#24 - For Azeroth!: “No Donut Left Behind”


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What We’re Up To

Mounts, mounts, mounts!

I found Jurassic Park and got my Long Forgotten Hippogryph!!!! Also spent some time grinding Golden Lotus and Mag’har rep to get mounts.



Magic and Mystery - The Mage Order Hall Campaign

The Council of Six is down to five, but why? No, it’s not Jaina who is missing…

The Forge of the Guardian

The Hall of the Guardian

The Empyrean Society

The Nightborne Soulstone

The Fate of Meryl Felstorm and Archmage Vargoth



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Jamie M

Hey there G & J,

I was hoping to ask a question. I am sure there are a lot of Vol'jin theories out there. How do you feel about Vol’jin dying but not before conspiring with Sylvanas to get the lantern from the Valkyr and the power to Rez him. She would Rez him from the Shadowlands, while he is convening with the Loa to find out about N’zoth. What if while Sylvanas was in the northern parts of Eastern Kingdom she found something. So looking at her role similarly to the misinterpretation of what Illidan was doing in Burning Crusade. We think she is up to no good but she is actually trying to preserve and protect, - herself mostly but may have other motives.

So post Argus bridge to new expansion, we come back to a darkness spreading and Sylvanas and the loyalist are working with the Valkyr to transform everyone else (humans, elves etc) into shadowy spirits that can cross over into the void/shadows to fight the Last old God. I maybe off royally and haven't done a lot of digging to support anything I've said but just a curious thought and was wondering your take. Thanks again for your time.

Take the reins y'all!


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