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G Suite Challenges

By Alice Keeler (

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Google Drive


Go to Google Drive at   


Switch between list and tile view


Press I to show the info panel and document activity.

Press D to show the details panel and locate the folder.


Press the NEW button to create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.



Drag a document into a folder


ADD a document to ANOTHER folder. Single click on a file and use Shift Z to add it to a second folder.

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Google Docs


Create a new Google Doc in Google Drive. and click on the “New” button to create a blank Google Doc. Click in the upper left of the Google Doc to rename it.



Use the Tools menu to enable voice typing.

You can use these phrases to add punctuation to your text:



Exclamation point

Question mark

New line

New paragraph


Assign tasks through comments. Use the keyboard shortcut

Control Shift M

To insert a feedback comment.

Type a plus sign followed by an email address to assign the comment. (aka a plus mention).


Know your sharing permissions!

Go to and create a new Google Doc.

In the upper right click on the blue share button.

  1. Type in a collaborators email address to give them editing permissions.
    (or view only or comment only access)
  2. Click on “Get shareable link” to allow viewers on the domain.
  3. Click on Advanced for additional sharing settings.

  1. Click on “Change” to change the sharing permissions from private.
  2. Add additional collaborators by typing in their email address.
  3. Determine the type of permissions the collaborator will have. Edit, View or Comment.
  4. Prevent collaborators from making copies of the document.
  5. The link to share with viewers and collaborators.
    Collaborators can find the document in their Google Drive under “Shared with Me” on the left hand side.

  1. When changing permissions choose “On - Anyone with the link.”
  2. Default is “Can view.” Click on this to change to “Can edit.”

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Google Forms


Create a Form in Google Drive

  1. Title Form
  2. Click on upper left corner to match
  3. Add Questions
  4. Click on Responses
  5. Click on Spreadsheet icon
  6. Click on the eyeball icon to preview Form
  7. Control L highlight the URL. Control C copy. Share this link.



Use Control Shift Enter to insert questions into a Google Form.

Add picture images to the questions.


Reuse a previous Form.

Go to the Responses tab.

Check that you have a spreadsheet created.

Click on the 3 dots.

“Delete responses.”

Go back to the 3 dots

“Unlink Form”

Click on the spreadsheet icon to create a new spreadsheet for the Form.

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Google Drawing


Hold down shift and draw a line or a circle.



Double click on a picture in Google Drawing to enable cropping and editing.


Change the opacity on a fill design. Fill a shape, go to the paint can and choose your color. Go back to the paint can and choose “Custom.” The slider on the right is opacity.