March 4, 2020 Board Meeting VIA Zoom

Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Courtney Ritchings, Chris Dodge, Jen Kiley, Al Smith, Michelle Hallegan Folley, Nichole Heimark, Karen Machado, Eric Frauwirth

The meeting is called to Order by Nichol asking if there are other items that others would like to add to the agenda. Nothing was brought forth and the agenda was approved.

Executive Director’s Report -

Nichole spoke in regards to the gathering of information in regards to school calendars and misalignment. She has only received 5 centers that have responded which is not showing a statewide issue but more of a localized issue. She will be sending the email with the link out to get more centers to respond.

Site visit have been created and the questions that are attached here are the questions that she is looking to have with those that she is visiting to create a foundational document. There was little discussion on the topic.

The draft foundational framework (advocacy and governance) was presented to the board as Nichole begins to develop this process.

 Discussion around career academies. Career Academy that has been implemented will not be receiving any Perins money. It is all chart school money. Students are essentially using the charter school as the fiscal agent and their school of record. Students are able to participate in sports and extracurricular activities for year 12 but will not be able to participate in sports curing year 13. Informational update on Career Academies and projected overall impact on CTE Centers Career Academy Resources

Informational update on SB 190 - coming up on Monday at 9am there is a brief conversation around VT and the NH Board of Nursing. There is also a conversation around the MBA certification process. There was discussion in regards to this.

Discussion around the RMC Request for three directors to sit on this group. There are considerations to region, size and length of services. Directors on SB190 are already having input so choosing outside of those. There was a brief discussion around this request. A frame work with expectations, time, spread across the state and look at a fair representation of that. RMC have asked us to share our CNA data. The data sharing will be shared both ways.

Report-out on CTE Conference - see email that was shared by Steve

Administrative Tasks

a.       E-Blasts

b.      Website

c.       Business Awards

February 14, 2020 Board Vote via email

Motion Made by Jennifer Haskins 2nd by Steve Rothenberg to increase Jack's contract at $200 a day plus mileage for touring Nicole Heimarck.

Passed Unanimously

Motion  Made by Jennifer Haskins 2nd by Steve Rothenberg to enter into a contract for access to the full GMAIL suite  at $150 a year

Passed Unanimously

February 5,2020 Board Meeting

Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Courtney Ritchings, Chris Dodge, Jen Kiley, Al Smith, Michelle Hallegan Folley, Nichole Heimark, Karen Machado

NHDOE updates from the Bureau of Career Development (DOE was not present at the meeting)

Executive Director reported out from her meeting with the Bureau of Career Development. She shared the notes that she had taken from her meeting in regards to the discussion among the RFP/Grant with RMC. The direction the Bureau is going in for the future, as well their focus on compliance. Conversation in regards to SB190 and how to make a request to have agenda items and task completion coming out of that group. The department is confirming that high schools that apply for the Perkins money will need to follow the non-compete clause or rules which is  Regional demand and Seat need in order for comprehensive high schools to be required to qualify for the money. The credentialing office is looking at the inconsistency between endorsements that reside in both CTE and NON-CTE.

Financial Management System / NCES – Other - Short discussion on this and the direction we need head in order to remove ourselves from the NCES. There was a question in regards to the attorney that we have used in the past. Nicole brought up the fact that we should have a lawyer that we use consistently. (Bianco is the name of the attorney we have used in the past)

Not discussed in the meeting but on Agenda

Leadership and Governance Matters untouched from January Retreat

January 28,2020 Board Meeting Retreat

Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Courtney Ritchings, Chris Dodge, Jen Kiley, Vaso Partinoudi, Al Smith, Michelle Hallegan Folley, Nichole Heimark, Karen Machado

Advocacy Short Term Goals

Focus on how the 2nd legislation session relates directly and indirectly to NH_CTE and NHCTA.

         - Nicole will have updates to the membership on a regular basis.

        - Identify Roles for all stakeholders so they can participate at their comfort level.

        - Nicole will look at creating a visual tool that shows at a glance the legislation and our direct impact

Summer Conference Planning

DRAFT ideas: Legislation, Advocacy Campaigning Gold Standard

Relational Database to use the data we have collected

RMC / Data Discussion

Advocacy Long Term / Landscape / Partnership / Challenges were interwoven in the short term advocacy conversation. Common themes from the above areas briefly discussed: Marketing, Roles of Directors and board members, On-Boarding Directors / Teachers (State Problems, Local Problems), Move from Reactive to Proactive, Collaborate with the DOE as they should be in the room, Tailor messages to key stakeholders, We need to map out our demands/terms ahead of time (transparency), Ed coalition invite, Clarify the ask of the members, Manchester Proud Business leaders (Fresh Faces, Strategies and Voices)

December 11, 2019 Board Phone Meeting

Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett, Bruce Farr,Jeff Raurnsworth, Al Smith, Chris Dodge

Alt IV Discussion There was a discussion in regards to the work the DOE is doing with the community college in regards to the ALT IV program research and creation. The ideal is to have teachers and Directors go through the current process and offering feedback to the group that was working on the creation of the plan. Mike B spoke in regards to the VT model as that is a similar model that the state is looking to move forward with. The intent will be finalized through the credentialing office but this might be the plan that all will take and if they want to go through an alternative there might be an application or special permission. Once this planning group comes up with a proposal, who is the person or persons that accept the proposal. Frank is the ultimate person that would make this decision in conjunction with the credentialing office. Credentialing has the authority to change their rules to say what will be accepted in regards to what is accepted from this program.

The DOE will be presenting in more detail the  next full NHCTA meeting in regards to what they are proposing on the CIP and program certs.

Chris Made a motion Seconded by Bruce to advertise on NHPR upto $4,000. There are parameters for public radio sponsorship.  The purposed  advertisements linked here. This was voted on unanimously  new possible taglines.

NHCTA Advocacy The conversation around the the executive director and the needs that we have in regards to the creation of an advocacy plan. Our board would partner with the new ED or another contracted individual to help apply a methodology to flesh out advocacy models. Jen has been working on a vision.  This effort needs more board participation and a team of people.

Contracted Support: This contract is now open and we seek someone to support us administratively immediately.  It could easily be a CTE person who wants to do side work (teacher, admin asst...).  The gross majority of the work is outside the school day that can be done in a flexible manner when it fits into the person's schedule. Please share this with others and they can direct interest to Steve Rothenberg.

Filling Open Contracted Positions:

Steve reported that the board will be moving forward with the Contracted Executive Director (Interim):  Our executive board is an agreement that we would be willing to contract with someone to be our interim executive director for a window into the summer.  Nicole Heimark has expressed interest and our executive board members have been talking to her. See attached resume. Some   Presently she is working part time for Reaching Higher NH.

November 6, 2019 Board Phone Meeting

Courtney Ritchings, Chris Dodge, Steve Rothenberg, Jen Kiley, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett, Bruce Farr, Vaso Partinoudi, Al Smith

Discussion of the RFP in regards to the advertising of the RFP and the rate of pay that we are offering.


 What is CTE?


 Align closer with the Superintendent


Discussion around the relationship with the Department of education

Request of Eric being on the phone call for 30 min startings at 1:15

Bruce made a motion: To allow the president discuss the necessity of the need of a transition contract for the Executive Director. The negotiation will not exceed 2 hours a week till the new year. Seconded by Mike Burnett; Majority voted in favor to approve, One vote of disapproval.

