Saint Isidore The Farmer


Name: Saint Isidore

Patron Saint of: Farmers

Feast Day: May 15th

Born : Madrid , Spain

Wife : Saint Maria

Job : Farmer

Lifetime : 1070-1130

Saint Isidore was a kind generous man with the heart of an angel.He had 3 loves God his family and the soil. Isidore explained that the human race would not live long without soil! Isidore worked for the same landowner his whole life and when Isidore was working he had been seen praying to God. Him and his wife Saint Maria had one child but sadly he died as a young boy.Isidore and Maria were known for their love of the poor. They would bring food to the poor and hungry then they would pray with them. Isidore was late for his work because he went to mass almost every day.  When Isidore died he was given the gift of miracles. A couple of examples are:

In 1211 Isidore appeared to the the king of Castile when he was losing a war and showed him a path the king took that path and he won the war!

In the 1600s Phillip king of Spain was near to death so some of his people carried Isidores body into the castle and before the corpse reached the kings bedroom the king was healed.