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Intro:  Welcome to StarCast!  Your community StarCraft podcast!


WCS Season 2 Finals Groups Announced

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

(P) MC

(T) Polt

(P) duckdeok

(T) Maru

(P) Rain

(P) Grubby

(T) INnoVation


(Z) Jaedong

(T) Bomber

(T) TaeJa

(Z) Scarlett

(P) Welmu

(P) First

(P) NaNiwa

(P) Jim

Update: Jim can’t get a VISA

Group A starts this Friday at 8:00am EDT


Upcoming Balance Changes

David Kim posted info on possible balance changes coming to a Test Map Near You today:

1. Overseer speed buff (after upgrade)

TvZ feels quite balanced until the very late game when there are so many skirmishes and so many Widow Mines. We want to keep the really exciting gameplay while finding ways to help out Zerg in those specific battles. Having to micromanage your army in every engagement, morph new Banelings, manage 4-5 (or more) bases, and morph new Overseers can be a bit too much. So we’re going to test giving Overseers a speed buff after the speed upgrade is purchased, so that we keep the early- and mid-game the same while specifically helping out the Zerg in the later stages. They still wouldn't move as fast as say, Mutalisks, but perhaps late game TvZ goes more evenly if Overseers don't lag behind and get killed in most late engagements.

2. Combine mech ground and air upgrades

We don't think Terran is struggling, but do think mech in general has been weak throughout HotS. We tested this specific change a bit in the beta, and we have some idea of how much better mech will be, but a lot has changed since then, so we'd like to actually have players playtest it again.

Right now, it's looking like the only area where Terran might be weak is late game PvT, but it’s debatable. If so, this change would address that area, because upgrading Vikings that are really core in the matchup will also help with the Hellbat transition in the late game.

3. Vipers start with full energy

We’ve been discussing various options for the Zerg both internally and with top players and casters around the world, and we feel that this change might be a good place to start testing.

We don't know yet whether we want to increase the rate of Vipers’ spells, and thought it might be cool if Vipers come out of the box at full strength, so their first use has a much bigger impact. It’s possible that we can both increase the strength of Zerg in the late game and bring back a fun strategy that we’re seeing a bit less lately.


StarCraft MMO Seeks Funding

StarCraft Universe is trying to raise $80,000 through Kickstarter for a proper release of the game. Apparently they have Blizzard’s permission and the final version will be playable through the Starter Edition of SC2 so you won’t even need to pay for a copy of StarCraft.



Thorzain is Going Part Time and Attending Med School

I'm 22 years old now and I've told myself and others for a long time that I don't want to keep doing e-sports full time for too long, because according to me it doesn't provide you with a very secure or bright future, especially not if you've 'only' been a progamer. I've applied for university every year since I finished high school but always turned it down because I wanted to keep being a progamer. My motivation has swindled and I feel that I still want to keep playing, but not put all my eggs in the Starcraft 2 basket so to speak. I played more Starcraft and improved my play much faster when Starcraft was a hobby and not a job. Now I've decided to accept my university invitation and will be studying at Linköping's med school program starting this autumn and 5½ years forward, while I keep playing Starcraft on the side as much as I can. It won't be easy and I'll probably devote almost all my time to studying and playing Starcraft, and not much else. I've spoken with EG and will still be representing them in the future.”

Rock Slide Bug

During a WCS Korea Up and Down game, Effort’s Roaches learned the hard way that the destructible rocks in the center of the map Anaconda double as a wood chipper right after collapse.


MLG Update

The statement going around saying that MLG couldn’t have StarCraft at Columbus even if they wanted to, because Red Bull already had a license and Blizzard doesn’t allow tournaments to compete with one another, is completely untrue according to Blizzard.

Cloaken, Community Manager for StarCraft 2, tweeted in reply to SirScoots:

Continuing iNcontroL stated on Inside the Game that Cloaken contacted him and confirmed that MLG does not pay Blizzard to have StarCraft at their events.


The Results

All the WCS Season 2 Finals!

WCS Korea

WCS America

WCS Europe



Skyler Johnson

Hi guys,

I really enjoy your show, I listen to it as a podcast on my weekly commute from Bakersfield to Santa Monica in California, which is about a 2 hour drive.

I've recently started trying to get into Dota2, and gave The International a shot last night, watching it via the In-Game Spectator mode, which I didn't hear about until I was about 30 minutes into my first Twitch stream viewing of Professional Dota2 play(I've maybe only played about 50% of the tutorial, and read one online article, so I really have nearly zero knowledge of this game).

I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the Spectator mode, and the ability to switch between camera modes and listen to the Casters in game. What a great feature, to be able to control your own camera, but still listen to the casters, or even follow your favorite player (I only really knew what was going on, maybe 5% of the gameplay).

Back to SC2, do you know if this is something Blizzard is considering? After seeing it in action, I really really want to see something similar to this implemented into SC2. This may or may not have already been talked about, but it's something that I think could benefit the game greatly (maybe Legacy of the Void??) Thanks!


I started listening to Biggest Fan as I find these podcasts you both do better than XM radio. But I'm confused. Kyle, you seem like the "voice of kindness" on StarCast, but on Biggest Fan, the few shows I've caught it seems like you are actually the foil to Brockett's voice of fandom. Like really playing role of talking down on people's favorite things, which weirds me out. Since I love The Walking Dead, for instance, I actually stopped the podcast half way through because I was getting too mad at you. :P Same thing happened for the Steven King episode. So anyway, are most of them like that on purpose, or is it just random? Now I'm listening to energy drinks because I don't like them so I have no vested interest.


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