A.S. XLVIIII May 2014

Meeting Minutes


Officer reports:

Seneschal – I have heard from the Regional Seneschal about the change in the formatting of The Boke. He sends his Kudos to Lady Livith and thinks it looks wonderful and she did a great job! Hoobah! Exact polling information will be forthcoming under old business in this meeting, and additionally, a letter from me about the polling and exact dates will be going into The Boke this month. The Constellation Regional Seneschal is searching for a deputy. He invites all current and former seneschals who are interested to contact him. All reports are current. There was an issue with a server reboot at the end of the month which caused difficulties first in submitting reports, and then in getting copies of the report sent back to be forwarded. I have requested the report of the Exchequer for my files, but know the report was completed and signed by us both on time. We have a new deputy Seneschal - Lady Livith. S R E T

Baroness – Still waiting for Royal approval to step down. At this time please remember to Be Excellent to Each Other!


Herald – Nothing new to report.


Exchequer – The current statement is $3,556.08. There are no outstanding checks. There is E T I

currently $1,050.00 budgeted for Swine. Allocated or paid for is site for $350.00, Port-a-Johns is $100.00, June Pale ad was $60.00 and we have $370.00 budgeted for feast which totals $880.00, H

which leaves $170.00 to use. Allocated for the hog for Swine is $300.00 (see event news for more W E

info). That makes a grand total of $1,350.00 for Swine and Roses. There is $40.00 budgeted for Archery for targets. $200.00 budgeted for water coolers for the list fields. We have $240.00 out


for other budgeted expenses. Balance currently available is $2,846.08.


New MOAS Officer!


Polling information At a Glance


Our Baroness Zafirah was appointed our new Minister of Arts and Sciences! Lady Eve and Lady Tegan are both her new deputies. Our Bar- oness brings a wealth of experience to the posi- tion and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

This is the May 2014, issue of the White Waters Boke (whitewatersboke@gmail.com), a publication of The Barony of the White Waters of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.). The White Waters Boke is available from Lisa Markell. It is not a corporate publication of SCA, Inc., and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright ©2014 SCA, Inc. For information on reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication, please contact the Chronicler, who will as- sist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contribu- tors.

Letter of Intent would like to be received by Seneschal June 8 and will go out in the June Boke. The Very last day to turn them in is June 22, 2014. Any LOI’s re- ceived after June 8 will go out in the July Boke. You will need:

- A copy of your membership card - A copy of your drivers license or I.D. - Any other information you want included (such as a picture or SCA resume)

There will be a Q&A for the candidates on July 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the River Park Branch Public Library.

For more information, please see the attached letter from your Seneschal that is with your Boke.

Meeting Minutes Cont.

Archery: Go to SCASCORES.ORG to see your IKAC, Royal Round, etc. Rules and Scores. Practices are being held every Tuesday at The Manor. We will be outside when 55-85 and dry. Greybar will be at The Manor June 16-19. He will have his archery equipment inventory with him. Lord Caleb is now a warranted archery marshal. HooBah!

Rapier: Lady Kateline Mathar has passed her Marshal’s test and is waiting for her warrant to arrive. HooBah for Lady Kateline.

Knight Marshal: Need someone to fight ! (evil glare scanned the room). There were no takers.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: No report. Thank you Lady Livith for your service as MOAS for these last two years and welcome to Baroness Zafirah as our new Minister of Arts and Sciences. HooBah!

Chronicler/Advertising: There has been good feedback for the new Boke layout. Submissions are welcome and encouraged.

Webminister: Embedded and linked the Boke using Google Docs for easy access wherever there is a computer handy.

Chatelaine: We have a high interest from a local public library to do demos & classes. I am working out details with them and our SCA neighbors to the north as this library is in their region but closer to ours. If you wish to do a demo please see the Chatelaine.

Old Business:

MOAS: The office of MOAS was opened. Nominated were Her Excellency Antonia (who declined), Lady Eve, Lady Tegan and Her Excellency Zafirah. After much debate and kudos for all Her Excellency Zafirah was chosen. Lady Eve and Lady Teagan became her deputies. Congratulations to all.

Charter: The Baronial Charter was passed with a several small changes to the formatting and grammar. The corrections will bring gender neutrality to the baronial subsections as well as correcting the term limits to keep us in compliance with Kingdom Polling Procedures. The Baronial Term of Service remains at 5 years. In regards to the Financial Policy, we had to table the vote until wording can be added at the request of the Regional Exchequer that allows for electronic emergency approval of fund distribution by the Financial Committee. Once the Financial Policy is in effect, please contact the Exchequer for information on how to bid on our local events. A Q&A on the bidding process will be forthcoming.

Polling Information: Please see attached letter for lots more details.

