Daniel Rourke         CV        July 2018

email: d.rourke@gold.ac.uk                 web: machinemachine.net

Daniel Rourke Curriculum Vitae

(research, writing, teaching, art practice)


Research and Teaching Interests

Posthumanities:  critical posthumanism, science fiction horror and theory, ‘the weird’, the Anthropocene, speculative design, ‘hybrid arts’ at intersection of science, tech, design.

Media cultures:   history of media, media materialities, the digital image, 3D printing, the ‘folk’ web, net art, glitch art, cyberculture, AI / machine learning, big data.

Art and writing:   art activism, writing theory, writing as art practice, practices of appropriation, writing and the digital/web, contemporary fine art, digital arts.


2010–2017        PhD          Goldsmiths, University of London, Art, Practice–Based Research (part time)

Title: ‘Figures of Posthuman Becoming: Writing into the Human Paradigm

Supervisors: Dr. Edgar Schmitz & Prof. Michael Newman
Examiners: Prof. Sarah Kamber & Prof. John Russell

2006–2008        MA        Roehampton University, London, Creative and Professional Writing,

Distinction, supervised by Dr Peter Jaeger

2003–2004        PGCE      Trinity and All Saints College, University of Leeds, Teacher Training (English secondary)

Qualified Teacher Status #0361329 (school teaching experience available upon request)

2000–2003        BA        University of Leeds, Philosophy

Teaching / Employment

2017–present        Goldsmiths, University of London, Department of Media and Communications: Digital Media (MA), Co-convener and Lecturer

2013–present        London South Bank University, Department of Arts and Media: Digital Design (BA), Lecturer

2016–2017        University of Brighton, Digital Media Arts (MA), Lecturer and dissertation coordinator

July 2016        Tate Modern, four week public course: Digital Thresholds: from Information to Agency

2012–2015        Kingston University London, Fine Art, Film, Photography, Associate Lecturer

2010–2012        Goldsmiths, University of London, Art Writing MFA and Art BA Critical Studies: Teaching assistant and tutor


August 2017        Fellowship award received in conjunction with Planetary Futures Summer School, Convened by Dr. Orit Halpern, Concordia University, Montréal

Sep 2016        #Additivism project received an award from Jeu de Paume, Paris, with the French Cultural Ministry

Feb 2016         #Additivism project selected for the Vilém Flusser Residency Program for Artistic Research, 2016, including a substantial funding award from Ernst Schering Foundation, Berlin

May 2013        Research Support Award, awarded by Department of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London

2011–2012        Research bursary, awarded in conjunction with re–appointment to position of TA and tutor of Art Writing MFA, Goldsmiths, University of London

Selected Writing/Publications


2017        Sonic Acts: The Noise of Being, publication of essay An Ontology of Every Thing on the Face of the Earth, September

2016        The 3D Additivist Cookbook, curated and edited with Morehshin Allahyari (see Artistic Practice section), December 2nd

2013        This Mess is a Place, Zoë Mendelson/Wellcome Trust/Artsadmin Arts Project, chapter on hoarding, kipple and the work of artist Song Dong, October 26th

2012                   Idioglossia: An art writing glossary, The Art Writing Guild, contributor, July 5th

2008                   This Work, Regolith Works, self published MA thesis as book–work, September 31st

Selected Essays/Articles

Ongoing        Regular articles, interviews, reviews for Rhizome.org and Furtherfield.org

2017        NXS #2, Synthetic Subjects, piece for Synthetic Selves issue, Fall

2017        Exhibist Magazine, Becoming Horror in The Plasticene, feature piece for New Media Art Issue, January 17th

2016        HOLO Magazine, Results May Vary, feature piece on use of chance operations in art and media, November

2016        NOME Gallery, Berlin, essay for Davide Quayola exhibition, January

2014        Grafik Magazine, Synthetic Assistants, part of Screenshots series, August 26th

2014        Carroll/Fletcher Gallery (London), Black Diamond, essay for Mishka Henner exhibition, April 24th

2013        Rhizome.org feature, Artifacts: A Conversation between Hito Steyerl and Daniel Rourke, March 28th

Selected Journal Papers

2014        Media–N Journal, co–written feature Exaptation and the Digital Now, with Zara Dinnen and Rob Gallagher, August 30th