October 2, 2019 Board meeting (Phone)

Courtney Ritchings, Chris Dodge, Chris Carr, Steve Rothenberg, Bruce Farr, Jennifer Haskins, Mike Burnett

RFP proposals: Reflection on the RFP and the proposed smart goals from Littleton meeting. In Depth conversation on the latest draft of the RFP of starting NH-CTE and an RFP for a new ED.

Membership Meetings: Conversation in regards to the planning of the October membership meeting. Automotive and Health are asking for some face time with directors.

Smart Goals:  Discussion around smart goals and the alignment to the new RFP’s being written.

Bylaws -  Discussion around the BY-Laws, board attendance and board make up. Jen will review bylaws and share with other what is found in regards to these topics. 

May 1,  2019 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Jennifer Haskins, Steve Rothenberg, Amanda Bastonia, Al Smith, Chris Dodge

Upcoming Dates: Finalize upcoming meeting schedule

May 17: Membership Meeting (Perkins work session?)

June 5: Monthly ZOOM

June 14: Membership TELEPHONIC ONLY (as needed)

June 27: Board Planning Retreat (TBD)

July 22-24 Summer NHCTA Conference (no retiree celebration at summer conference: Margaret and Diane won't be there)

Review of NH-CTE/NHCTA and upcoming planning - The Four organizational goals were reviewed. These are brainstorms and good ideas in bulletin forms. The Bold written goal is clear and easy to understand. Each goal needs to be looked at and treated separately as they are large and encompass a lot. We are going to form a small group of individuals to hash out what the strategic planning committee is going to be and how we are going to move forward.   Four goals

Statewide - There was brief conversations around….

Reflecting on the board

Motion: by Amanda for Mike Burnett being added to the board. 2nd by Al Smith. Vote: All in Favor

Short discussion on how we are going to acknowledging Rich and Bonnie

Short discussion on how we are structured currently we are a Champion Structure vs. Committee Structure which is where we possibly need to go.

Short Discussion on how we are going to present a New slate for 19/20. We are going to need to look at moving towards a president and a president elect.

Short Discussion around Financial: Bringing in consultant to design financial systems; Al, Jen K and I working to refine ALT IV process (member service)

April 3,  2019 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Jennifer Haskins, Deb Cox, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Dodge

Discussion: Feedback on the Conference schedule was discussed and feedback will be given to Courtney, DOE has asked us to review summer conference plans and give feedback to them.

Discussion: Grant Proposals - They were completed and submitted on time. There were 11 that were submitted on time. Finalize NH-CTE's responses to RFP's and process what others centers ended up doing.

Discussion: NH-CTE and NHCTA process status.  Goal was wrap up at April meeting and make operational plans from there. We are moving along and we are looking to have a goal check. This will be on the April Agenda.

Discussion: 2019 Summer Conference for Admin DRAFT FORM 2019 (prices not finalized) vs. 2018 - 2019 WMR Contract FYI .  Also ramping up Monday night - honorees and alumni returning. Past members that are not being honored can attend without a discounted way.

Discussion: Awards update including NEW service award - Winners are being recognized this week and Next week.

Discussion: April Meeting - Perkins Focused - General Session then small group work.

Discussion: Changes to the Board succession. Slate for Officers 2019-2020

February 6,  2019 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Jennifer Haskins, Amanda Bostoni, Deb Cox, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Dodge

The Board Discussed the retreat and the takeaways that we took away from the event. Answering the two questions.

What was your Takeaway from the retreat?

What was your process?

High level notes, thoughts and opinions from all not the final plan or thoughts…..

NH-CTE (Framework of Mission and VIsion) Get the blessing to go forward then we start to do the leg work to move forward.

NHCTA - FInancial Organizational

        Agenda for Directors and Teachers is through NH-CTE

Future possible vision …..

Organization Structure NH Career Education

NH Career Education

NHCTA - Administrators and Directors

NH-CTE - Teachers and industry

NH-CE - School Counselors, WBL, ELO, Students

Steering Committee

                How do we operationalize our vision?

                What will be the function of the organization?

                What structure will be needed to sustain the organization?

How do we engage with your influencers?

Steve Comments on the Organization

Look at Ohio Kansas


Goal 1: Invest in Career and Technical Education (CTE) by supporting CTE entrepreneurs and students.

Goal 2: Position CTE as a leader in education reform through the development of career pathways.

Key Objective 1: Build support for the foundation within the CTE community.

Key Objective 2: Build partnerships with organizations that support foundation goals.

Key Objective 3: Provide grants to CTE members for innovative projects that support the development of career pathways.

Key Objective 4: Provide scholarships to CTE students pursuing postsecondary education.

Washington ACTE's mission is to support our members in providing high quality CTE opportunities for all students in Washington State.


Advocacy: WA-ACTE believes that the field of Career and Technical Education needs a strong voice at the local, state, and national level to support its importance to students and to promote public awareness of the value of CTE in education and the economy.

Lifelong Learning: WA-ACTE embraces the concept of lifelong learning and recognizes how CTE creates a foundation for students to understand its importance in a rapidly changing environment.

Collaboration: WA-ACTE understands that it cannot accomplish its purpose without the strong support and partnership of other individuals and organizations who share in its vision.

Accountability: WA-ACTE supports the concept of accountability and encourages members to demonstrate their active contributions to all learners.

Service: WA-ACTE encourages the individual commitment of its members to the organization and the profession of Career and Technical Education, through professional service and support.

Diversity: WA-ACTE values diversity among its members and students and actively works to increase the diversity among its members.


To provide leadership and services to our members as they prepare students for lifelong career success.

We accomplish our Purpose by Providing Members:

Discussion ended with  a clearer picture of where everyone was after the retreat and the work we did with the facilitar as well as the direction we were going to move in.

Meeting Adjourned

January 2,  2019 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Jennifer Haskins, Amanda Bostoni, Deb Cox, Chris Dodge, Rich Piva, Bonnie Ackerman

Discretionary Fund meeting with Heather Gage and where the money is going. The next step is to get concrete with Heather on what that RFP would look like. What are the priority areas that these need to have January 30th is the date Heather wanted to have the RFP out. A short conversation on what this should look like. Optimistic view is to have a core academics, Marketing and Alternative certification.

Hometown Heros around CTE working with multiple people and the video project

Discussion around Learn Everywhere and what that is going to look like.

Perkins V will have a roadshow for input on the rules that are being created around it.

Career DOE position open and posted

Director Opening Portsmouth and SST

December 14,   2018 NHCTA Board Meeting

Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Jennifer Haskins, Amanda Bostoni, Deb Cox, Chris Dodge, Rich Piva

The board met briefly to discuss possible dates for a retreat. There will be a a poll coming out after the new year on possible dates. We were asked about having snow dates for the meeting in January and the Board retreat.

We will look at Plymouth or Meredith for the meeting.

A motion was made by Amanda to make RIch Piva a member at large of the Executive NHCTA board. Seconded by Bruce Farr, Voted: Unanymous

December 3,   2018 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Steve Rothenberg, Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Bonnie Ackerman, Jennifer Haskins, Amanda Bostoni, Deb Cox, Chris Dodge

Chris Carr went through the powerpoint on where we are in our planning period going into year 2.  Slide Show. Chris reviewed where we have been and where we are going as we move into year 2 of the strategic Plan. One of the  questions that Chris brought up is how are we going to move forward.

