X M L - 3,  XPL- 3 a n d   X M L - 4   H E A D L I G H T  I N S T A L L A T I O N  (XML-3 shown)

1) Unfasten and open strap. Place XML-3 on handlebar with one hand as shown.  

2) Feed strap up through slot. (Be sure strap is only going around handlebar, not brake or shifter cables!)

3) Tighten strap so the XML-3 is secure.

NOTE: Always loupe strap up through slot and then pull down.

4) Fasten by pulling down and lock it into place.

Never go straight up without going up through slot first.

5) HELMET MOUNT - Headlight Installation: Repeat the same steps for the helmet mount:

6) HELMET MOUNT - Battery Installation: Run cord through helmet opening, attach extension cable, then attach to battery. NOTE: DO NOT ATTACH BATTERY TO HELMET.

(NOTE: XML-3 shown, but all of the following models mount identically: XML-3, XML-4).

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