Lost In The RainForest

By : Zaaviar

In the pitch black rainforest, Harry was passing through old deep woods. He was tightening up his hands to keep him safe from the trees falling. They were a lot of trees on top of Harry’s head. It felt like a tsunami is about to come. Harry wanted to go home safely but he didn’t know where to go. His breath pounded. He wanted someone to help Him.

Harry exclaimed, “ I wanna get out of here.”

Then he was dashing through the rainforest a drizzle just happened at that moment. He sat under the trees expecting someone to help him. He covered his face because of the strong lightening.The colour was blue and black.

Harry mumbled to himself, How will I get back home?”

 Tears dripping down Harry’s eyes. He was crying softy. He kept on talking to himself. It was night time so no one was there to help him. He was stressed and exhausted . He did not realize when he fell asleep while sitting on the rough and moist ground, leaning against the tree.  It was 2 o'clock at night.  He wanted to sleep, but he thought the rainforest might be dangerous to sleep in, Because of the wild animals.    

Harry is afraid of staying a night in the rainforest. The rainforest was like staying in the jungle for Harry. He didn’t enjoy sleeping in the rainforest.

 He said,” I hate this dirty rainforest.” This was the first time he has been to the rainforest. When it was morning a lot of people came to visit the rainforest.

So he said, “ Yes!” Now I can get help from someone. As the people were walking toward Harry, because Harry was sitting there doing nothing.  

Hi Dear, “What’s your name,” “Where are you from” Harry demanded. James replied,” I'm from Canada, And my name is James.” They both said, “ Nice to meet you.”

 “ How will I get home.” Harry said sadly

  I’ll find a way for you! James said.

 They both walked together as they were family members but they weren't. 

They go to the looking around the rainforest. They didn’t want to give up. They stopped between and looked around, So then can get an idea where to go.

After all, they found their way to Harry’s home. Harry starting crying because Harry was saved by James.


Harry said, I’ll remember you forever, “ You are my best friend.” Harry hugged James goodbye!

By Zaaviar