3 Easy Ways To Modernize Your Website

The Worksheet by AssetLab.us

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The three easy ways to modernize your website are:

  1. Use better pictures
  2. Become mobile friendly
  3. Calm down the look and feel

This worksheet is your planning guide for implementing these strategies. Use it and feel free to connect with us at AssetLab.us if you need help or have questions.

#1 Use Better Pictures

Write down three actions you can take with pictures on your website:




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#2 Become Mobile Friendly

#3 Calm down the look and feel

That’s it, you’re on your way to a more modern website that your visitors will love. Stay focused on actions and in no time you will have a much better website experience. And remember, this is about your visitors and what they want, not what you think they want!

Jeffrey Kelly

Guru @ AssetLab

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