Participant checklist for PyCampus workshop, 2nd November 2014, PES OpenSource.

The event registration link is :

The session will be conducted by Kracekumar Ramaraju and Haris Ibrahim from BangPypers. The theme for the workshop will be web programming with Django.

  1. Please install Ubuntu operating system on your laptops.(Any other *nix distribution is fine, provided you know what you are doing). It is preferable you install it as a stand alone operating system. In case that is not possible, install the said distribution on virtual machine using free software like Virtualbox. If you insist on using Windows, you WILL face a lot of trouble during the workshop, and we can’t promise help!
  2. The content for the workshop has already been made available by the speakers. It can be viewed at  If you feel you already know much about the topic to be discussed, please refrain from confirming the ticket, so as to give others a chance to attend it.
  3. We will use Python2.7. Confirm that it is working on your system.
  4. Install Sqlite3 on your system (sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev)
  5. Install Redis2.8 on your system(Instructions available at
  6. Install Chart.js on your system -  Download and have ready on your system. Open in a browser and save the file or issue the following command in the terminal “wget” to download the file.
  7. Apart, you will need to have the following Python packages installed (pip install X). It is preferable that you have them installed inside a virtual environment(virtualenv). Ensure that they are working by trying to import them.
  1. Django==1.6
  2. argparse==1.2.1
  3. distribute==0.6.24
  4. wsgiref==0.1.2
  5. redis==2.10.3

First setup pip by following

        Then, install the packages listed above by “pip install X” where X is the packages listed above.

  1. Download - Either go to the link and download the zip file or clone the repository by “git clone


In case you have an issues, please post them on!forum/pes-opensource or contact the organizers for the same.