Whole Worker Privacy & Security Best Practices

This guide has been used by Whole Foods employees throughout the country to successfully protect themselves from companies that attempt to undermine their lawful right to speak with one another, organize and unionize. Whole Worker believes all employees deserve to have this same protection. Your struggle is our struggle, and our struggle is yours.

This is about more than Whole Foods and Amazon employees. This is about working people having the power at their fingertips to safely stand up together and fight for our right to:

  • a good income
  • safe and humane working conditions
  • harassment/discrimination free workplace
  • pay equity
  • a union if we choose
  • power to determine how our workplaces are run

The need and struggle for these are shared with the worker next to us as much as the one across the country in a company we’ve never even heard of. No work is insignificant and all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity. Let’s make the ruling class give us back the fruits of our labor, and the respect we demand and deserve. From Whole Foods to Walmart, to Apple and Amazon. McDonalds to Home Depot, Uber to Delta. From the small business to the biggest. To all those not named and who can’t be named. Welcome to Whole Worker United.

To join the Whole Worker United Telegram group visit our website at https://wholeworker.org or join directly on Telegram at t.me/wholeworkerunited. Before doing so, please read the community guidelines and the guide below for your protection. Join and share struggles at work and make connections. This group is for anyone regardless of employer or employment. Those from labor unions, the media, social justice organizations are encouraged to join and we recommend from our own victories that workers make connections with people from such organizations. Exposure and collective power is how we fight back.

  1. Always use two-factor authentication for any account you use for organizing
  1. If you don’t know how to use or enable two-factor please ask someone
  1. Create a personal alias
  1. This should be different from your real name and not include any personal information
  2. Use this alias for any online account you use for organizing such as Gmail, Telegram, Protonmail, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram
  1. Make a new Gmail account with your alias
  1. Use your personal phone number for two-factor authenticating your Gmail
  1. Make a Google Voice number under that same Gmail
  1. Choose an area code other than your real area code
  2. Google Voice is a free service, and you can use it for voice or texting
  3. Avoid giving out your Google Voice number
  4. Never give out your personal phone number
  1. Make a Telegram account at telegram.org and install the app on your smartphone
  1. Use your Google Voice number for your Telegram number and use your alias to create a Telegram username
  2. You can freely give out your Telegram @ username to anyone
  1. Use your Google Voice number to enable two-factor authentication for all accounts you use for organizing
  2. Always use encrypted messaging services like Telegram when talking to people within the movement, people interested in joining the movement, reporters or any other third party
  3. Be mindful of where you leave your smartphone out while at work as some notifications are visible from the lock screen
  4. Teach other team members interested in organizing these best practices and help them get on Telegram

Apps/services good for organizing:

  • Telegram.org / Telegram smartphone app
  • Telegram is a free and encrypted messaging service we use for secure communication
  • Telegram is open source and values user privacy and security and never holds onto their users metadata
  • It supports encrypted voice calls to other telegram users and has excellent group features
  • You can share your telegram account with others with the URL: https://t.me/yourusername which anyone can click to get in touch with you whether it is using the Telegram app or a simple browser tab
  • We always Telegram when we talk to reporters or anyone interested in helping the movement
  • Protonmail
  • Protonmail supports some of this highest level encryption available and is excellent for sharing sensitive information such as anti-union training materials or evidence/examples of union busting or labor violations
  • You can make a free account using your Whole Worker username
  • Protonmail is accessible via the smartphone app or in a Chrome browser tab
  • Gmail and Google Voice in Google Chrome or on a smartphone
  • For our purposes, Google employs good security practices and none of their data is ever hosted on Amazon controlled servers
  • Google Voice supports conference calls with up to 10 people and works within a Chrome tab or using the smartphone app
  • Google Docs
  • Great for sharing documents and spreadsheets with others
  • Supports group editing and collaboration features
  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook etc..)
  • When using social media for organizing always create a unique account with your alias and not your real name or number
  • Always enable two-factor authentication using your Whole Worker Google Voice Number.
  • If your company has marketing initiatives on social media it makes social media the perfect place to engage the company and gain visibility in front of their customers.
  • Use the same hashtags that your company uses for their marketing campaigns.
  • #amazonprime,
  • #primeday
  • #ImLovinIt
  • #target
  • #makesmewhole
  • #sparkkindness