Feb. 3, 2017        Virginia vs. New Jersey Plans/Constitutional Convention

Know these terms:

Anti-Federalists - supporters of strong state governments

Federalists - supporters of a strong central government

Great Compromise - a plan that determined the two-house structure of Congress

Thee-Fifths Compromise - a plan that decreed that every five enslaved people would                                                         count as three free persons for purposes of taxation and representation.

Virginia Plan

-Suggested that the number of representatives in both houses of legislature be based on state population.

-Developed by James Madison

-Proposed that Congress should choose the President

-Upset smaller states because it based representation on population.

New Jersey Plan

-Presented by William Paterson, represented smaller states

-Allowed each state to have one vote in the legislature

-Angered larger states because it gave states equal representation regardless of size.

The Great Compromise

-Proposed creating an upper house with two senators per state, elected by state legislature.

-Created by a grand committee chaired by Benjamin Franklin

-Also known as the Connecticut Plan

Principles of the Constitution

Popular Sovereignty        =  The people give the government the power to govern them.

Republicanism                = We elect people to represent us in government

Federalism                =  Power shared between the state and federal government

Separation of Powers        =  We divide the power of government between three branches so no  one branch  becomes too powerful.  

Checks and Balances        =   Each branch of government has some power over the other branches.

Limited Government        =   The Constitution restricts the power of government.

Individual Rights        =  Protects personal freedoms.

The Constitutional Convention took place in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania in 1787.  Rhode Island did not attend.

 There are three parts to the Constitution:  

The preamble, - States six goals of the document

the articles, - Seven that describe the powers of the government

the amendments.- 27 added