87 Free or Cheap Ways To Stay Calm and Decompress (While Still Practicing Social Distancing!) So Your Entire Life Isn't Just Freaking Out

Remember: put your oxygen mask on first. That means finding ways to feel normal in the midst of all this. I'm not advising anyone to not take precautions, but stressing literally all the time isn't good for your immune system either.

I hope this helps. Suggestions are always welcome, and will be credited!

  • Google things like “Companies offering free services during outbreak.” The list of these seems to be growing daily! - thanks again, u/Loopmottin123!

Ways To Hang Out With Friends (But Not In Person)


Things to Watch

Things to Read

Things to Listen To

Cute and Fluffy


Stress-relief Tools

For Kids

Crowdsourcing (thanks to u/Veekhr for these!)

Exercising At Home


  • Learn a new language through DuoLingo or similar apps


  • Gardening and housework
  • Going for walks outside in safe areas where you won’t come into contact with too many people
  • Off roading in your Jeep (if you own one)
  • Meditate or relax in the sun in your backyard (if you have one)
  • Puzzles!
  • Practice instruments, or work on learning that instrument you’ve got sitting around. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn or haven’t played in a while. Find free music by googling “free sheet music” or look for tutorials on YouTube.
  • Learn to cook a new recipe with whatever you have on hand (websites like MyFridgeFood, Recipeland, Supercook, etc.)
  • If you have the supplies already, crochet, knitting, or sewing. Make something for you or to give away (once everything is all said and done).
  • Journal. Write that book or short story you’ve always wanted to. Write poetry. Draw or learn to draw. Color (via paper or a free app).