SR: Last June we began to strategize our strategic plan and the question that we need to have answered right now are we in agreement to the presentation as to the concept of monetizing these relationship with industry.  

CC: The example that was given was a meeting with BAE follow up and understand what they are looking for and how we can help. What we are saying to Marc is that you can have some access to our students, are we offering awareness or access to students. So what are we asking, or offering.

BF: There are many layers to Steve's comments and we need to clarify and identify what we are here to do and bring together a definition as to what is going on.

AB: Ask the board at large to introduce students before we have the conversation about the plan I think that we are overstepping.

SR: We have great thoughts and I think that some know and some don’t know what we are doing and what the strategic plans are.

CC: Comments about people already working with Michelle and the Directors opening up their database for these students. Michele has created landing pages of companies that are connected to this project. It would be nice if they have apprenticeship, internships, speakers and anything else. This was a low tech way of testing the concept of having a landing page.

CD: We don’t need to reinvent the wheel there are some products out there.

CC: The questions is what type of interaction are those sites providing

SR: What is the timeliness of this do we have to move this forward?

CC: Michelle is going to engage in this whether we are ready or not and I think that Michelle is going to be a great partner whether we want to move forward or not. The time frame is now. There is no pressure that someone is going to beat us out the issues is to have the conversation once.

AB: Updating and editing the slides and look at the lense that we are looking at them and what are the strategies that we are bringing forward.

JH: FERPA rules or HIPA rules

CD: Are we putting things up for students to access or are we sharing the direct information of students.


SR: Would a small mom and pop business have the same access as grappone.

CC: Business plan that would share based on the number of employees or resources. Leveraging is already taking place. When company represent, speak at centers and these are happening not in a coordinated way, some center have the ability to do this for business some don’t and this is what we could manage to have coordinated throughout the amount of money that business are willing to contribute.


Briefly spoken about this awards ceremony

Phone call to all candidates congratulating them

Advertise all Candidates

Group that will

Pekins Money request:

Steve: Sent a note to the DOE requesting $100,000 to NHCTA to cover and we have not heard anything back however we are going to hear from her this week.

Amanda - Regional Website for region 16 and she requested the commissioner to fund a website and she will be meeting with him about the Launch Party.

Replacement of the Director - 

 NHAmanda - Shared that he was interested in the visit when he was present for the regional advisory group. The comment was that the commissioner has someone on the inside that he is looking to recommend.

SB190 - 

Bruce spoke about the new board and the tour that happened in Salem. There is new conversation in regards to having freshman in the CTE programs. Math in CTE grant that Nashua is doing. Opening part of the agenda December 14th in the business portion of the meeting where we can send a list of items. Steve asked what can we get out of SB190. I think that each member of the board has a different voice on their role on the committee. I think that everyone has a different definition on this. Steve added that we have to condition that statement with what are the things that SB190 can do? In the big discussion what do we want out of it what do we need to move forward. Understand the purpose and the role. There is no lead as that was Eric and the replacement has not been named. Lisa: Thinking out loud and something ath we should look at is our delivery model and they would not necessarily help us with the model but fully funding transportation and tuition.

CTE is bipartisan and that allows everyone to get good press for being a champion of this endeavor.

Treasurer Report -  Things are normal however the altv 4 money is something that we need to move forward.

Communicate with Chris in regards to CTSO

Letter for CTSO to have more coordinated calendar

Jay Cone Seal State Scholars - we don’t control

Through the election democrats have gained control. With this information who are our assesst within the party and outside the party.

Time in December or early January to get together as a board.

November 7,  2018 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

Rich Paiva, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Carr, Bruce Farr, Al Smith, Chris Dodge, Bonnie Ackerman, Jennifer Haskins, Amanda Bostoni

There was a brief discussion in regards to the steps and involvement that we want to have in the replacement of the State CTE DIrector.

There was a review of the strategic direction of NH-CTE his draft memo was started by Bruce and edited by Chris C and me "to help us see it in writing".  Post-Littleton talk centered on membership - strategies considered: -- #1 NH-CTE is "going to happen" and it it time to start the process or -- strategy #2 membership needs to engage on whether NH-CTE is worthy.

Exploring ACADEMY model in NH (call from Frank to me last week).  Charter School-based or CTE-based with infusion from CCSNH.  Focus is 12/13 program, but could start earlier.

Prep upcoming membership meeting November 16, 2018

Perkins Incentive $400K - what Frank is doing?!?!

Perkins V NH team meeting in Baltimore with Advance CTE 12/5-7 (I asked Eric to do Wed evening and Thursday all day).

Who is going to ACTE Vision? - Who can attend President's meeting?  I am doubtful to go (sending two teachers).

October 19,  2018 NHCTA Board Meeting (Littleton)


Motion made by Bruce Farr and Seconded by Al Smith to reimburse Karen White for her membership on the NH School Principals Association as she represents CTE.

October 3,  2018 NHCTA Board Meeting (Phone)

September 20, 2018 NHCTA Board Meeting

Attendance: Chris D, Steve, Jen, Amanda, Bonnie, LIsa, Absent: Al Smith

Small informal meeting

SB190 supported by Ladd and Waters on this bill. They are looking for our agenda.

Improving access

Legislation meeting notice

September 9, 2018 NHCTA Board Meeting

Attendance: Chris D, Chris C, Steve, Jen, Amanda, Al, Bonnie, Bruce

Absent: Lisa Danley

June 29, 2018 NHCTA Board Meeting

Absent: Lisa Danley, Joel Schneid


April 4, 2018 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Absent: Lisa Danley, Joel Schneid

Professional Development - Spoke briefly about summer conference, bootcamp and other PD. We also spoke about the newer directors  may need help around perkins.  PACE survey was sent out and centers were asked to make a commitment.

Motion from Jen Haskins to allow Al Smith (treasure) to spend up to $5,000 to contract professional consultation on financial compliance of the NHCTA non profit. Seconded by Chris Dodge. Vote (Unanimous)

Update on Praxis alternative and we are in the process

Evolution of NH-CTE

Meeting reminders for April 13 teleconference and May 18th  at FIRST

Spots for Directors


Ed Rising


DOE Conference


February 7rd, 2018 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Chris Updated the board on Praxis: We are working with the DOE creating a list of credentials for alternative certifications that are required for the credentials.  Praxis alternative update on two avenue RULES and LAW (recommendation to go to PSB with new rules - 5 years experience, passed major cert/license, OK by LEA) = NO PRAXIS. We are hoping that this is going to happen before the end of the month.

Chris and Steve updated on the relationship with State Scholars NH Scholars update we reviewed the document and gave feedback. There was question about soft skills for everyone? We don’t want to over take everyone we want to add to it in regards to our department.

Chris made a presentation in regard to NH-CTE that was presented to NH CBE and it was well received. We would like to have it circulate through the board and the rest of the membership. She is going to

NH Charitable website we are registered and we received our first application for the medallion scholarship fund. WE have started this application and are working.

Lake sunapee bank for students that are in need for 6 or 7 of the centers.

Eckman construction and ABC to be the fiscal agent for the project that they are promoting. THey are estimating that they will receive $10,000 and would like us to receive the funding for 2-3% as a fiscal agent.  Receive 1 to 2 and pay out 5 or 6.

PACE plan (need to go back to their board) - Jen please add notes to the document when possible - Talk about the meeting and maybe some recommended reading to keep struction when the meeting are not in session. 

