Robotics at De Anza High School                        Club President: Austin Jimenez

Faculty Sponsors: Hansen / Gill

Design Evaluation Presentation - March 18, 2015 -


Competition Deadline: April 25-26, 10 am to 5 pm, Lawrence Hall of Science

Competition Details:


UC Berkeley Competition Details:

By February 4, 2015:

Fill out an updated online team availability form for your school

- This information is needed for assigning mentors for your team at kickoff.

Team Availability Survey (1 per team):

By Kickoff:

Physical Forms:

Check for $100 (1 per team, made to "Tau Beta Pi")

Liability Release (1 per student and 1 per teacher)

Student Emergency Contact Information Sheet (1 per student)

Team Information Sheet (1 per team)

Design Reviews Sign-up Sheet (1 per team)

Online Forms:

Pre-Kickoff Teacher Survey (1 per teacher):

Pre-Kickoff Student Survey (1 per student):

Team Questionnaire (1 per team):

Upcoming Hack-a-thons: ask Austin or Aubrey

Purpose: learn how to hack, make a big robot, gain skills in programming, earn scholarships, gain valuable practice working on a team and in a tech work group

Constitution: The Robotics Club believes all students should have access to technology in order advance in their knowledge in the following areas:

Previous Arduino Projects

Team Rosters *could not read some of the handwriting so I am sorry if your name is wrong*

Team 1

  1. Austin-Jilles JImenez
  2. Lauren Battas
  3. Quiante Moore
  4. Alafe Kebede
  5. John Carlos Miguel
  6. Cheryl Eguilos
  7. Gabrielle Montenigen
  8. Mohammad Mubashir
  9. Aubry Stacy

Team 2

  1. Donovan Yang
  2. Branden Guituan
  3. Rigoberto Gonzalez
  4. Samuel Olasiman
  5. Janet Lira