New Business:

Our Baroness requested that the meeting time be moved to 6:00 p.m. to accommodate her work schedule. It was voted and approved that the project day begin at 3:00 p.m. and the business meeting begin at 6:00 p.m.

A discussion is requested to investigate which of our meetings fall on holidays (such as Mothers Day) and to adjust those meeting dates accordingly. This was tabled to next month.

We need to start thinking about Swine and Roses Event Steward for 2015. And lets not forget about “Swine Down” after the event!

* We are arranging for Demos at the Niles Public Library. Please see Lord Tannin for more information and to sign up. * Lady Victoria was at the Greyhope business meeting and their MOAS brought in inspirational articles and examples of interesting things to work on. Also a notebook was passed around to document all the projects folks were working on. * There is rapier practice on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month as long as weather permits from 3 –6 pm. Please contact Lady Kateline for more information. * Lady Eve is getting group together to go in garb to the new Joann Fabric’s Grand Opening for their new store on Ireland Road. The Grand Opening is May 29th through May 30th. If you wish to go, contact Lady Eve at 574-232-9726 for time, day and place to meet.


A bit of this and that

Happy 49th Birthday SCA!!

Yes, our beloved SCA just turned 49 this month. That means only one more year until we reach the BIG 50! I can’t wait!!

Baronial Adventures

The much anticipated Our Land event certainty lived up to it’s legend. Lord Sig fought bravely, Lady Amala enjoyed being “a wall” and Lord Tannin, Her Excellency Antonia, Lady Tegan with her children and Lord Sebastian all took part in the throwing weapons and archery. Lord Sebastian was quite pleased to have discovered his great skill at thrown weapons. There were some classes and I and Her Excellency Antonia attended the Illumination workshop, which makes me wish I could spend all my time crafting medieval scrolls. The Bards played for the enjoyment of all. Many of our populace took part in the Rapier Tournament and it looked like a lot of fun. There was so much to see and do, from the Heavy and Rapier fighting to the Equestrian, Thrown Weapons and Hound Coursing, Merchants, classes and feast, there was truly something for everyone at this event. By Lady Livith Northwode (If you have a story to tell please contact your Chronicler!)

Crown Tourney

Where in the world is announcement


Greetings fellow horse lovers! At Crown Tourney this year

The noble Baldric. Safely home after its long crusade around we will have Equestrian activities! Including an emprise

the world and through the centuries. How did the adventure which is a competition with everyone dressed their finest.

begin you might ask. Well as you well know from his Face- Please come out and support your riders! Followed by a

book adventures, Baldric is a bit of a scamp, and while our meet and greet where you can meet your local Equestrian

Champion was Marshals and ask questions. That will be flowed by a chal-

looking the other lenge tourney – which is a competition focused on the horse

way one Swine and and rider relationship and how they face new challenges that

Roses event, Bal- they have not seen before. The subject of the challenge is the

dric tucked itself four elements –earth, wind, fire, water. We won’t have

into a basket (who actual fire, so it will have to be something symbolic, but it

could resist a should be interesting. None of the partici-

friendly puppy) and pants will know what it is until that day!

set off on a mad tour where no Bal- There are stalls available please contact the

dric had ever gone before........ MiC to make arrangements. Horses may arrive after 6pm on Friday night and must

It’s quite a tale........ be off-site by 6:30pm on Sunday.

Medieval Words of


Nobilitas morum magis

ornat quam genitorum.

(Nobility of manners

adorns better than that

of birth.)

A saga by Tegan Marie Silvertree, Anarchan & Livith Northwode

Barony of the white waters

Event Business

Swine and Roses:

Chronicler Contact Information:

The Swine is humming right along. We have a Lady Livith Northwode

archery marshal lined up and are good to go. We (Lisa Markell) 1622 Oak Park Drive South Bend, IN 46617

Tel: 574-246-1099 Office: 574-284-2354 E-mail: WhiteWatersBoke@gmail.com

have a clarification in the event budget. There is $150.00 put aside for the hog only. In case the price of the hog goes up, there is an additional $150.00 allocated for this use only. This money is not for the feast. Feast budget is set and adequate at $370.00.



Ren Faire:

Waiting on paperwork from Ren Fest We’re on the Web! http://www.midrealm.org/whitewaters/

organizers. Other than that, no new news.

Tourney for Tots:

We have a site for Tots! We will have it once again at Central Christian Church located at 418 W Franklin Street, Elkhart, IN 46516 on December 6, 2014. Watch for more details in the next meeting and be prepared to take your “cards”.

Your friendly Chronicler—if you see me come say Hello! Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!

Changes, Suggestions, Corrections or Inquiries?

