Links to 50 Digitized FounderChurch Teaching BOOKS:  

ADAMS v JEFFERSON Book These two antagonists battled for the very soul of the Republic. A battle that continues to this day. Think Athens v Sparta.



BIRTH CONTROL BOOK: Birth Control kills far more children, with less reason, than abortion.

BLOGS & WEBSITES Book Links to other locations of FC Teachings


CHARITY BOOK Why Charity in the modern sense is not Charity at all, and a new Understanding of this widely misunderstood & misinterpreted word.

CHILDREN Book Children are our & God's reward. “No Children No Country!” Includes Marriage, Love, Family & the whole society and nation.

CONSERVATIVE BELIEVER VICTORY  There is no substitute for Total & Complete Victory

COUNTRY Book Without a Country & all its Antecedents, Roots & Branches, we cannot live.

DEMOCRAT Book 5000 year history, of the origins, philosophy & purpose of this Party of Slavery, from Egypt to today going by different names in different nations climes & times.

DIVIDE AMERICA Book  If we can’t fix America we may be forced to divide it between Democrats & Republicans. This is a detailed solution to disunity, short of Civil War.

DOCTOR HEAL THYSELF Book A critical & solutions look at broken Health.

EDUCATION Book Without Education we cannot fight Evil & Serve worthy causes.  

ENTERTAINMENT Book  While humor is often negative Good Cheer & Happiness is Positive.

ENVIRONMENT BOOK  God made us the custodians of the earth and all living things.

FARM Book:  Farming-Gardening is the Foundation & Soul of Civilization. Protecting & enhancing the farm family is the basis of every healthy human society.

FOOD Book  We are the quality of what we Eat & Fitness of what we Do (Exercise)

FOUNDERCHURCH Book  Religion (The God Gene) in our DNA is our Soul Food.

FORUM POSTS Book  Under construction

GOD Book Without His Blessing life is impossible. Love of God is in our DNA.

GOP FIX Book Specific reforms needed in the Republican Party.

GOVERNMENT Book: What’s wrong & how to fix it in failed & failing states (America)  

HEALTH Book  Without Health we cannot please God, or serve our Country.


IMMIGRATION Book Immigration Legal & Illegal & Emigration are Problems that in History have Plagued the Nations of the World. The first open borders Immigration Laws & Policies were the importation & Abuse of Slaves by Democrats

ISRAEL JUDAISM Book  The Jews have been a world Superpower for thousands of years.

ISLAM Book Islam has been at war with the Judeo-Christian West for 1500 years. Needs to always be separated & contained, not conquered. Otherwise a perpetual problem.

JEFFERSON JUDAS Book Svengali Judas of the USA’s Founding. Founded the Demon-rat party of Slavery, that was morphed into Segregation, which then became the Welfare Slave State.
LEADERSHIP Book  The Great Man theory of history is operable in everyday life as well. Leadership implies the qualities & circumstances needed for good Management.

LETTERS Book Letters of FC

LIBERTARIAN Book A good idea gone wrong, a spoiler of our Republic to be shunned.


MEDIA Book The story of the terrible Media paid to lie to cover-up Establishment wrongdoing.

MILITARY Book Explores the means by which nations protect & enforce their interests & decisions. The Military of ANY nation is the beating heart of that nation.

MINO WINO & CINO Book Men In Name Only & Women In Name Only & Conservative Christians In Name only.

MONEY Book  “Money answereth to ALL things” but “Love of Money is the root of ALL evil”

NEWS Book  250 pages of Teachings by FC mostly related to electing Trump President.

NOTES Book Various notes

POEMS BOOK 100+ Poems by, or arranged by, FC

POLITICS Book: A study of the ways in which humans & nations make decisions.  

Aristotle said, “Everything is by permission of politics.” this is exactly why everyone should be an activist & advocate, believing in something with all your heart and soul.


PRECINCT REFORM Book How to fix our broken Precinct and Electoral System. All politics is local. Precincts after the Family are the lowest & most important level of Government. No Precincts-No People Power, & No Liberty or Justice.

PRESIDENTS Book Presidents, like kings of yore, are the executive heads of any enterprise or nation.

RACE Book All matters related to Race. Who, Why, How, What of Race Slavery in World History, with a focus on the History and Analysis of Black Slavery & the resulting so-called “Black Problem”

RULES & LAW Book  Rules of Life to Live by, in line with Nature & Nature’s God. Animals have instincts, humans Laws & Rules of conduct. No Law & Order no Justice.

RUSSIA Book  Russia has been a Super Power for 2000 years & a natural friend of America.

SEX Book  Good Sex produces good children, bad sex produces bad children, & kills children.  

TAXES Book  The power to tax is the power to either destroy, or create.

TECHNOLOGY Book  “God is the author of all things.” & gives us Technology to empower us.

TRUMP Book:  Most recent of our few Great Presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, TR & RR. Trump is a gift of God to America in her darkest hour. Amen!

TRUTH Book  Truth & the Punishment of the UNREPENTANT SINNER.

USA FIX Book  A plan to fix America in some detail including Specific Reforms to restore, restructure, and retain our Republic based on the Constitution & other Founding Documents given by our Founding Fathers & Mothers.

VICTORY Book  How to win the total and complete Victory to enable us to repair, restore and reconstruct our beloved Republic so it can experience a new rebirth of freedom.



YOUTH REBELLION Book  The abuse & neglect of our children is a major sin and crime, contributing to the decline and fall of the American Republic. And yes, they should Rebel.


None of the 10 Commandments specifically say to be rich, or even prosperous, but they do teach us a lot about how to handle our money, and our families and children.

In general, we need to Beware of Prosperity, for it is a common snare that directly leads to the sin of sins, “Love of Money.”

God’s plan is for all of us to strive to possess riches, but to never allow riches to possess us.

We should all strive to be rich so we can better serve God and Country and help our Godly fellow others, but we ourselves should live simply and frugally as though we were poor.

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“For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” - Galatians 1:10  "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

PORTAL BOOK by FounderChurch  “The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing ButTheTruth!”    Search the Internet for "FounderChurch" (as one word) for 5000+ Hits

CHEM GC Book A comprehensive God given important Guide for a Good & Godly life  

Based on just 6 words: CHILDREN-HEALTH-EDUCATION-MONEY to serve GOD & COUNTRY.

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Go To: Pat Buchanan’s Columns  Pat Buchanan has been the wisest Conservative Believer thinker and writer of the last 50 years. He is not only number one, but compared to him there is no number two. Thank God he still writes. But no mortal is without error and sin, so Pat is not perfect in all things. That said:

Pat’s collected columns are a treasury of intelligent, patriotic and Godly guidance. Pat has literally always been right, when others are lucky to be right half the time at best. His latest column: “Yes, the System IS Rigged” is his best ever.

To find equal wisdom and guidance for America you would have to go back to Washington, Lincoln, TR, and RR. FounderChurch endorses the teachings of Pat Buchanan, truly an American Idol, and of course he supports the candidacy of Donald J Trump www.DonaldJTrump.Com 

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FairfaxFreeCitizen.Com  An interesting example of local Internet Journalism being developed. Needs a lot of work, but realize that all of everything is local or it is irrelevant.

FounderChurch.Blogspot.Com  A good overview of FC Teachings 

Jefferson Bible/Wikipedia  In a world of self-serving special interest lies, Wikipedia is a good antidote to a totally corrupt Establishment controlled Academia. Realizing nothing is perfect.

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TRUMP Will Win Perspectives Forum


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