Answers to Questions about Google Apps

  1. What does the process of transitioning your files to the “Cloud” mean.

  1. With the Google ChromeBook you also are allocated 100 gigabyte of storage space (lots of space).  As you work with creating files they will be stored in the Google Cloud instead of Shawnee’s Servers.  Your current files on our servers will be maintained and function just as the past.  Over time you will begin the process of importing your office files into your Google Apps account.  For example this is a PowerPoint file created in Office that I have imported into my Google Apps Account and shared:

  1. Will it require us to re-make any powerpoint, word documents, etc. we already have and like to use?

  1. No, but over a period of time you will begin uploading your office files into your Google Docs Cloud.  We will do nothing different from our end of maintaining your files on our present servers.  We will not be updating any Microsoft products in the future other than in business courses where it is required for credit.  The reason that many schools and major universities are moving to the Google Cloud is because of cost.  Presently, Google is free to educational organizations.

  1. What if we already have a Google account, do we have to use the new one set-up by the school for the Chromebook?

  1. Yes, you will want to work through Shawnee Schools Google Server since it provides access to all of our teachers and students.  Sharing documents is a very powerful part of the collaboration tool within Google Docs and is very easy when working in our server environment.

  1. How will we access my files on the network server if our desktops dies before we have them transferred.  It would take a long time to transfer all my files at once.  I am thinking of transferring them as I use them?

  1. We are not doing away with our terminal server which means that we have ample workstations to always be able to access your files.  Any workstation can be placed at your desk to attach to the terminal server.

  1. Why the transition to Google Apps? (This is a great Question)
  1. Google Apps is a platform free software that is available for you to use anytime, anyplace and anywhere and most importantly on any device.  As we move forward with BYOT students and staff have the capability of working on files from any device.

  1. Do I have to use the Chromebook?


  1.  No, but I believe once you see the apps available and the collaboration tools in Google Apps you will see the value of the software.  It will just take time to transition.  

  1. Will I be able to project the Chromebook
  1. Yes, we are ordering a VGA connection cable and will test this week.  If successful we will purchase the cable for every teacher to be able to simply connect their Chromebook to the projector.

  1. Is this just for Certified Staff?
  1. Yes, the Google Chromebooks are for teachers and students.  Office will be updated for secretarial and administrative productivity use.  In addition, Office will be updated in the Company for teaching purposes.

  1. Do the Chromebooks connect to the Internet without WiFi?
  1. No, you must have a wifi connection in order connect the Chromebook online.

  1.  Is the Chromebook a touch screen?
  1. No, Google did release a the Chromebook Pixel in February that has a touch screen.  Unfortunately the Chromebook costs $1,299 which is more than what we can afford with rolling out this technology.

  1.  Is it possible to view a user's browsing history in google apps for education by an administrator?
  1. According to Google experts - No it is not possible.

  1.  What is incognito mode and why would I use it?
  1. Incognito- Pages you view in this window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close all open incognito windows.  Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however.
  2. Going incognito doesn’t affect the behavior of other people, servers, or software.  Be wary of:
  1. websites that collect or share information about you
  2. Internet Service providers or employers that track the pages you visit
  3. Malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys
  4. Surveillance by secret agents
  5. People standing behind you
  1. Because Google Chrome does not control how extensions handle your personal data, all extensions have been disabled for incognito windows.  You can reenable them individually in the extensions manager.
  2. Please review this link for more information on personal security:

  1. What educational Apps are available in Google Apps?

  1. Deb Heatwole found this link on Pinterest listing free apps--Interesting site:

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  1.  How do I login to Google Apps if the webpage is not available?
  1. You can always go to and type in your your full login name: along with your network password.

  1. How does iBoss work w/Google Apps?
  1. iBoss is a filtering system of blocking unwanted sites--unfortunately it will block sites that are also useful for education.  We discussed the option of opening up YouTube for staff and it will be discussed at the next administrative meeting.

  1. What is  a digital drivers license?
  1. A Digital Drivers License is a free site developed by the University of Kentucky that provides kids age appropriate instruction that they go through before they are given a license to drive on the network.  In addition, violations of policies puts points on their license which will ultimately take away their ability to utilize the network.

  1. How do I forward my email from Gmail to Outlook?
  1. You all have two email accounts now:  Gmail is and your normal account at Shawnee of  If you would like to have your school Gmail forwarded to your normal Shawnee Account please click on the this link and complete these steps: 

  1. Can calendars be shared in Google Apps?
  1. Yes, the collaboration piece of Google Apps allows for you to share a document, a presentation, a calendar or a spreadsheet with anyone you want to share with.

  1. Collaborating Private Information?
  1. information is shared only with those members that you have given the opportunity to share with.  Consequently, if you have confidential student information it is only shared with the individuals that you have given the rights to see or edit.


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  1. Cloud Print?  How do I print from the cloud?
  1. In the settings of your Chromebook you will see “Show advanced Settings”  If you click on that you will see a button for “Open Google Cloud Printing”  This is presently being set up by Tech Services for all teachers.

  1. What is the cloud?  Is the cloud safe for storing our files?  How are files in the cloud backed-up??  Will my files be lost, unretrievable? The cloud is a storage on Google Servers that is meant to simulate the fact that your files are accessible anywhere you have Internet connectivity.  Google handles all backup and virus deletion of files.  

  1. What is the liability of taking the chromebook home?
  1. The liability is in doing something improperly with your device.  Damage to your device will be repaired by Technology Services.

  1. What is Flubaroo?

Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments.

      25. How do you set up mailing labels in google docs?

      26. I can upload files from my drive to Google Drive using my PC.  How do I access the

            terminal server to upload my files from my drive to my Chromebook?

      27. Silverlite to Chromebook??