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  1. How many seasons and how long do they last?

FHAC has an outdoor season that runs from May to September and an indoor season that runs from October to March. The outdoor season is played at the University of Calgary Hawkins field. The indoor season is played at Repsol Center.

  1. How many divisions?

FHAC has two divisions, competitive and social.

  1. How many teams?

FHAC has a number of registered clubs. Each club manages their members and based on membership will enter teams into the two divisions. The number of teams vary per season.

  1. What are the age groups?

FHAC has members from 14 years and older. Players younger than 14 can enroll in the Calgary Junior Program (CJP). For more details, contact Field Hockey Alberta or contact us and we will redirect your request.

  1. How much does it cost?

At a minimum, FHAC members pay an annual registration and insurance fee to FHA of $63 CAD. Fees can be paid on the FHA website. The cost per season is determined by the clubs

  1. Affiliations
  1. Local Clubs
  1. Cougars
  2. Kings
  3. Maroons
  4. Saracens
  5. United Brothers
  6. Warriors
  1. Provincial
  1. Field Hockey Alberta (FHA)

  1. National
  1. Field Hockey Canada (FHC).
  1. International
  1. Federation Internationale d’Hockey (FIH)