Contact your friendly Chronicler at WhiteWatersBoke@gmail.com

Officer Contacts

Baroness - Baroness Zafirah (Sarah Neverly) 30992 Riverbend Circle 1 Osceola, IN 46561 baronesszafirah@yahoo.com / (574) 298-1950

Seneschal Lady Symonne de Poitiers (Charise Markin) 55642 CR 27 Bristol, IN 46507 bowwseneschal@gmail.com (937) 597-6815 (no calls after 9pm please)

Herald – Lady Victoria Elizabeth Anne Stonewall (Laura Humbarger) 16470 Ronnies Drive Mishawaka, IN 46544 whitewatersherald@gmail.com

Exchequer – Lady Anna Kirkaldy (Anna Gillam) 214 East Omer Ave Mishawaka, IN 46545 whitewaters.exchequer@gmail.com (574) 255-8382 Home / (574) 993-8382 Cell

Chronicler & Webminister and Minister of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) Lady Livith Northwode (Lisa Markell) 1622 Oak Park Dr. South Bend, IN 46617 Web Minister: arachnocrat@yahoo.com Chronicler: WhiteWatersBoke@gmail.com (574) 246-1099

Chatelaine Lord Ian (Tannin) de Northwode (Doug Markell) 1622 Oak Park Dr. South Bend, IN 46617 boww_chatelaine@yahoo.com / (574) 302-5757

Minister of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) Baroness Zafirah (Sarah Neverly) 30992 Riverbend Circle 1 Osceola, IN 46561 baronesszafirah@yahoo.com / (574) 298-1950

Knight Marshal –Lord Sigandus (Kevin Joyce) 111 Bosse Ave Mishawaka, IN 46544 sigundus@gmail.com / (574) 238-2436

Rapier Captain - Lord Viktor Vukov (Terry Vukovits) 1770 Lilac Trails Court South Bend, IN 46628 Viktorv@comcast.net / (574) 272-0729

Archery Captain – Master Geraint Graeme de Menteith (Grant Humbarger) 58500 Terrace Lane Elkhart, IN 46517 ghumbarger@aol.com / (574) 522-6330

Greetings Good Gentles!

The time has come once again for Baronial Polling. This is the time when we take part in helping to select the next Baron(s) and/or Baroness(‘) that will be the Heart of our Barony for the next few years.

What follows is the information you will need to present to your Seneschal in order to run for the post, a timeline of what will happen, and important dates that we will all need to know.

Letters of Intent – Letters of intent are required from the parties wishing to run for the Baronial positions. The letters must include your SCA Name (how you want it listed on the poll), legal name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. You must also provide copies of your valid SCA membership card, a copy of your photo id, and any other information you want included. (Such as a picture of yourself in garb to be put on the website used for polling so people can see who you are, or an SCA Resume.)

The Baroness and I would like for the above to be handed in at the June Baronial Meeting (June 8) so that they can be printed in that month’s Boke. The very last cutoff date to get these Letters of Intent to me is June 22nd. Transitions before the July 1 deadline. Any letters received that are too late to appear in the June Boke (but are still in by the June 22nd - Intent will be in the Boke, not the copies of ID, etc.)

There will be an ad in the July Pale stating our intent to have our polling in August. The zip codes for our counties have already been turned in. Once the ad is published in the Pale, they will pull the addresses of all paid members in those zip codes to send a polling form. If you are not a paid member, or play with us from outside of our Barony zip codes, you can still submit a polling form. One will be available online for download that can be submitted. The address will be published when we have it.

It has been requested that we have some Q&A sessions for the populace to ‘interview’ the candidates who are running for the Baronial positions. The Baroness and I have discussed this and find it to be a Very Good Idea. We have determined that, in the interest of fairness to all persons who may be polling, we should hold these sessions at a neutral location. While I would love to offer up my house to have this, that is a long drive for most of the Barony. Our solution, then, was to use a meeting room at the local library.

There will be two (2) possible meetings held, both in the meeting room at River Park Branch Public Library. The address is 2022 W. Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN 46615. The date of the first meeting will be Thursday July 3, 2014 beginning at 6:30pm and running until 8:00pm. After the first meeting, we will determine if a second meeting is necessary and will schedule it, if needed. This date was carefully selected to avoid baronial practices and events as well as anything on the Midrealm Calendar.

Her Excellency has stated to me her sincere wish that anyone who wants to run for the positions should feel they are able to do so, and that every single person in our great

Barony has gifts they could contribute to the role. She also stresses, however, that it is a true labor of love.

As always, if you have questions about this process, please do feel free to contact either her Excellency or myself, and if we do not know the answer, we will find out. Additionally, her Excellency has extended her gracious assistance to anyone who wants help with writing their Letter of Intent or SCA Resume and has stated she is making herself available should anyone have questions about being in this position or what it entails.

Yours in Service –

Lady Symonne de Poitiers