The Vihara Innovation Network (Vihara) is a laboratory for governance and capitalism. It is dedicated to creating new forms of value through innovation and entrepreneurship, to overcome social, public and civic challenges of our times. Vihara draws from over 12 years of innovation consulting for emerging economy environments. It’s methodologies are rooted in user-centered design, product development, monitoring and evaluation as well as capacity building. Vihara has worked on a variety of development challenges in public health, financial services, agriculture, mobile telecommunications and livelihoods. It has worked closely with Indian and global private, public and social sector organizations including, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFAT Australia, UNDP Global Pulse, Nokia, Vodafone and Humanity United, amongst many others. 

Over the last two years, the Vihara Innovation Network has run the Bihar Innovation Lab in collaboration with the State Health Society, Bihar supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Lab is a first of its kind public innovation lab that conceives, builds and deploys high impact health systems innovations to reduce maternal and child mortality and save lives in rural Bihar. Building on this experience Vihara is now turning to the challenge of under 5 childhood mortality. New research suggests that the greatest danger to children under 5 is not acute illnesses, but prolonged vulnerability that produce worse than anticipated outcomes, particularly when combined with other childhood illnesses. Through a two year collaborative program of research, design and development, Vihara will explore the risk factors that make young children in Bihar vulnerable to mortality, design new mechanisms for screening these children, and pilot innovation packages to reduce mortality rates. Vihara is building a dynamic, passionate and dedicated team of researchers, designers and development practitioners for a variety of roles within this program.  

Designation: Design Lead

Location: Delhi / Patna

Experience: 3-5 years

Date of Joining: Immediately

Educational Qualifications:

Masters in Design (Information Design, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Design Strategy, Design Management, Service Design) with work experience in public health

Required Skills:

Key Job Responsibilities:   


Interested candidates can send in their application using this form. For any questions please write in to with the subject line Enquiring about the Design Lead Position.