Polycom Phone Instructions

To call forward and change the number of rings go to the Xorcom Asterisk Portal from within the district at http://phones.whufsd.com

Please remember to forward your calls or update you message when going on vacation or leave of absence

Your username is your extension i.e 3255

Your initial password is also you extension i.e 3255

Important after saving changes, click the round red icon in the upper right hand side on the screen when done.

To Transfer a call: While in the call press “transfer” then enter the 4 digit extension then “send” you can ask if they are available to speak then press “transfer” again to finish the transfer

To Pickup a call: press *08 “Send” if you are in a pickup group

To Park a call: press “transfer” then dial “3601” and listen for the Parking slot i.e. “3605” to pickup the parked call enter the extension that was given i.e. “3605”

To conference press “more” then “Confrnc” Dial the next participants number then “more” and  “Confrnc” to connect them together. You may press “split” to separate the conference callers and speak to them separately

Call Forward Immediately - Toggle *58 dial

Forward to Voicemail - *95*Extension #

To play messages press the button that looks like an envelop and follow the instructions. Or press *97 dial and follow the instructions.

To play other mailbox messages press *98 dial and follow the instructions

Voicemail Outgoing message:

Mailbox options press 0

To remove temporary message press 4 and then 2

DND (Do Not Disturb) will forward calls immediately.

District Email / Network / Google / Lexmark password reset