The sacred space of St. Andrew’s “Santa Rosa” labyrinth was built in 2007 in one day by the hands of the entire community under the direction of Brother Kevin of Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York.  The rocks were supplied and continue to be placed there by many individuals and resonate their personal spiritual journeys.

     The labyrinth has been used by diverse cultures throughout history. Taken as a pilgrimage, the experience of walking in silence the continual winding clockwise path leads to the destination of the journey, the center, that offers the space to reflect on your own spiritual life within.  

Saint Andrew's Maze (2).jpg

Here, alone, you may take a moment to be present, pray, and release the issues that lead away from your peace of mind, the distractions that block the way to your soul and God.

The return counterclockwise journey on the same path unwinds slowly in preparation for re-entry to your “outer self”, your daily life, refreshed by this contemplative spiritual interlude in your day.

          Friend, our closeness is this:

          Anywhere you put your foot,

          Feel me in the firmness under you.


Labyrinth building 2.jpg

Labyrinth under construction in the

summer of 2007.

Labyrinth building 1.jpg