2013        Alluvium Journal, On Digital Metaphor (special issue), with Zara Dinnen, Rob Gallagher, Sophie Jones, December 4th

2013        Afterimage Journal, Falling into the Digital Divide, feature piece on the work of Hito Steyerl, Vol. 40, No. 5, Feb/Mar issue

2012                Dandelion Journal, Vol 3., On the Doctrine of the Similar (GIF GIF GIF), Spring

2011                Texte Zur Kunst, Headless Research: Practice–Based PhD in Art and Writing, June 2011

Selected Conference Papers & Invited Artist Talks

2018        In conversation with Mario Klingemann at Photographer’s Gallery, London (for ‘Cameraless Photography with Neural Networks’), February 9th

2017        Gather Festival, Democracy, Disruption and Speculation theme, Stockholm, September 14th

2017        Sonic Acts Academy: The Noise of Being, paper on speculative fictions panel: The Noise of Becoming: On Monsters, Men, and Every Thing in Between, Amsterdam, February 23rd–26th

2016        An Age and Its Ends: Social Science in the Era of the Anthropocene (conference), opening plenary paper: Embracing the Horror of the Anthropocene, Imperial College London, August 2nd

2015        Theorizing the Web Conference, Algorithmic Narratives and Synthetic Subjects, International Center of Photography, New York, April 17th / 18th  

2014        International Conference on The Image, The Origin of Time and Compression of Space in the Cinematic Glitch, Freie Universität Berlin, October 30th 

2014        Shimmering World Conference, I Like the glow that flashes red like our Krypton sun, but not this irritating noise. Make way., University of Manchester, April 25th

2014        College Art Association annual conference, New Media Caucus affiliated panel Exaptation and the Digital Now, with Zara Dinnen and Rob Gallagher, Chicago, February 14th

2013        International Conference on the Image, How GIFs ‘Language’, University Center Chicago, October 18th–19th

2013        International Conference on Narrative, Narrating Digital Things for Posthuman Ends as part of panel, It Shall Have Become: Time and Presentness in Narratives of Digital Process, Manchester Metropolitan University, June 26th–29th

2012        ASAP/4: Genres of the Present Conference, Royal College of Art, Abject Materialities (an Ontology of Every Thing on the Face of the Earth) as part of panel, Figuring Genre in Contemporary Culture: How to Survive in a Post–Zombie Digital Landscape, October 4th–6th

Selected Artistic Practice

June 2018        Walk&Talk Azores, Atropelos project (collaboration with artist Luiza Prado), São Miguel, Azores,
                June 29th– July 14th

Sep 2017        AND Festival, Castleton, Peak District UK, FIELDWORK Expedition, September 23rd-24th

July 2016        Tate Modern Course: Digital Thresholds: from Information to Agency

Four–week series devised and led by myself, curated and programmed by Viktoria Ivanova, exploring the politics and potential of big data through the lens of contemporary art and the social sciences.

2015–present        The 3D Additivist Manifesto (March 2015) and Cookbook (published December 2nd 2016)

Collaboration with artist Morehshin Allahyari. Project explores the intersection of art, design, and posthumanism – creating a critical discourse and community for speculative 3D printing. Manifesto sound design by Andrea Young. Cookbook containing work from over 100 contributors was published December 2016 by Institute of Networked Cultures. See here for selected press/interviews and here for news/event. Selected events follow:

2018        Paper/talk at Casting Code: reflections on 3D printing symposium, Arts week 2018, Birkbeck College London, May 14th

2017        PAF Festival, Olomouc, Czech Republic, abracadabra artist talk, December 8th

2017        MU Museum, Eindhoven, Materialising the Internet exhibition, October 6th–November 12th

2017        Brighton Digital Festival, The Messy Edge artist talk, October 13th

2017        Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Sight & Sound Festival, September 27th–October 1st

