Language and Literature 9 Course Overview


Teacher: Charlotte Paterson                                        



Language & Literature 9 represents Year 4 of the Middle Years Programme.  Grade 9 students develop their skills to fluently communicate ideas, both orally and in writing.  Students review and expand their mastery of sentence structure, paragraph form, and essay writing.  Students read, study and discuss a variety of written forms with a focus on literature and informational writing, and use their reading experiences to expand their vocabulary. The student will continue to develop critical, creative and reflective thinking skills.  

IPS students will:

  • Develop a repertoire of reading and writing strategies
  • Demonstrate their understanding of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills through a variety of different text types
  • Have a very good work ethic
  • Be self-motivated and active learners
  • Work well in groups and independently
  • Love the challenge of critical-thinking opportunities
  • Be inquiry-driven; asking “Why?” and “What if…?”

In the event of an absence please ensure you collect the missed handouts and/or information from your teacher or from your classmates. You can also check the Google Classroom. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are caught up and ready for class upon your return.

Content/Units of Instruction:


Through the reading, discussion and study of various literary genres, the student will develop a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of language and how it is used.

The units covered in this course are:

  • Drama – Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • World Literature Circles (choices - To Kill a Mockingbird, Frankenstein, War of the Worlds)
  • Short Stories – Science Fiction
  • Poetry – Cultures
  • Public Speaking - Masterworks

Silent Reading

It is expected that students read on a recreational level as well as what is assigned in class. It is encouraged that students read for pleasure as much as they are reading for comprehension and skill. Students are expected to bring their own book or borrow one from the extensive class library, which includes a range of the latest titles, to the classics.

Writing and Grammar

Students will continue to develop their skills in paragraph and essay writing in informal and formal essays, creative writing and personal response with emphasis on structure and voice.  There will be continual review and practice in writing skills that emphasize sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and grammar.


Students will express their ideas and opinions in class discussions, deliver oral

reports, participate in oral readings, and prepare formal presentations.  Students will develop their skills in debating.

Work Habit Expectations:

  • always behaving sensibly and responsibly
  • always completing all homework on time and meeting deadlines
  • always bringing the correct equipment, book, text to class
  • enthusiastically participating and always being very involved in lessons
  • consistently taking initiative for their own learning
  • demonstrating leadership

Required Materials:

  • an agenda
  • pencil case
  • a binder with dividers
  • a novel or biography for silent reading

Achievement Grades:

Achievement grades are based upon assignments that have been marked using the MYP Assessment criteria.

Criterion A


Maximum 8

Criterion B


Maximum 8

Criterion C

Producing text

Maximum 8

Criterion D

Using language

Maximum 8

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