STUDENTS 116.1    Expectations for Students in Athletics with Academic Expectations Procedures

Revised to incorporate Students 157 and 116.1

Student Responsibilities

Student Rights

To be aware of and adhere to Board of School Committee policies, school-level criteria, and NHIAA rules and regulations

To have the opportunity to participate in athletic programs

To be aware of all rules and regulations and follow them

To be provided with clearly defined rules and regulations

Participation on an athletic team is a privilege extended to all students.  All students are encouraged to seek out and take advantage of the many opportunities throughout the year in order to fully capitalize on all that high school has to offer.  Students in these programs are considered leaders among their peers and knowingly represent the school for which they participate.  As such, student leaders are held to high expectations for their academic success and personal behavior and therefore must meet eligibility requirements in order to participate.  We expect our student leaders to maintain exemplary character in school, while demonstrating outstanding citizenship within their communities.

There are two components to eligibility: Academic and Behavioral.


1.    Determining Academic Eligibility – High School

At the beginning of a new season or activity all students interested in participating will have their academic transcript reviewed by the Athletic Office. The following identifies which set of grades will be used to determine eligibility for each season:

End Q1 –final grade used for winter season athletics

End Q2 –final grade

End Q3 – final grade used for spring season athletics

End Q4 -final grade used for fall season athletics (credit recovery allowed)


If a student has more than one non-passing grade (F, NC, Incomplete, Fail), the student is academically ineligible. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) courses for a grading period.

If it is determined that a student is academically ineligible, he/she may apply for a waiver to the Athletic Department. See attached Waiver Application Form (High School Only) A student may only apply for a waiver prior to the start of a season or activity. Only one waiver for the school year will be accepted.

A student who is promoted from Grade 8 to Grade 9 automatically meets the academic requirements for the first quarter. A student socially promoted to Grade 9 shall begin the school year/athletic season on academic probation. A Grade 9 student must obtain academic eligibility as reported on his/her first quarter progress report in order to continue participation in Athletics and Activities .

If an NHIAA waiver is applied for, this will be taken into consideration.


2.    Determining Academic Eligibility – Middle School

When progress reports and report cards are distributed: If a student has more than one F, the student is academically ineligible and may no longer participate in a current activity or begin a new one.

∙ Progress Reports: If a student is removed from a current activity due to progress report grades, he/she may return to that program once grades have improved to meet eligibility.

∙ Report Cards: A student is ineligible to participate in any new program until academic eligibility is reevaluated at the next quarter’s progress report.



ACADEMIC WAIVER REQUEST – HIGH SCHOOL Students must meet the Manchester School District academic eligibility requirements to participate in any extracurricular activity. Student-athletes must also meet all NHIAA eligibility requirements.

Manchester School District Policy states: “To be eligible for extracurricular activities a high school student athlete must have earned no more than one non-passing grade (F, NC, Incomplete, Fail) during that prior grading period. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of four courses for a grading period.”

An Academic Waiver may be requested if serious and extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control contributed to the academic difficulties and that participation in the desired extracurricular activity is not likely to result in continued academic deficiencies.

The student should follow these steps if found to be academically ineligible and wishes to apply for a waiver, student is only allowed one waiver during their high school eligibility:

1. Obtain a copy of your most recent report card.

2. This application will include a statement explaining why you believe you should be granted an academic waiver. The statement should include the serious and extenuating circumstances beyond your control that contributed to your academic difficulties.

 3. An academic plan to become eligible and to maintain eligibility

 4. Applications MUST be received prior to the start of an athletic season or activity.


After receiving the application and letter the following steps will be taken by the school:

1. All waiver applications will be screened by the Athletic Director.

2. Students will be notified to set up a meeting to discuss the application.

 3. After the meeting, the student will be contacted regarding a decision. Important notes regarding academic waivers:

∙ Repeat waivers will not be granted by the Athletic Director

∙ Waivers will not be granted mid-season

∙ Students receiving waivers will be required to submit weekly progress reports to the athletic office. If at any time these progress reports are not demonstrating positive academic performance, the student may become ineligible for a period of time and/or the remainder of the season.

 ∙ Students who lose their eligibility based on NO CREDIT and are actively engaged in post-course recovery, may be reinstated to their team, if the grade is recovered within a reasonable amount of time.

4.    Required Forms

Before a student can participate in any sport, including practices and conditioning, he/she shall have completed the following for his/her respective school:

1. Completed Family ID registrations to include:

        Proof of having had a physical examination by a certified physician.  Physical examinations are valid for one complete calendar year.

        Agreement and Understanding of Student policy  -Athletic Code

        Permission for Athletic Medical Treatment

        Permission to Compete

        Communication Release Form

        Understanding of and Disclosure to Concussion and Head Injury Information


5.    Equipment


The student/athlete is responsible for all equipment issued to him/her.  Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment shall be paid for by the student/athlete or his/her parent or guardian.


