January 2017

Themes for the season / Fake News & Alt-Facts
Reclaiming the Web

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  1. Intro / First readings
  2. Blog Prep / Motherboard syndication /
  1. Prep of list of influential people in new media
  2. A Domain of My Own?
  1. Blogging 102
  1. WP /  Functionalities / Options
  2. Themes; Plugins
  3. Syndication / RSS
  4. RSS Aggregation/readers
  5. Citizen Journalism
  1. Discussion 1 / Readings C.1 & C.2
    Discussion 2 / Silos; Facebook; freedom (of expression etc.)
    Discussion 3 / "Open" → Answer to What Question?
    Discussion 4 /
    Reclaiming Conversation
    [Proposed reading of chapters from the book AND from "xxxxx": each couple one chapter. Each produces posts, video interviews, [one 5-page essay?], one final mini-class lecture.
    [NOTE: Item 3 may be segmented in different time frames]
  2. Media
  1. Una foto cada día 2017
  2. Animated GIFs challenge(s)
  3. Imaging design → Movie posters remixpretation
  4. Radio & Podcasting: Goal → Setup a periodic podcast, live broadcast on ds106radio
  5. Video: Goal → Produce something on the lines of "Visions of students today"
  1. Curation
  1. Lists / diigo+delicious (social bookmarking)
  2. Curate through blogging / tumbling / / etc.
  3. Social publishing with Known / The withKnown platform

Our Reading List

  1. Personal Cyber Infrastructure (Gardner Campbell) 
  2. Highlights of Doug Engelbart’s Mother of all demos
  3. History of the Web
  4. "25 Things You Might not Know About the Web on its 25th Birthday" John Naughton 
  5. The Web We Ought to Give to Students (Audrey Watters) 
  6. The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral (Mike Caulfield) 
  7. The Web We Have to Save. The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?  Or as followup alt, his later article in the Guardian “Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web” 
  8. Anywhere But Medium (Dave Winer)
  9. Take sides - is Google Making us stupid or is the internet making us smarter? 


Reclaiming Conversation Theme
In favor:

  1. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, Sherry Turkle, Penguin Press 2015.
  2. The flight from conversation. Lauren Cassani Davis, The Atlantic (7 Oct. 2015).


  1. Fear of Screens, Nathan Jurgenson, The New Inquiry (Jan 25, 2016).

Similar / Related Courses (worth plundering from

  1. Digital Studies 101 “A Course on the Web About the web [/]” (Jesse Strommel, UMW) 
  2. How the Web Works - a class at Austin College 
  3. Thoughtvectors in Concept Space (VCU, Gardner Campbell) 

Tools to explore

Shared Web Annotation

I suggest we use to annotate our web-based readings; this is a way we can see each other’s notes and have discussions in a meta layer of a web page.  Each annotation has a reference URL

If we tag our readings, e.g. #inf115 we get a record of all notes (maybe we add another tag for topics?) and each person has a record of their activity 


Owning one's own data?

Daily posts challenges? (blogging)

Medium / Ghost /

Piazza / Discourse / discussions

impress.js curation

Twitter Lists:

Storytelling with Odissey.js:

Questions / Issues

  1. Free content development OR a track assigned to each??
  2. Content-wise: Issue challenges each given period?
  3. Resuming: Each students /  Each lesson? Or, as it has been done in past, in turns?


Invite lecturers/collaborators for some parts of course (besides Alan & me)

        Dan Ausbury

Iliana Ballester

Jim Groom