Holy Cross School

Middle School Community Service Time Sheet


Student’s Name: ___________________________________

Grade: _______

You are required to complete at least 10 hours of community service over the course of the school year. You do not need to check the community service with the teacher and they can include:

*Service in the school (after-school hours)

*Service in the parish

*Service for elderly or struggling neighbors

*Service in the community (i.e. homeless shelters, YMCA, nursing homes, the environment, babysitting, Paul’s Pantry, Goodwill, hospital visits)


*Service Projects must be completed outside of school time

*Projects should not be done for family members (i.e. grandparents), you should be helping your family members anyway (it should not have to be for a grade to help your family)

*Need to have your sheet signed by the person/organization that you helped

*Half of the hours can be completed during the summer months

*Completion of at least 10 hours of community service will be 10% of your final Religion grade of the 3rd trimester

*This sheet is Due Friday, May 10, 2019 to your homeroom teacher


Organization/Description of Service Performed

Supervisor Signature

# Hours


                                                                                                             Total Hours: ___________

Reflection: In a TYPED two paragraph essay address each of these questions.

  1. Which of your community service projects was your favorite? Explain.
  2. Which of your community service projects was the most helpful or needed in the community? Explain.

       Please attach your typed reflection to this form.

Revised 6/18