W.A.L.T improve our recount write by using a good hook, correct punctuation and spelling.  We need to use descriptive words, interest detail, paragraphs and past tense.


My Mum woke me up you have to go to a school camp. What's the time 5.00 in the morning. So I got out of bed and got ready, I biked and my mum walked to school.  We got there at 7.15. We got on the bus at 7.45. it was a long trip there.

We got there and at 11.17 we went into our groups and and started the activities

We had some mini games before.  My first activity was climbing.

We got to the wall and waited for Rachel.

There was three ropes so we split into groups of 4 and one group of 3 because there were 11 people in my group. My team started on the easy one. Nathan went first then me and I did it blindfolded. Then we went on to the super easy one and I did it blindfolded. We went on to the hard one and I did it blindfolded first try the first one to do it blindfolded.

My groups second activity was rocky shore. I did not like rocky shore, because the person leading this activity stopped every two seconds.

I slipped 4 times, then we had morning tea.

Next we put our sleeping gear up in the cabins,

and set up our beds and then played outside on the beach.

When we got back to our cabins we got our plates, and went down to have dinner. We ate our dinner. Then we went up to the cabins and went to sleep, we were really loud but we were more quiet than the other cabins but I still got to sleep what a good day.IMG_4462.jpg