6.    Travel


All team members shall travel to and from athletic contests by means of transportation provided or organized by the athletic coordinator or the city athletic director.  The only exception to this rule shall be the release of the student/athlete to his/her parent or guardian upon written request (via email is acceptable) to the Athletic Coordinator           who will consult with the coach.  This request shall be in writing (via email or paper) at least two days prior to the event and shall state the special circumstances as to why the student should not travel with the team.


7.    Injury or Illness


If a student/athlete is seriously injured, he/she shall have a doctor’s release before he/she can practice or compete in athletic contests or practices.  PARTICIPATION IN AFTER SCHOOL PRACTICE OR ATHLETIC  CONTESTS  SHALL  NOT  BE  PERMITTED  IF  THE  STUDENT/ATHLETE  IS  OUT  OF SCHOOL ALL OR PART OF THE DAY OF THE EVENT FOR ILLNESS OR INJURY.


8.    Team Initiations and Hazing


Team initiations and hazing  are illegal and strictly prohibited under RSA 631.  Any athlete participating in these activities, or who knows such activities are taking place and does not report them to the Coach or Athletic Coordinator, shall be subject to permanent removal from the team.  The recommendation for removal shall be made by the District Athletic Director to the Superintendent of Schools after an appropriate investigation has taken place.


9.    The NHIAA Athletic Calendar-High School Sports


The NHIAA Athletic Calendar is a six-day week and begins on the earliest practice day for the Fall season regardless of the sport, and concludes on the last day of the Spring season’s playoffs, including other individual championships. In the event an infraction occurs during the Spring season and the sixty (60) day suspension cannot be served prior to the completion of the school year, the suspension shall carry over into the next Fall season



School/Class Attendance

A student leader is expected to attend all classes, on time, on his/her school schedule.   Habitual unexcused absences or tardies from school or class shall result in suspension from the team, activity, or club as defined by the following:


11.  Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs

The possession or use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs by Manchester students is prohibited.  The following applies to all students participating in activities or athletics at the time of violation:

     Upon evidence of possession or use, or the student/athlete having been in the presence of any of the above, the student(s) shall be suspended from the team, activity or club pending an investigation.

First Offense

No less than twenty-one (21) days suspension from the team, with credit for time served in suspension during the investigation; and,

students shall complete, prior to returning to play, a five (5) hour drug and alcohol rehabilitation program either with the school Student Assistance Program (SAP) or with an outside agency recognized by the District.

Second Offense

A second offense of this section in the same team season shall result in removal of the student from that team, activity or club for the remainder of the academic year with no immediate presence (such as sitting on a team bench); and

students shall complete a fifteen (15) hour drug and alcohol rehabilitation program either with the school Student Assistance Program (SAP) or with an outside agency recognized by the District.

Third Offense

A third offense of this section in the same school year shall result in removal of the student from athletics, for a full year, this will start in school year 2021/2022; and mandatory consultative session with the student, student’s family, SAP counselor, guidance counselor and principal to develop a more intensive treatment plan to treat the student’s addictive behavior.

12.  Student Conduct

Student athletes are representatives of their respective schools and carry with their privilege of participation an expectation to model good citizenship.  At times these students make poor choices in their behavior which lead to school, civil and/or legal consequences, and in turn require temporary or, sometimes, permanent suspension from participation.

Decisions regarding suspensions from an athletic team shall be made by the Athletic Director after consulting with the student’s Principal and Athletic Coordinator.

Reasons for temporary suspensions and/or removal from the program include, but are not limited to,

     Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct

     Violations of Athletic, Activity or Club policies

     Unsportsmanlike conduct

     Misconduct on or off school grounds

     Pending criminal hearings or violations of juvenile justice statutes

     Unexcused absences from meetings or practices

     Team Initiations, Hazing, and/or Bullying

A student may be immediately suspended from an activity, club or athletic team pending an investigation of any of these violations.

  1. It shall be the policy of the District to immediately suspend any student charged with a crime pending further investigation.  The student shall not have any immediate presence at any activity, event or contest (such as sitting on the team bench) while on suspension.
  1. A violation of the “Student Code of Conduct” resulting in either an in-school or out-of-school suspension shall result in a suspension from both practice and school contests for the same period of school suspension time.
  1. Nothing in this policy shall limit the ability of the School Principal from removing a student from a team for repeated violations of Athletic, after consulting with the student’s Assistant Principal as well as the Athletic Coordinator, Coach and District Athletic Director, depending upon the program, and it is determined that removal from the team is the appropriate disciplinary action.

Any student who has been suspended from an athletic team in excess of ten (10) days, or removed from an activity, club or athletic team has the right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent of Schools.  The student should submit a written letter asking for an appeal hearing to the Superintendent, and upon hearing the case the decision of the Superintendent shall be final.

Revised from: 5/26/15; 6/27/16

First Reading Policy Committee: 11/18/2020

Second Reading and Adoption at BOSC: 11/23/2020