Devastating blow to have Melissa leaving the DOE and should we meet with Heather Gage. Should a couple of us meet with her in regards to the Career Development Bureau.

Whistleblower Policy accepted by the majority of the Directors in the state. I am not sure how this fits in the By-laws. Whistleblower policy needs to have the final review.

Review survey done by Jen after Jan meeting

Fiscal agent/Checkbooks/Financial Systems (2-3 partnerships coming up) Al Spoke in regards to this and there are some questions around the fiscal agent and putting it throughout financial institution vs using the textbook.

Peterborough makerspace?

January 3rd, 2018 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

December 13, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Motion Alan  increase dues from 3.5% upto 5%. 2nd Chris Dodge  UNANIMOUS

November 1, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

ALT IV UPDATE - This is going well Chris Carr met with the commissioner on Monday and talked about adjustments that we recommended were moved forward. We will wait for our marching orders from Chris C. in regards to who and when we should contact board members.

Fred Bramante - (Lisa Comment) Made a comment in regards to CTE and not having it together and we should be moving forward more than we are. Career Pathway school model is a large part of the push that is going through New Hampshire.

NH SCHOLARS UPDATE - What is the measurement that you have met the requirements of NH CTE Scholars. The next meeting is in about a month and we are hoping to have this done before our next meeting next month.

BUDGET - Al gave an update on the current status and recommends that we bring it to a vote and if increasing the rate is not what the body wants then we need to cut our cost. The CTE Executive Directors is a value to us and that is not an option in cutting -maybe we look at moving the cost of Barney to the centers.

Process Vs Mathematics of the budget

Barneys cost move to the center level would reduce the budget by $42,000

We need to bring more to the table and we need less discussion and more options.

2017-2018         $154,000 Current Budget   $113,800 Perkins Allocation 3%

Option 1 Roll out the due Percentage as noted below





Option 1

  • 3% Each Center
  • 4% Each Center
  • With an option of a second bill of .5% or 1.5% with a 5% max
  • 5% Each Center

Option 2

  • 3% Each Center

  • 3.5% Each Center
  • 2 centers to step up and write incentive grants to supplement
  • Adjust PD such as WLTI and other trips
  • Adjust Conference to make money VS Break Even
  • 4% Each Center
  • 2 centers to step up and write incentive grants to supplement
  • Adjust PD such as WLTI and other trips
  • Adjust Conference to make money VS Break Even

Option 3

  • 3% Each Center

  • 3.5% Bill in the fall with an option of a second bill of .5% or 1.5% with a 5% max
  • Adjust PD such as WLTI and other trips
  • Adjust Conference Price to make money VS Break Even
  • 4%, 5% Each Center with a 5% max


AGENDA 2017 11 17

January 19th

Pinkerton Academy

October 4, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Alt IV -  ALT IV  proposal was sent to all on the board to review prior to the meeting. There was a discussion around supporting the proposal. Bruce talked about the message we want is not about getting out of the praxis but more about how to support and mentor instructors that come out of industry and into the classroom. They are already highly qualified in their field of expertise. The support will be around the mentoring and education of how to teacher within their field and less about a standard test of competence. Bruce review proposal working w/ State School Board and potentially legislature.  Focus is on ALT IV "specialist" category (non-bacc) - Praxis and GenEd requirements. Eric shared that he was supportive of this proposal.

DOE FUNDING - Eric reviewed a powerpoint presentation with us in the explanation of a funding idea he has around shifting between DOE (Perkins) and NHCTA. Eric spoke about how using the incentive grants we could help shape where we are going as a state. He also mentioned that there are different models available for the incentive grant model. He also talked about how Concord is doing the Boot Camp is not the true  intended use of Incentive Grants. Should this be coming from state leadership vs. incentive. Because of the legal obligation of spending within the DOE and the Perkins grant there is a need to funnel money out to NHCTA in order to fund the summer conference and work together towards state goals. Eric mentioned an example would be if NHCTA increases dues from 3 to 5%. Then the Summer Conference and PACE goes NHCTA.. The DOE would still be sensitive to the balances of each center but make reduction in other areas to try to sustain current balances based on economic data. BIGGEST THING to AFFECT ALLOCATIONS is demographics (huge impact). Previous knowledge requires understanding details of the 85/10/5 Perkins-State model which is where this may need to start. Eric mentioned the amount of Money given back every year that then gets spread out into next years grant but spread the money to such small amounts it is not effective. If $50,000 is returned how do we aggressively use it to meet the needs of CTE in the state. NHCTA runs finances of conference.. Money through RFP from state leadership, through dues or per person attendance fee based on provisions in PERKINS or centers can pool funds - for distinct purpose. Example: Fire Academy. The question came up if the Incentive grants were published documents that were available to other centers? Eric said that he will look into the answer to that question.


Treasurer's Report: Financials - Al reviewed the financials and updated the board in regards to NCES. It was suggested that we move money to NCES from our other checking accounts. He also spoke briefly about overall revenue model proposal update.

NH Scholars Career Pathway Program of Studies update - Steve and Chris said that they felt the meeting went terrific on Monday and that the State Scholars board seemed to be all in.  Chris C is working to define gameplan from here which will including courting partners, marketing and setting criteria.

ELO Administrative support to the ELO group was discussed and a Motion: To offer 10 to 12 hours of administrative support through Debbie Cox to the group was made by Chris Dodge and seconded by Bruce Farr Voted: Unanimous

Professional Development Steve talked about PD at directors meetings - shifting PD responsibility to share w/others..

ALL ABOUT 18/19 - must be resolved by March 2018

3 to 5% with increase to allocation:

NHCTA pays for summer conference (previously paid for by the DOE)

Openness not same percentage for everyone..

Executive Director's Report (written letter in her absence)

Good afternoon all,

Sorry I can't join you for our important call today.  I've had a standing engagement at this time for several weeks that I cannot change.  

It's been a very busy period for your Executive Director.  

Focus on career pathways:

--Career pathways work/strategy:  big push here is with NH Scholars/Steve and Chris D can report on this.  Long term effort needed with NH Scholars but the NH Scholars Board was receptive; my take is that there is real interest here and it will move ahead slowly but in a year's time we could get there.  This work we are doing with NH Scholars is actually a bigger play than just creating a new course of study that results in a "stamp" on a diploma.  The NHS Steering Committee (TBD) will be shaping the criteria and metrics and really creating the language around career pathways in the State.  This really hasn't been done before so this is important and timely work.

--Other actions on my end to engage more students/parents/other stakeholders in career pathways, is to understand the existing tools, programs and resources that are available and in use for/by students.  Attracting/recruiting more students to CTE is one of the goals we discussed early on.  From the outside looking in, "recruitment" per se will likely come in the form of establishing a brand that conveys expertise in career counseling/guidance/direction (one idea).   These tools consist of programs, people and some technology solutions (career cruising and the like).  This is an underexposed and somewhat disjointed effort that takes place in a very decentralized way.  Nevertheless I need to understand how it is working.  More on this next time. See my note below on AWATO.

--On the ops side:  moving ahead with organizing our lists (with Deb's help), getting the structure in place (notes on that below)

--more details on meetings/other work

I continue to get out each week and visit Centers.  I've added Wolfboro and MST to the list of visits.   During my meeting with Bruce, I had an opportunity to understand better the challenge around Praxis and how this requirement impacts instructor retention.  Much to say about this, but I was appreciative of some time to direct my attention to it more specifically.  My visit with Karen was enlightening in the context of understanding what it means to fulfill "competencies" and the difference between the grading systems between high schools and CTE schools.  I'm also now more aware of the challenges some schools face - MST budget cuts were devastating last year.  What our role is around this - I'm still formulating, gathering information.  Very political here on the localized level.

