Gateway Courses to the English Major

British Literature before 1800 and Introduction to the Major

265-A. MW 2:00-3:15 (19728)                Prof. Susan Harlan

This course will introduce students to major texts in the literary history of England up to the late eighteenth century, as well as to the tools of literary analysis. We will read literary texts across a range of genres (including poetry, prose, drama, epic, and the essay) in order to establish the important features of each period and to understand the development of literary forms and modes over time. The course will emphasize the interpretive possibilities of texts and their place in literary history. Students will take several short exams, a midterm exam, and a cumulative final exam. They will also complete short writing assignments.

Required Texts:

The Norton Anthology Vol. 1

Herman Rapaport, The Literary Theory Toolkit

British Literature 1800-Present

266-A. TR 2:00-3:15 (19729)                Prof. Jefferson Holdridge

English 266 is meant to introduce English majors to significant British, Irish and other English-language authors from a succession of periods and movements. We will begin with Romanticism and end in the contemporary period, considering a number of different literary genres (prose, drama, and poetry). It is designed to make students familiar with the breadth and depth of the literature in these periods and locations. We will also explore different ways of reading literature, from close reading to theoretical framing. Seminar lectures and discussions will highlight key ideas and styles associated with various literary movements. Required readings from the Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Major Authors, 9th edition, Volume 2 (The Romantic Period Through The 20th Century and after) and selected additional texts.