love to have two people in each conference because it felt like more pressure to be the only one there and not have several team members perspectives.

I love that every child gets a conference/check in. Many parents liked that they were sent the time instead of having to submit something.

I think the pre-conference was a ton of extra work with the goals. I would rather have a "get to know you sheet" where we interview the students and get to know them individually and their opinion. I don't think that goal sheet was 5th grade appropriate or made sense to our students.

I wish that we had had WAY more time to talk about each student before going into the conference. We were only given about 30 minutes at one faculty meeting to go over 75 kids and I think a lot of the quieter ones slid under the radar but left me feeling less prepared because I didn't have time to collaborate with my team.

Overall I am really happy we have the students with us in the conferences. I think as time goes by we will really tweak it to make it perfect for each grade.

The students goals were set with lots of preparation and guidance from the teacher.