Other meetings:

--attended another 65 x 25 meeting, more networking, presentation by Ross G and the Commish.  I didn't feel there were any major outcomes from this discussion.  However, we are establishing our presence in the community and showing up is 50% of the battle.  I made additional new contacts at CDGB, NHIA, Keene State and others.

--met with Matt Guruge of AWATO to understand the world of assessments and how they can act as a potential recruiting mechanism for CTE/career pathways

--spoke with Mike Pisani, a Pinkerton alum, and big champion of CTE.  Mike has done some interesting work around microfactories and creating a manufacturing incubator at Mass Challenge in Boston.  He had read the article about my new role and reached out to me.  He's looking for a new paid job and wanted to explore opps with us.  He also has offered to volunteer - had a number of good ideas for how to engage.

--meeting with NH Scholars.  Steve presented, I supported.  Will run with this - I'm sure Steve will talk about this.

--call with Lauren/Leanne from ACTE

--meeting with Jacquie Guillette from Whelen who is very interested in working with us; she was joined by Fred B who also wants to find a way to work with us more closely on advancing his program in CTE schools

--call with Jennifer Landon, ABC, wants to promote her Construction days on Oct 26; wants to be able to access CTE schools more broadly.  Would potentially sponsor us if benefits are clear, would also promote the idea of sponsoring us to her membership.  Chris to followup with this.


--I have a number of emails to followup on with Directors that I've visited with.  I'm also making wonderful connections with teachers and following up with them as well.

--I'm also now receiving messages from the extended network, and starting to receive requests from individual centers to engage, participate, attend career sessions, career days, industry days, etc.  I'm in the loop!  Too many to respond to at this stage so this will be a balancing act.  I want to be connected and show the Centers I care, but I won't be able to attend all of these things - as much as I would like to.


--Admin:  Deb helped with business cards.  I have cards now.

--Registering the nonprofit:  I have a call scheduled with Larry at Foley to discuss nonprofit registration/structure.

--Structure:  There is an ask from ACTE for us to be the ACTE NH Chapter.  I now understand what this is and what is expected.  I need to dig into ACTE a bit more and understand what other chapters are doing, and whether this is a benefit to us, or just an additional workload for NH-CTE.  


--Numerous ideas on the fire to promote students, teachers, programs.  Jennifer L is right on board with helping to promote any of the above.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.



Next Full Meeting is 10/20 telephonic; 11/17 Banks in Concord

September 9, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Attendance Steve Rothenberg, Chris Carr, Chris Dodge, Al Smith, Lisa Danley, Jen Haskins, Bruce Farr (late)..

Budget / Percent dues: We need a small team to look at a process and what that looks like in regards to increasing the dues. Alan believes as the incoming treasurer we need to be more transparent with the budget and have an opportunity to give people the ability to see what the needs are and why we need what we need.

October 6th Professional Development  

We need a 2nd meeting to intro.. In addition to 1st round 10/30 (Concord) and 11/6 North Country

Targeted Groups


        Teacher Education

        Building Construction / Trades



September 15th meeting in Laconia Hout Tech Center (and future themes)


        Are there items that we feel we need to stake our claim into regulation

Chris Carr:

June 26, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Attendance Steve Rothenberg, Chris Carr, Chris Dodge, Hugh Gallen, Joel Schneid, Jen Haskins

Summer Conference: Discussion amongst the board in regards to planning for the conference.

Merger of NHCTA with NHCTE:  Beginning discussion of how to merge these, solidify the brand, build a board/steering committee.

May 3rd, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Attendance Al Smith, Joel Schneid, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Doge, Jennifer Haskins, Bruce Farr

Executive Director: references checks were split up between Bruce, Al and Jen

August PD: Discussion around the PD plan for August including conference and Boot camp.

Praxis:  Brief discussion around Praxis and how the DOE is recommending taking a course and not issuing waivers.

NH Commissioner:  Steve will reach out again to have a meeting scheduled with the commissioner.

Tri-state:  There will be a Tri-State meeting on the wednesday after our state meeting up north.


April 5, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Attendance: Al Smith, Joel Schneid, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Dodge, Jennifer Haskins

Executive Director:  Reviewed the proposed contract and the changes that have been put forth/suggested. The discussion around the terms of dissolvement of the contracted position.

Motion made by Alan Smith:  To approve the Executive Director's contract as presented. 

 2nd by Joel Schnied

Vote: 5 Yes, 0 No, 1 Affirmative online vote. Evidence

Note: Discussion was that we want 100% approval and we will reach out to Bruce offline to get his vote.

Professional Development Conference over the summer was discussed there were some concerns around the buy in. It is suggested that we get some clarity on mileage and hotel in regards to what the DOe is willing to cover or supplement with incentive grants. Also look at asking the DOE to go to a center to look at some focus groups to get focus to the conference.

Director Conference: discussion around the book by Haans Meeder will be some of the discussion and PD we have. Jennifer will create a Form for PD feedback from directors.

Next full meeting in Somersworth Next Friday.


 February 1, 2017 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting

Attendance: Al Smith, Bruce Farr, Joel Schneid, Steve Rothenberg, Chris Dodge, Jennifer Haskins


There was a brief discussion on the finances and the location of our dues. Currently everyone except Manchester, Steve is working on the payments. This years payments were deposited into the new fiscal agent except Keene. We have contact Claremont multiple times in regards to moving the balance and we are hoping to finalize this soon. The treasurer has been asked to get the projection of where we will be as of July 1, 2017 for all account balance, by 2/15/2017. We will then look at finalizing the 17/18 budget to include Christine Carr and the account balance.

$98,000 roughly when transferred when we left Conval and moved to claremont.

Motion by Jennifer Haskins  : To approve a Pro rated budgeted as presented in the NHCTA Proposed Budgets 2016/2017.  With a total budget of income at of $110,600 with an expense of $116,376. Second by:Bruce Farr

Vote: Unanimous

Executive Director: There was discussion about how people felt meeting Christine on her road trip. There seemed to be a positive response from those that met with her. There was a positive response and everyone seemed to be on board. Christine has shared her passion and her positive thoughts that she had felt over the last couple days. She also shared that she would like to counter offer the original salary we had offered.

Motion by Bruce Farr: Authorize Steve and Chris to negotiate with Chris Carr in regards to the part time ED position. Second by: Jennifer Haskins

Vote: Unanimous

Note: the board will approve the final contract

Motion by Bruce Farr: Authorize Steve and Chris to consult with a lawyer to finalize the contract for the Executive Director. Second by: Al Smith

Vote: Unanimous

NH-CTE: There is discussion about pushing this off until Christine Carr comes on and can help us navigate this

Karen, Margaret, Chris D. and Sean will be attending the policy seminar in washington and will be paid by NHCTA. The board has agreed to pay for 4 directors to attend this conference.

Other: There was a brief discussion on the new hire of Bia position which is created to fuse education in the workforce. This person also has an assistant. Would have been great to have combined this with our ED. There was also a brief discussion about the person that was in charge of the Hired apprenticeship grant.  

November 2, 2016 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting


Allan Smith, Chris Dodge, Joel Schneider, Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Bruce Farr

Executive Director - Discussion that we will continue to move forward with the contracted position we will move forward with the second round of interviews.

