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Abigail Garland Mullen

curriculum vitae

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115


PhD, global history, Northeastern University, 2012-

MA, world history, Northeastern University, 2015

MA, English, Bob Jones University, 2009

BA, humanities, Bob Jones University, 2007


Dissertation: “In the Sea of Tripoli: Maintaining Peace and War in the First Tripolitan War, 1801-1805”

Research fields: American history (1607-1860); Atlantic world; digital history

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships

Positions Held


Teaching Assistant, Northeastern University

America and the Sea, spring 2015 (William Fowler)

America and the Sea, spring 2014 (William Fowler)

Colonial and Revolutionary Era, spring 2014 (William Fowler)

East Asian Studies, fall 2013 (Tom Havens)

America and the Sea, spring 2013 (William Fowler)

Introduction to Public History, fall 2012 (Harvey Green)

Teaching Assistant, Bob Jones University

Composition and Rhetoric, 2007-2009 (Renae Wentworth and Raymond A. St. John)

Instructor, Bob Jones University

Composition and Grammar, spring 2009

Conference Papers/Workshop Presentations

Service to the Profession

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