2018 Elgin Cheese Days Tourney info

(12U is listed at the bottom)

Elgin Cheese Days 10U Softball Tournament

Friday June 15th, 2018

2018 10U Cheese Days Tournament

PEM Black


8:00 AM                                            Varsity Field




Lake City



11:45 AM                                            Varsity Field

10:30 AM                                            Varsity Field




Chatfield Fireballs Black





9:15 AM                                           B-Squad Field





Wabasha Kellogg



1:00 PM                                               Varsity Field

2:15 PM                                           Varsity Field




PEM Gold




8:00 AM                                           B-Squad Field






Chatfield Fireballs Red





11:45 AM                                            B-Squad Field

10:30 AM                                            B-Squad Field



Rochester Diamonds




9:15 AM                                           Varsity Field



PEM White









 3rd Place

1:00 PM                                            B Squad Field

2:15 PM                                           B-Squad  Field




*All 10U games will be played on the PEM Varsity and PEM B-squad softball fields in Elgin.

Elgin Cheese Days 12U Softball Tournament

Friday Jun 15th 2018

Hoenk Park Field 1 (New Fields South of PEM Football Field in Elgin)


9:00  PEM Gold vs.  Lewiston

10:30 Lewiston vs. Wabasha Kellogg

12:00 PEM  Gold vs.  Wabasha Kellogg


5th/6th place game on Hoenk Park field 2 at 1:30

3rd Pool A vs. 3rd Pool B


3rd/4th place game on Hoenk Park field 1 at 1:30

2nd Pool A  vs. 2nd Pool B


1st/2nd place game on PEM b-squad field at 3:00

1st Pool A vs. 1st Pool B

Hoenk Park Field 2 (New Fields South of PEM Football Fields in Elgin)


9:00 PEM White vs.  Rochester Rampage

10:30 Rochester Rampage vs. St. Charles

12:00  PEM White vs.  St. Charles