The CKA Board of Directors

The BoD shall consist of:

- independent parties comprised of:

- 4x CKA alumni

- 1x kite media representative

- 1x kite tour representative

- 1x kite brand representative (no shops or one brand affiliates)

The Role:

This is an unpaid role, requiring a commitment to meet 1-2 times per year and optional email/phone correspondence.

What we are looking for:

- Guidance for the development of our Vision, Strategy and future direction

- Select student officers once a year

- Access to your skills and network


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Future Direction:

- Officers are elected whilst in college each year, a competitive process whereby they are voted in each year by CKA members. This way we could continue to attract motivated people with the added advantage would be that they work for free. We already have this working in some capacity by bringing on Alex and Adam as Event Coordinators.

- Kite School: CKA needs to develop this model. We need to run nationwide clinics. This will have huge benefits for our sponsors.

- Financial Model: we need to continue to develop the model to ensure the long term viability of the business. We need to ensure that we continue to deliver to our partner's goals so we can confidently go after bigger fish.

- Scholarship. Long term goal


Tour leader - Ryan Druyor

Runs all of the events

The Vice president shall help to coordinate and organize events as well as administer the rules and standard operating procedures during competitions. Given the absence of the President the Vice President shall preside over all affairs domestic or abroad which require his/her attendance, this may include Board of Director Meetings, Awards/Benefit Events, Safety Coordination Meetings, Officer Meetings or any other Major Corporation Discussions.

CKA Industry Coordinator - Billy Bosch

Duties include establishing, developing and maintaining relationships between the CKA and various groups, brands, shops and other influential individuals within the kiteboarding/watersports industries. The Coordinatorwill reach out to these individuals in an attempt to receive donations, contributions, brand products and overall support for the CKA mission.

- One off. Sponsorship document to include full event schedule which is used t approach sponsors before budgets due.  Document offers Tiers with options of total $ value (broken down into cash + donations) available to sponsor. Also include option to donate to Scholarship program. Document stipulates what the sponsor gets in return, banner placement, media clicks, videos etc.

- Ongoing. Ensure sponsor donations makes it to the event.

- Ongoing. Following up that our promises to sponsors are met. Photos of prizes, awards ceremonies, equipment donated. All distributed to social media.

Strategic Marketing - Paul Sheetz

Media Liaison - Brian Butterfield

Film local events and manage content. Follow the Media Spec guidelines. Produce stunning imagery from competitions to be used in marketing campaigns. Work closely with media partners such as the Kiteworld Magazine to promote the CKA and college riders in general. Actively pursue exposure opportunities and potential outlets. Perks include:

Kite tour representative - Ned Aufenast

Kite media representative - Jim Guant

Alumni keeping it real - Justice Bentz

Alumni staying involved - Brian Walters