sar’s non binary recs

* = not released yet

  1. i wish you all the best - mason deaver  (ya contemporary)

trigger warnings:  homophobia,  transphobia,  misgendering,  child abuse

  1. on a sunbeam - tillie walden  (sci fi, graphic novel)

trigger warnings:  drinking,  bullying,  misgendering,  violence,  death

  1. mooncakes - suzanne walker & wendy xu  (magical realism, graphic novel)

trigger warnings:  mentions of abusive parent figures,  captivity,  grief,  death

  1. chameleon moon - roanna silver  (fantasy/sci fi)

trigger warnings:  PTSD,  depression,  anxiety,  suicide mention

  1. spellhacker - m.k. england  (urban fantasy)

trigger warnings:  death,  chronic illness,  panic attacks,  attempted murder,  drug use

  1. the first sister - linden a. lewis  (sci fi)

trigger warnings:  violence,  graphic injury,  death,  amputation,  PTSD,  denial of bodily autonomy in various ways  (prostitution,  plastic surgery,  neural implants,  experimentation,  gender expression),  blackmail,  untreated mental illness, dysphoria,  implied torture,  mentions of child abuse

  1. euphoria kids - alison evans  (fantasy)

trigger warnings:  transphobia,  misgendering,  absent parent

  1. upright women wanted - sarah gailey  (fantasy/western)

trigger warnings:  violence,  murder,  death,  domestic abuse,  child labour

  1. mask of shadows - linsey miller  (fantasy)

trigger warnings:  violence,  death,  abuse,  war,  mass murder,  PTSD,  self harm,  misgendering

  1. a boy called cin - cecil wilde  (contemporary romance)

     trigger warnings:  transphobia,  misgendering,  dysphoria,  mentions of child abuse,  nsfw,  alcohol,  surgery,  internalised transphobia

  1.  blood borne - archer kay leah  (fantasy)

      trigger warnings:  transphobia,  misgendering,  deadnaming,  violence,  human trafficking,  kidnapping of a child,  mentions of past suicide,  domestic abuse (phsyical,  emotional,  financial),  exploitation,  nonconsensual touching,  sexual harrassment

  1.  flutter - jennie wood  (sci fi, graphic novel)

      trigger warnings:

  1.  brooklyn, burning - steve brezenoff  (contemporary)

      trigger warnings:  alcohol,  death,  suicide,  smoking,  emotional abuse,  underage relationship,  drugs,  addiction 

  1.  lizard radio - pat schmatz  (sci fi)

      trigger warnings:  violence,  transphobia,  homophobia,  recollection of a hate crime

  1. once & future - cori mccarthy & amy rose capetta  (sci fi/fantasy)

 trigger warnings:  blood,  violence,  death,  rape  (briefly mentioned, not described),  genocide,  graphic injury  (stab wounds, burns),  mental torture,  claustrophobia,  descriptions of dead bodies,  animal cruelty,  animal death,  accidental misgendering,  grief,  needles,  brief mentions of racism,  misogyny,  homophobia,  transphobia

  1.  symptoms of being human - jeff garvin  (ya contemporary)

      trigger warnings:  assault,  bullying,  dysphoria,  anxiety,  panic attacks,  public outing,  lgbt slurs,  mention of suicide

  1. an unkindness of ghosts - rivers solomon  (sci fi)

     trigger warnings:  implied sexual child abuse,  homophobia,  lynching,  mention of sexual assault,  slavery,  suicide

  1.  a dark and hollow star - ashley shuttleworth  (fantasy)*

   trigger warnings:  arson,  blood,  gore,  body horror,  death of a child,  depression,  disownment,  divorce,  drug use,  addiction,  grief,  human trafficking,  poverty,  psychopathy,  stalking,  suicide (off-page),  toxic relationship,  manipulation,  trauma,  PTSD,  racism,  gun violence

  1. felix ever after - kacen kallender  (ya contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  transphobia,  misgendering,  deadnaming,  outing,  bullying,  injections,  mention of top surgery and scars

