Dear Name of Representative/Senator,

This letter is a plea for the safety of our nation.  This election has left me feeling something I have never before experienced after a presidential election – fear and a sense of hopelessness.

We have suffered years of gridlock in which members of congress have acted like spoiled children on the playground, each trying to exert superiority over the other rather than cooperating for the good of the nation.  The concept of “nation over party” has been neglected.  Our democracy has been weakened by this discord and subsequent lack of progress.   I strongly believe that we must pay attention to and learn from history.  I fear that due to what has happened in congress in recent years, the state of our nation is becoming increasingly comparable to Europe in the 1930’s.  We seem to be more susceptible to both internal and external threats.  

 The consequence of the congressional discord has been weariness, divisiveness, cynicism, and distrust among voters who found refuge in a candidate who, among other things, promised to solve all their problems and to blow up Washington.  Although these and other promises  were couched in non-specific terms, promoted increasing levels of dissention and hatred and, at times, reflected a lack of knowledge and understanding of the constitution, huge numbers of disgruntled voters believed the promises and wanted to send a message to Washington.

Sadly, as a result of what has been occurring in Washington, we now have a president-elect who is a danger to our nation.  He has no experience in government service, is intellectually lazy, vengeful, and susceptible to manipulation by outsiders such as Putin.  He voices a very autocratic vision for his presidency and surrounds himself with like-minded men.   I ask you to reflect on a more recent historical event, namely Silvio Berlusconi’s time as Prime Minister of Italy.  Italians continue to struggle with the damage suffered during Berlusconi’s terms of office.  It is important to note the extensive similarities between Berlusconi and Trump. With the current vulnerable state of our nation, the voice of a president who can incite people to violence, hatred and divisiveness could be disastrous and should be taken seriously.  

I am begging all members of congress to work together and act in the best interest of the nation.  More than ever before, our senators and representatives must act responsibly to protect our constitutional rights and to assure our strength and safety both nationally and internationally.  Our elected officials must be willing to respond quickly and decisively to threats to our freedoms and safety which could be presented by a president such as Donald Trump.  In order to accomplish this, senators and representatives must be able to work with members of the opposing party in a mature, respectful and professional manner.  At all times, congressional members must place nation over party! I must say that this would be a refreshing change!!

I am very concerned that Mr. Trump can be easily influenced by financial issues causing him to act in the best interest of his family and business enterprises rather than that of the nation.  For this reason I am asking for two protections:

  1. Full disclosure of his financial status including tax returns.  I am particularly interested in a complete report of all monies owed by Mr. Trump and his business holdings to foreign entities.  My concern is that those to whom he owes large sums of money could use those loans to influence his decisions as president.

  1. His entire business holdings must be placed in a true blind trust, not a blind trust run by his children.  Americans need to be secure in the knowledge that his presidential decisions are not influenced by his business interests.

I am sending this letter to you in an effort to express my deep concern for the current state of affairs.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Name of Sender