Online PD

Motion by Chris Dodge:To open up the online PD to Teachers that are under direct supervision of the CTE Director that are not directly affiliated to a CIP coded program. Second by: Jennifer Haskins


Note: This person would have to be added to the database through Deb Cox and Shannon for the DOE Network.

Discussion on the Proposal to have content specialist within the career clusters

Motion by Steve Rothenberg: To allocate the NHCTA president to enter contracts with core teachers at rate of $ 40  with a total max of $1,740 to assist in building online pd.Seconded by Al  Smith



Strategies with NH-CTE were discussed and we would like to allocate some more money towards the legal fees and other fees that are coming up through the work that we are doing with Tom Burke.

Motion by Joel Schneid To allocate another $2,500  to the implementation of CTE-NH and the task associated with it. Seconded by Al Smith


 Work Based Learning Survey - only 11 centers did this please make sure that you are completing this and getting the data compiled.

Coffee with the Commissioner - We agreed that we are going to try to move forward with a regular meeting.

Summer Conference

We have created a contract and signed on for the summer conference to be at the Mountain View Grand Resort.

Motion by Joel Schneid To allocate $7,000 to the deposit of the Summer conference in July to the Mountain View Grand Resort. Seconded by Al Smith


September 7, 2016 NHCTA Board Teleconference Meeting


Allan Smith, Chris Dodge, Joel Schneider, Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Bruce Farr

NHCTA and NH-CTE Bylaws:  Objective: To create an organization that can be created and groomed to eventually become it’s own organization and non profit once it takes off.

Tom original proposal Tom B - Research, ACTE, Michigan, Sec of State, Write amendments to the policy and Bylaws. These would be deliverables. I would also meet with the legal consultants and ACTE in regards to research writing and anything else assigned by the board in regards to the process of creating NH-CTE.

If NHCTA is the only entity then we are creating articles of incorporation. This would have to be run by an attorney. If we are creating another organization we will have to have a Bylaws change.

Tom has done research on creating a separate organization this organization should consider create a subset. Tom submitted a proposal that discovered that LLC are a pass through organization. NHCTA can own this LLC and manage it without paying Taxes. Revenue would stream back to the parent organizations. We can do everything from changing name and status and maintain our nonprofit status. This is a rare status.

The most strategic pathway is to create this pathway as the owner and we can start branding and re create our name and do our branding. Does this organization want to have the NHDOE apart of the organization.  Obtain non-profit Google Drive for NH-CTE.Concerns about the difference between birthing the organization and controlling. Tom NEW proposal

Motion made by Bruce Farr: To begin the development, formation and establishment of NH-CTE.  2nd by Chris Dodge.

Vote: Approved Unanimous

Executive Director: The board is being asked to go the folder applicant list and then go to the spreadsheet and vote on each candidate vote on the interview level 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest) . This should be completed by end of day Sunday.

Review ED job description working with consultant Lori Babine.  Finalize.  Prepare to share with candidates.

Moving Fiscal Agent: 10% of expenditures is our indirect cost. Al spoke with them about reducing and it is dictated by the finance committee of their board. SREB includes indirect cost of 10% into their cost. Meeting with Karl Ladd to see if he can be our fiscal agent.  SERSC about being our fiscal agent. Call to Regina on who can be our Fiscal agent and we can make a list of who can be our fiscal agent. Sersc, Alan Pardy, Karl Ladd, Community College, Superintendent associations, Bruce will talk to principal association Al will continue with .  on being our fiscal agent. Total ballpark expenditure per year is $100,000.

Minutes: The board will start to Adopt two sets of notes: official board meetings (minutes), and membership meetings (notes).  I am asking Jennifer to take a few minutes and organize past info into one place.

PD activities at Huot: Purchase of general liability insurance Steve will have Deb work on this call an insurance company.


Motion by Bruce Farr to spend up to $17,000 to purchase online professional development platform Program Improvement Strategies LLC. Seconded by Chris Dodge

Vote: Unanimous

Motion by Joel Schneid to hire a proposal writer to create any proposals that are needed for the Online PD, up to $3,000. Seconded by Chris Dodge

Vote: Unanimous

Motion by Jennifer Haskins to contract with Jack Grube for $1,500 plus incidentals to manage New Director PD. Seconded by Bruce Farr

Vote: Unanimous

Online PD signed contract with Shannon. Eric gave OK for us to write  proposal to DOE to fund al online PD $20,000. Select online hosting company including possibly NH Network which is free compared to $3K+ for a hosting company.  At this time we are going with NH Networks (2Revolutions) and it will be free.Work with Jack to finalize overall plan.  Board approved hiring him.  Email is coming on Tuesday to Directors.

New and Potential Directors PD

Review dates and goals

Finalize NNE meeting of small group from 3 states next summer.  Focus is online teacher PD environment, revising conference methods (more collaborative, less outside), better format (2 days)


AT THE TABLE update: Chris and Steve are working to meet Carl Ladd, new Exec Director for NHSAA.  He is eager to meet and considers himself a bit CTE fan. Another meeting with commissioner about our five areas of focus to work together.  Eric and I have been meeting every 2-3 weeks.  Running goals/agenda/minutes document. 



July 28, 2016 NHCTA Board Meeting 


Allan Smith, Chris Dodge, Joel Schneider, Steve Rothenberg, Jennifer Haskins, Bruce Farr

Job Posting Executive Director Discussion Notes: 50% ( part time)  $45,000-$70,000 Investigate what that looks like either with North Country or as a contracted service.

Advertise the position on Indeed, and contact the superintendent organization about ed jobs in the beginning of August. We will require a Resume, Cover letter, Grant writing a must, Hustle some money, Career and Technical Education background prefered, September Interview Candidates and a make a decision with a goal of October 1 on board.

What are we going to do if we don’t get candidates to move to a full time position which we are going to need to have a future plan to get supplemental income from other grants and organizations that will also work with the organizations to complete.

Action: Create an Index of the Salary, look at the Executive Director Job Description in regards to CTSO, Career Pathways, Branding marketing, BAM , Program PD, Advocacy, Organizational environment.

ME Director Discussion: Negotiate every three years. $48,000 salary plus health and mileage totals $65,000 raise about $70,000 in grants that are written by the ED. ME Job description will be shared with us. Meets with the board every other month and the ED sets the agenda.  IP, Phone, Mileage, Office management, $3,000 for Business manager.

Executive Director Location Discussion- NHTI, Alan Pardy, Superintendent association, Principal association speak with the previous listed about a space location. Cell phone, Computer, Mileage.

Structure of the Executive Director:The Executive Director will answer to the board that will complete review/evaluations and will be presented to the ED by the president.

Report Monthly and Quarterly data to the on what they are doing who they are meeting with and what they are saying.

Chris Dodge made a motion to post the Executive Director Job as a 50% part time position at a rate of pay and benefits between $45,000 and $70,000 with a start date of October 1st. 2nd by Steve Rothenberg - Vote - Unanimous.

Fiscal agent Discussion: Barney spoke with North Country about financial and being the fiscal agent. We are looking for the indirect cost.

Al is reached out to Lori about this as well as how they are going to handle an employee. Lori said that they are happy to do this. We are going to look up to their indirect cost.

Funding we could look into the incentive grant and use that money to update the salary and add to it to make you for the added work that needs to be done when we choose to do a teacher conference.

