Laptop Use and Care Guide

for OHMS Students and the
MLTI Apple MacBook Air

This guide will help you understand how to best use and care for your laptop so that it can be a valuable aid to your learning.

Computer as a tool

Taxpayers in the State of Maine have done something few other states have done. They have chosen to provide a powerful laptop computer to every middle and high school student to help you learn more and be better people. Let’s prove that we are worth their investment. Here are a few ideas to become smarter:

Google Docs is an awesome tool for yourself and for collaboration. Do your schoolwork and then pass it in by sharing it. You can share all types of Google Docs including spreadsheets, presentations and more at

Keep your computer in top shape

Avoid damages

The last two year’s experience tells us that the computers have two major enemies: getting dropped and liquids. The average repair cost for a drop is $410. The average repair cost for liquid damage is $550. Save some money and avoid embarrassment:

  1. Store your computer in its case (zipped!) when you aren’t using it.
  2. Use two hands. Always pick up your laptop in a secure manner and never pick your laptop up by the screen.
  3. Keep water, soda and other drinks away from your computer.


  1. Do not leave your laptop in any unlocked, unsecured area such as the athletic fields, locker rooms, bus, etc.
  2. If you do lose track of your computer, report it immediately! Don’t be embarrassed or think that you will find it later. The sooner it is reported, the sooner it can be found.
  3. Your computer, charger, case and account credentials are for you and your parents, not for friends or siblings. Sharing is great, but is not appropriate for the computer you are issued or for your accounts.
  4. Federal law requires every school district to filter the Internet for staff and students. Installing of software that gets around the filter is a violation of school policy. This software often results in malware infecting your computer and causes heavy traffic on our network which prevents staff and students from doing their work. Don’t install proxies or use any technique to get around the filter.

Clean it

  1. Use a soft dry or slightly moist cloth (not paper towels because they are too scratchy) to wipe the cover and keyboard.
  2. Don’t put your fingers on the screen, but if you do, ask the tech department about cleaning your screen.
  3. Don’t put stickers on the computer or the carry case.

Charge it

  1. Charge at home and leave charger stowed away from pets, chair legs and siblings when you are at school.
  2. Use only the charger that came with the laptop.
  3. Bring it in to school fully charged every day.

Use it

  1. Yes, it’s called a laptop, but don’t use it on your lap! Use it only on a desk or table.
  2. Don’t use it on a soft surface such as a cushion or blanket because it may overheat.
  3. Keep liquids well away.
  4. Wash your hands before using it. We can tell who doesn’t. It’s nasty.
  5. Any time your laptop is exposed to cold air for more than a minute or two allow the device to return to room temperature before use.

Maintain it

  1. We understand that things happen. Report issues requiring repairs immediately. Reporting issues immediately will prevent small problems from becoming big problems.
  2. Don’t kick the can down the road! Your insurance, if purchased, depends on you bringing issues to our attention as soon as they happen. Waiting to take care of problems may result in you paying for repairs that could otherwise cost you nothing.

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