Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to customers booking or making use of the chauffeur-driven services (the “Services”) provided by Greenr Limited (Greenr).

Customers are expected to read and acknowledge these Terms and Conditions.

Booking and cancellation

Services should be booked at least 15 minutes prior to the requested time of pick-up. Greenr shall nevertheless do its utmost to meet late bookings. Greenr cannot guarantee that a cab will be at the disposal of its Customers at any given time.

Cancellations by the Customer are to be charged as follows:

A grace period of 10 minutes after the agreed pick-up time is allowed for the customer to board the cab, and likewise for Greenr to arrive at pick-up point without incurring any penalty. If the customer boards the cab after this grace period, a fee for waiting time of 50c/minute will apply to the full period from the agreed pick-up time to the boarding time. In the same way, if Greenr arrives at the agreed pick-up point after the grace period, the value of the order will be decreased by 50c/minute of delay to be calculated from the agreed pick-up time.

Cancellations by Greenr:

If for reasons other than force majeure, Greenr cancels the ordered booking

Services from the airport or Virtu Ferries Terminal, are subject to a grace period of 30 minutes; either after landing as announced by Malta International Airport, (if the flight number has been provided), or upon arrival time as announced by Virtu Ferries, or after scheduled pick-up time, whichever is the later.


The time given by Greenr for the predicted arrival at destination at the time of the order is only indicative and is in not to be construed as a firm commitment of Greenr on the arrival time. It is the customer’s responsibility to order the service in a timely manner. Customers accept that Greenr will not be responsible for delays of any sort whatsoever in arrival at destination.

The Customer who booked the service shall bear full responsibility for the behaviour of all the passengers in the cab. Any damage caused directly or indirectly by one of the passengers may be charged to the Customer. A €50 fee will be charged if the cab requires any special cleaning, after the service.

Greenr’s drivers have the right to refuse boarding to any passenger who is considered by the driver as not fit for travel. In the same way, the driver has the right to order any passenger whose attitude would be aggressive towards the staff of Greenr, to disembark the vehicle.

Transport of unaccompanied children shall be pointed out to the company at least 24h in advance, as well as the need for an infant, children or booster seat. Greenr reserves the right to require a letter of discharge of responsibility from the parents.

Customers shall indicate the correct number of passengers and suitcases when making a booking. Greenr shall not entertain claims in respect of excess luggage.

Greenr are to be advised (by email at contact@greenr.com.mt) at least 24h in advance about passenger with special needs.

Greenr shall use electric vehicles exclusively. Greenr reserves the right to sub-contract the services requested in the event that it has no vehicles available from its own fleet; In this instance should a non-electric vehicle be provided, the Customer shall be entitled to a 20% discount on that order and which will be redeemed on the next order.

Transport to the airport shall be ordered with a pick-up time of at least 150 minutes before take-off.


The applicable fares are made available on Greenr’s website. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Payments can only be made by:

Customers will receive a fiscal receipt at drop-off or an invoice when required.


All communication regarding the orders of the Customer will be made by telephone, SMS, email, on the website www.greenr.cab or through the mobile application. Greenr Ltd is not responsible for any potential communication costs incurred by the Customer.

Any requests that a client may wish to make regarding a service (before or after it is performed), can be made using the forms on the website www.greenr.cab or via email at the address contact@greenr.com.mt.

Data Protection

Greenr shall process customer personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If customers do not wish to be contacted for customer satisfaction surveys and/or marketing purposes, they shall make such a request by email at contact@greenr.com.mt. Such request will be automatically granted.