Joel Schneid made a  motion to move fiscal agent from the Claremont school district to North County 2nd by Chris Dodge Vote - Unanimous.

Online Learning:It was clear this morning that we are all on board with the online training and looking into what we can build and offer our teacher PD. We are going to continue to work with Shannon on what the contract is going to entail and cost of the contract. Steve will talk with Shannon and get the details.

Steve Rothenberg made a motion to authorize the funding of $2,500 to Jack Grube to facilitate the roll out the online platform and assist in the development of the PD and the online platform. 2nd by Joel Schneid Vote: Unanimous.

Big Umbrella: We are going to move forward with the big umbrella and we are going to move forward with what we need to do with our By laws in order to expand to the larger umbrella that we envision. There are some changes that need to have to the by-laws however the changes are not clear and we need to have someone that can take the time and dedication to changing them once and correctly for the future of this organization.

Steve Rothenberg made a motion to  authorize the funding of $2,500 so the board can hire someone to Investigate and edit By-Laws to make the changes that are needed to make the necessary changes and get the bylaws in a place that we can become a part of ACTE. 2nd  by Chris Dodge Vote: Unanimous.

Fiscal Year 7/15 to 6/16 Update:  We have spent $91,808.07 this year so far the bank balance is ###### waiting for Joel to get this.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:40pm

July 2016 Meeting with Maine / Vermont / New Hampshire

Goals for the upcoming years of the ME / VT / NH -

  1. To Build a platform that will allow the teachers amongst the three state to collaborate on PD and key areas of PD that all can benefit from in all states.  
  2. To create a model for a modern facilitated conference that can be applied to both directors and teachers within all of the three states.
  3. To gather key areas of collaboration that will be beneficial amongst the three states

2017 Plan

The interested Directors of all three states will commit to get together in the Summer of 2017. To plan how we are going to meet the three goals. Over the course of the year it would be helpful if Directors thought about and gathered information on how to address the 3 goals. The State of New Hampshire will host the visit. Mid / Last week of July. How do we want the steering board  to meet over the school  year. Three quarterly meetings something by October, February, May and July

OLD from 12/15 retreat:

  1. Time to bring on an executive director.  This will involve many decisions including budgets (and impact on Perkins), job description, SMART goals and more.  
  2. Adopt and embrace an improved professional development model for directors.  The model needs to support BOTH new and old directors, and must reflect the genuine needs of NH CTE Directors to do their jobs effectively.  Meeting formats should reflect this priority.
  3. Continue with program development by cluster this spring (focus on assessment) and into the future indefinitely.  We need a long-range plan including a DOE RFP (to contract w/ an outside company) supporting statewide PD (involving both face to face and online methods).
  4. Statewide Marketing/Branding - We will continue to pursue methods to market/brand NH CTE on a statewide level.  The board approved sponsorship on NHPR for Jan/Feb (focus is on white collar, guidance, industry); in essence the population we struggle to reach.  In addition we are working to develop a statewide website (Deb's focus) and related content (Rob).
  5. "At the Table" - we will continue to work to enhance our presence with statewide entities, organizations and initiatives including the DOE, the Legislature, SB190, STEM Task Force, CCSNH. This involves us being value as a strategic partner -- by bringing strength and assets to the table.  Our measure - is our influence on actions taken -  to positively and effectively impact the success of NH CTE students today and in the future.  This January and February our Board will be working with the DOE's commissioner and deputy commissioner to establish a shared set of CTE goals for the state.  Those goals will be run by our group, superintendents, CCSNH and the State School Board to be refined.

August 2016 NHCTA Board Meeting





Bylaws Changes/ Suggestions:

Change article of incorporation... and change bylaws per articles... Regular Members and Associate Members (DOE)

per bylaws: full dues paying and non-dues paying...

Recommendation.. ala Maine..

Form new organization NH-CTE...

separate board.. NHCTA can provide startup per vote of Board

NH-CTE can organically grow.. based on stewardship...

At start it will file Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws (Maine's with minor adjustment), Next file for NH non-profit.

NH-CTE Board may evolve.. and apply for own 501c3... or may just naturally form as entity supported by NHCTA as donor and guidance..

Call Mike Woods, Sec of State Office (get requirements), Board Proposal, then write it.. And do it..

May 18, 2016 NHCTA Board

Jennifer, Jack, Steve, Bruce, Joel

NHCTA Board Teleconference May 18th 1:26 - 2:52pm
85 min chs 603-225-0800 1:27 - 2:52pm 603-569-4361 1:30 - 2:51pm Joel Schneid 1:30 - 2:52pm Doug Cullen 603-437-5200 1:30 - 2:23pm
Jennifer Haskins 1:45 - 1:55pm 603-865-9612 1:56 - 2:52pm

  1. N Conway Agenda (big picture) - much of items listed below
  1. Construction Trades
  2. Executive Director
  3. Succession, Officers and LT planning
  4. Review December goals - how are we doing?
  5. Web Site
  6. Hear from Eric.. reflection.. Where going with us?
  7. What do you want?  Welman, etc.?
  8. New Monitoring (Jack, Eric)
  9. Bring up Shannon - statewide online support?
  1. Should we contract out to research and develop this job?  Lori Babine?
  2. Contract $2K to $5K... Steve - Motion to allocate up to $5K to contract for development of job description, quantify duties and responsibilities, as well as assist with the hiring process of NHCTA executive director.   2nd motion by Joel -  PASSED
  1. Could be issue is person applies who got contract.
  1. PD Teachers
  1. Getting DOE to outsource PD
  1. Should we contract out to produce RFP?  Eric needs to give us an answer
  1. JACK will do another round (we would pay him)
  1. Work in advance... define what grads should be able to do
  2. Constance - larger assessments - door opening GETTING DOE ON SAME PAGE
  3. Every group has different assessment .. mapped against DOE... and five areas (safety, academics, technology, technical, C&C Ready)
  4. What needed for students to be successful?  Leads to breakdown of K&S to teach that competency (goal teacher walks out with 4-6 assessments).. Next talk about formatives.
  1. Online Systems proposal by Shannon
  1. How to design phase 1 and 2 mix?!
  2. Contract for support of online cluster collaboration environment
  1. Summer Boot Camp Approval with monthly component?  I wrote draft incentive grant for $15K - Steve  Aug 8-12  
  1. Website update - in motion (all good)
  1. We bought (English Teachers upset?!) - All
  2. Debbi will update us soon
  3. Job Posting page on our website.
  1. Internal
  1. Purchase procedure - Joel.  
  2. New Officer Slate for successions - All
  1. Need new secretary Diane resigning.  Jennifer is willing to do it.
  1. Bylaw changes to support big tent for ACTE - pay Tom B to do it?
  2. Skills USA CTE Director Board Member
  3. Meetings
  1. Phone conference?  Do all basic business using phone conference?  Book 10 per year?
  2. Six meetings per year focus on Director PD.. Driven by content
  4. Focus on content, Director PD per talk N Conway 2015
  1. We refiled non-profit in NH DONE by Joel
  2. 501C3 tax return have been outsourced.  There will be a cost..
  1. Career Pathways
  1. Different definitions - Chris
  2. SB190 Construction Trades
  1. Talks with ABC - pilot group rethink Construction Trades/Tech - Steve
  2. Bruce - group organizing 11 Directors expressed interest in the discussion
  1. Budget time in N Conway to report back.. Interest in statewide look at CT statewide competencies including statewide advisory board.  Plan to move forward.  Being inclusive Plumbing, Elec, HVAC.  WE WILL BUDGET TIME IN NO CONWAY.  KEEP DIRECTORS AT TABLE FOR NOW.  No outside yet.  We need to get on the same page.  
  1. PD Directors
  1. Details summer conferences $$ - N Conway, VT and Ed Summit?  Budget, etc..  - Steve
  2. NNE
  1. Need sending high school principal to attend.  Jim Logan?  Target is to get one to sit on the panel.  We will pay for one night at hotel.
  2. Is there a summary of we want them to do?  Great School Partnership.  Minimal amount of information.
  1. Future of NNE?
  1. Talk about Maine hosting it every year?
  2. Share PD, but not hosting
  3. Time is being budgeted in Burlington to review this.  Meeting on Tuesday night?
  1. How has the past stretch been in RESPONSE to December Retreat?  More focused on needs?
  2. Continue with mentor meetings?  Have we lost the visit value of monthly meetings?  Someone needs to oversee it!?  NHCTA needs to define those days.
  3. Summer VT Conference - need registrations.  They are coming per Joel.  Missing four people.
  1. State of DOE and how we should respond (Sugerik, Precision, Equity, Working with US????)  - All
  1. Eric F - how are we working with him?
  2. Bureau Office?  Concern
  3. NEW Monitoring models - Jack, Eric approved. Bring to North Conway
  1. RECENT monitoring.. Compliance, paper audit, all jumping through hurdles
  1. Dr. Jeff Beard hired.  Level III - supervisory responsibilities.
  2. August Sugerik PBL and Equity PD Planning