  1.  the brilliant death - amy rose capetta  (fantasy)

      trigger warnings:  death,  sexism,  child abandonment,  skinning of a human,

  1. under shifting stars - alexandra latos  (ya contemporary)*

     trigger warnings:  death of a loved one,  transphobia,  bullying,  ableism

  1. even if we break - marieke nijkamp  (thriller)

      trigger warnings:  transphobia,  panic attacks,  addiction,  torture,  death,  violence

  1. like water - rebecca podos  (ya contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  homophobia,  biphobia,  ableism,  d slur, nsfw,  4 year age gap with sexual relationship

  1. can’t take that away - steven salvatore  (ya contemporary)*

     trigger warnings:

  1. the prince and the dressmaker - jen wang  (historical fiction graphic novel)

      trigger warnings: lgbtphobia,  forced public outing

  1. no man of woman born - ann mardoll  (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  violence,  blood,  ableism,  self-sacrifice,  population purges,  mention of self-harm,  sexual assault,  death,  misgendering,  nonconsensual kissing,  mention of rape

  1. beetle and the hollowbones - aliza layne  (fantasy graphic novel)

     trigger warnings:


  1. an unsuitable heir - kj charles  (historical fiction/mystery)

     trigger warnings:

  1. the empress of salt and fortune - nghi vo (fantasy)
    trigger warnings:  death of a loved one,  grief,  animal death

  1. gender queer - maia kobabe (graphic novel/memoir)

     trigger warnings:  body dysmorphia,  misgendering,  gynecological exam,  blood,  sex,  mention of cancer

  1. pantomime - laura lam (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  death,  violence,  sexual assault,  violating medical procedure

  1. always human - ari north (sci fi webcomic/graphic novel)

     trigger warnings:  eating disorders,  anxiety,  depression

  1. cigarettes and wine - j.e. sumerau (contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  homophobia,  death

  1. city of betrayal - claudie arsenault (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  verbal & physical abuse,  violence,  fire/burns,  torture,  racism,  homophobia,  mind control,  homelessness,  child abandonment,  police brutality,  death by fire,  death by hanging

  1. come to my window - mia kerick (ya contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  addiction,  body image,  abuse

  1. love beyond body, space and time: an indigenous lgbt sci fi

     anthology - hope nichols  (sci fi)

     trigger warnings:  racism,  homophobia,  transphobia,  guns,  smoking,  drugs,  cancer,  leukemia,  grief,  death,  drinking,  hospitals,  surgery,  panic attacks,  coma,  sedation,  hallucination,  blood,  seizures,  animal injury,  explosions,  tooth decay,  injections,  verbal & physical abuse,  kidnapping,  rape,  police brutality,  war,  enslavement,  spiders,  slut shaming,  ableism,  nonconsensual kiss,  murder of a child,  misgendering

  1. no more heroes - michelle kan  (urban fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  violence,  injury,  arson,  knife fight,  dog attack

  1. power surge - sara codair  (urban fantasy)

     trigger warnings:   violence,  discussion of abuse,  death of a parent,  mention of sexual assault with brief on-page descriptions,  self harm,  suicidal ideation,  bullying,  misgendering

  1. to stand in the light - kayla bashe (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  abuse of children  (starvation,  being locked in a room),  exploitation,  trafficking,  kidnapping,  abandonment,  homelessness,  drugs,  death,  murder,  ableism,  self harm

  1. somebody told me - mia siegert (ya contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  trauma,  pedophilia,  murder,  abuse,  internalised transphobia & homophobia,  misgendering,  fetishisation,  bullying,  menstruation

  1. our bloody pearl - d.n. bryn (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  death,  near drowning,  implied past abuse,  emotional abuse,  mild gore

  1. out of salem - hal schrieve  (fantasy)

     trigger warnings:  misgendering,  deadnaming,  death of family members,  body horror  (zombies),  police brutality,  racist rallies,  bullying

  1. cute mutants - s.j. whitby  (graphic novel)

     trigger warnings:

  1. long macchiatos and monsters - alison evans (na romance)

     trigger warnings:  misgendering,  deadnaming,  discussions of sex,  class difference

  1. don't feed the trolls - erica kudisch (adult contemporary)

     trigger warnings:  misogyny,  racism,  homophobia,  transphobia,  racist slurs,  cyberbullying,  abuse,  harassment,  threat of rape,  violence,  doxxing,  and death