Best Computer Based Calculators

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There are some purportedly “free” downloads of the TI software for PC & Mac on the internet but these have not been verified, so download at your own risk.


Install Geogebra on Tablets, Desktops, or Phones

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15 Best Calculator Apps from Article: 

John Corpuz Article with very helpful details, published in June 2016, check your app store for the version you’re interested in even if the article says it’s only on another platform; it may have come out since then!

Both Android and iOS Platforms

Wolfram Alpha (Android, iOS)

MyScript Calculator Android, iOS

PowerOne Android, iOS

iOS (iPad or iPhone)

PCalc Lite (supported by in app purchases)

Soulver $4.99

Calca free

Tydlig free

Free Graphing Calculator

Digits (tape style)


MobiCalculator free/$3.40


CALCU free (ad supported)

One++ (doesn’t really look like a calculator but I bet you could use it in math class!)

Algeo Graphing Calculator 

CalcTape Free Calculator (tape style)

20 Chrome Extensions, Web Apps, and Add-ons for Math from Article:

This blog post from Eric Curts includes Chrome apps and extensions for 4 traditional calculators and 2 graphing calculators, as well as many other math-related tools. 

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