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How to Start Genesis MUD
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How to Start Genesis MUD

Basic Concepts

Start Guide

        In the tutorial, do all the available quests. Read every sign (Journal quest), and talk to every npc (ask human help). Kill bunnies and wolves, loot all they carry, take it to the shop, sell it, and immediately use the money to improve unarmed combat (so you can kill faster), defence (so you don’t get beat up by fuzzy bunnies), and awareness (so you can do the first bunny quest).

        Deposit extra coins in the bank if you have any (which you shouldn’t if you’re training as you get them), but NEVER minimize! You lose ~25% of your coins to do that, so it’s like throwing money away. Only older players have the kind of wealth that allows them to afford that service.

        The garlic clove can be found in the forests by doing <search here for herbs>, but to get it across the river, you need to buy a backpack in the shop, put the clove in it, close it, and then swim back.

        Don’t bother killing the lion. He guards a worthless red gem. Sure it’s worth a few gold, but you can make ten times more killing bunnies in the same amount of time.

        Complete all the quests before you enter the portal to go into the real world where the rest of us play. Once you leave, you can’t go back, and as explained in Basic Concepts above, you need all the Quest XP you can to get big.

        Don’t worry about making money in the tutorial. When you get out, say you’re new and ask for money. There are several of us who will give you a nice chunk to get started. Use all of it to train skills in adventurer guilds! These are prerequisites for many of the quests you’ll be doing.

Starter Gear

        You’ll need light (to light up dark rooms so you can see), packs (to carry more and store things like herbs), other miscellaneous gear, a weapon, and perhaps some armour. You can find some donations in adventurer guild donation boxes like in Sparkle, but it’s usually not helpful. So where can you find good starter gear?



        Anyone can use herbs unlike magic which is exclusive and guild dependent. Learn to use them. They can dry out, so keep them in an herb safe pack or pouch. They can heal, reduce fatigue, restore mana, provide protections, improve stats, and boost a number of general skills significantly. <search here for herbs> will find available herbs in a room (random based on what grows there). <search here for herbname> will find a specific herb if it grows in that room but only if your herbalism skill is high enough. That level of skill takes a guild or at least craft guild (Gardeners). Herbs save over logouts, so that makes them especially nice to obtain.

What to Do Next

        After leaving the tutorial, getting some cash, improving skills, and getting equipped, you’ll want to quest extensively. Where are the best places for new players? Those are listed below, but it’s recommended you not be a goblin. They’re forbidden from some quest places. You’ll also want to be good aligned. Evils are forbidden from entering some quest places. I know, not great for roleplaying, but you can always kill yourself and turn goblin later.

There are quest orbs in the Tower of Realms in Sparkle that show you which quests you’ve completed and give out hints (some better than others) about how to get started:

        There are many more quests in more lands than listed here, but the bigger ones typically require you to have some fighting prowess. They’re advanced, but you’ll want to knock them all out eventually if you can.

Spoiler to all Quests: These are explicit walkthroughs. They used to be illegal to share. They aren’t now. All the old players have some version of these. If you want to get big Quest XP, you can figure these out on your own. If you want the easy path, go for it. If you want to try them on your own first and find that you need some help, feel free to use at that point.