NH-DOE and NH-CTE partnership .. strategic goals, targets, actions

  1. Targets:
  1. Actions:
  1. Data:
  1. Partners: CCSNH, STEM Task Force, SB190, Work-Based learning grant, Governor’s Office

  1. Targets:
  1. Actions:
  1. Data
  1. Partners

  1. Targets
  1. Actions:
  1. Data:
  1. Partners:
  1. Targets
  1. Action:
  1. Data:
  2. Partners: SB190, DOE, DOE Credentialing
  1. Target
  1. Action:
  1. Data:
  1. Partners:

February 3, 2016 NHCTA Board Agenda:


  1. Where NH CTE can lead the state - Career pathways (and related - dual enrollment), K-14 (K-16 vision) for industry,  65/25 (larger vision leveraging our partnership with CCSNH)
  2. Where NH CTE can collaborate with the rest of the state and add to the dialogue  - Competencies (National Center for Assessment), complex and DoK-related assessments, STEM through CTE, DOE Support of PLC/PD models, Individualized career plans/curriculum starting grade 6
  3. Where NH CTE has needs  - ALT IV, Program Development, PR/Web/Branding, Attract talent, Develop NHACTE,


January 25, 2016 NHCTA Preparation for meeting at DOE on 1/27 2 PM   -- Themes:

  1. Career Pathways
  1. Common Career Readiness definition
  2. 65/25 CCSNH strategic goal
  3. K-16 vision (K-14 to start) including advisories (single stop for industry)
  4. Fusion senior year with CTE-CCSNH-Industry
  5. Continue with dual enrollment, articulation agreements.
  6. Personalized Education/Career Plans
  1. reaching down into elementary and middle schools
  2. strategies
  1. PARALLEL: CCSSO Funding, Career Pathways
  1. Authentic Assessments/ Program Development
  1. Project based learning tied to competencies and core academics
  2. Core academics integration
  3. Support program development model with PLC-style focus
  4. Data driven around competencies
  5. Use of industry certifications
  6. Precision Testing/Common Assessment
  7. PARALLEL: PACE, OVERALL PD PLAN, 1st CYCLE PD done, Competencies
  1. Program/System Enhancement balanced with compliance
  1. ALT IV model including mentors, Praxis..
  2. Monitoring morphs into program improvement
  3. Precision testing
  4. Sophomore tuition and transportation
  5. Change in HQT and opportunity to teach core competencies, 4th year math
  6. PARALLEL: Perkins, Federal Compliance, End of Program “State” Testing
  1. Bureau of Career Development on secure footing
  1. How can we help?
  2. Leveraging an NHCTA executive director
  3. PARALLEL: Helping Eric F
  1. Attract Talent
  1. Alt IV teachers (6th largest cert entity)
  2. Prospective and New -- Directors, Teachers
  1. Statewide branding and marketing (NH CTE!)
  1. Website
  2. Brand
  1. Statewide Organization NHACTE
  1. Forming a umbrella of stakeholders
  1. At-Risk Programming
  1. Providing college and career guidance to post-secondary, military, career options
  2. Voc vs. Tech

Other: CTE 2.0 Launch, Education Summit (CTE), SB190

Goals From Retreat 12/15:

  1. Time to bring on an executive director.  This will involve many decisions including budgets (and impact on Perkins), job description, SMART goals and more.  
  2. Adopt and embrace an improved professional development model for directors.  The model needs to support BOTH new and old directors, and must reflect the genuine needs of NH CTE Directors to do their jobs effectively.  Meeting formats should reflect this priority.
  3. Continue with program development by cluster this spring (focus on assessment) and into the future indefinitely.  We need a long-range plan including a DOE RFP (to contract w/ an outside company) supporting statewide PD (involving both face to face and online methods).
  4. Statewide Marketing/Branding - We will continue to pursue methods to market/brand NH CTE on a statewide level.  The board approved sponsorship on NHPR for Jan/Feb (focus is on white collar, guidance, industry); in essence the population we struggle to reach.  In addition we are working to develop a statewide website (Deb's focus) and related content (Rob).
  5. "At the Table" - we will continue to work to enhance our presence with statewide entities, organizations and initiatives including the DOE, the Legislature, SB190, STEM Task Force, CCSNH. This involves us being value as a strategic partner -- by bringing strength and assets to the table.  Our measure - is our influence on actions taken -  to positively and effectively impact the success of NH CTE students today and in the future.  This January and February our Board will be working with the DOE's commissioner and deputy commissioner to establish a shared set of CTE goals for the state.  Those goals will be run by our group, superintendents, CCSNH and the State School Board to be refined.


October 9, 2015 NHCTA Board Meeting

Telephone conference

In attendance: Steve Rothenberg, Jack Grube, Chris Dodge, Joel Schneid, Diane Canada, Jennifer Haskins, Bruce Farr

ACTE state membership and affiliation.

need to change by-laws to include more people to allow affiliation without financial impact

include teacher. use tiered groups  keep the teacher group and director group separate

proceed cautiously. what will the name change be? need to involve a lawyer with regard to by-laws change. need to find the balance as Maine did.

Rob Levy

struggling to push out information. needs help completing the full context of the website.

Karno Assoc

do we bring them in with some proposal for this recruiting season? should be pitched towards adults. perhaps buy a week of ads on NPR?

Director Retreat

define the organization, what do people want?

how do we get on the same page, why are we?

October 16 meeting will provide an open forum. let’s figure it out.

by-laws - the membership advises the board, it’s up to the board to act.

the board will find the facilitator for the retreat


Jack and Steve met with SERESC to see what they could offer for PD.

looking into NHDOE paying for ongoing director PD

Department of Corrections

we will pay Barney for now for the DOC but in the future they need to pay him or pay dues to NHCTA

Respectfully submitted;

Diane Canada, Secretary