2017        V&A, London, Digital Design Weekend, September 23rd-24th

2017        Vžigalica Gallery, Ljubljana, The World Without Us exhibition, June 27th–August 27th

2017        University of Applied Arts Vienna / VIENNA BIENNALE, How Will We Work? exhibition, June 21st–September 27th

2017        LISTE Art Fair, Tabita Rezaire, Basel, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) 3D Print Showcase, June 13th–18th

2017     Onassis Cultural Center, TOMORROWS: Urban fictions for possible futures, Athens, May– June

2017        FACT, Liverpool, residency and artist talk, April

2017        Centre Pompidou, Paris, part of Imprimer le Monde exhibition + panel, March–June

2017        Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Alien Matter exhibition and ‘Singularities’ panel as part of 2016 residency outcome, February 5th – March 26th

2017        Ernst Schering Foundation, Berlin, On the Far Side of the Marchlands exhibition, January 31st  – March 26th

2016        Printed Matter, New York, The 3D Additivist Cookbook launch, December 2nd

2016        HMKV Dortmund, Germany, The World Without Us exhibition, curated by Inke Arns, October 22nd–March 5th

2016        Fuchsbau Festival, Hannover, talk and workshop, August 12th–14th

2016        Spike Island, Bristol, artist talk as part of Tamarin Norwood’s Point–Line–Time project, July 11th  

2016        District gallery, Berlin, artist talk and workshop, June 22nd–23rd

2016        Cyborg Associate, Berlin, artist talk, June 17th  

2016        Schillerpalais gallery, Berlin, artist talk, June 11th

2016        Speeding & Braking: Navigating Acceleration (conference), Goldsmiths University, London, video screening, May 12th–15th

2016        Kassel Art Academy, Kassel, workshop and talk, May 11th–12th

2016        Vilém Flusser/Transmediale Residency Program for Artistic Research 2016, Berlin, throughout May–June

2016        HMKV Dortmund, Germany, video screening, throughout May

2016        COLAB at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 3D Printing Symposium, March 20th– April 5th 

2016        Sonic Acts ‘Dark Ecology’ Academy, Amsterdam, lecture and workshop, February 26th–28th 

2016        Transmediale Festival, Presentation of #Additivism, as part of Disnovation Research Panel, Berlin, February 4th

2015        Pollock Gallery at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, Texas, invited artist talk & workshop, October 2nd 

2015        VIA Festival, The Frank–Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Artists in Residence, September 23rd–30th 

2015        Provocative Plastics Conference, The Work of Art in the Age of Material Speculation conference paper, Arts University, Bournemouth, September 18th  

2015        3D Print Show, London, invited artist talk, May 23rd  

2015        Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, Manifesto launch, April 16th  

2015        #refrag glitch, Parsons School, Paris, invited lecture/talk, March 22nd

2011–2014        Digital Art / Network Art Project: GLTI.CH Karaoke, 2011–2014

Collaboration with artist Kyoung Kim linking multiple, distant gallery spaces using innovative webstreaming technology and glitch methodologies. See selected press and selected events.

Other Selected Solo and Group Shows

2018        Walk&Talk Azores, Atropelos project (collaboration with artist Luiza Prado), São Miguel, Azores, June 29th– July 14th

2016        Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art exhibition, work exhibited as part of Lorna Mills’ Ways of Something, Whitney Museum Biennial, October 28th– February 5th

2014        Ways of Something (group video work) curated by Lorna Mills, one of 58 invited artists, Transfer Gallery, New York, screening September 7th

2014        GIFbites co–curated with Morehshin Allahyari, work by 50 international artists, DarAlHokoomeh Project, Shiraz, Iran, May 23rd–June 7th  

2013        RUN COMPUTER RUN (group exhibition), RAWerTunes.exe 10, digital audio release with 3D object commodities (collaboration with artist Alex Myers), Rua Red, Dublin, Ireland, 24th May–13th July

2012        RAWTunes.exe 10, digital album audio release (iTunes), June 21st

2009        Volatile Dispersal Festival of Art–Writing (group event), Speaking about Ants, Superman and Centaurs, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 21st November

Daniel Rourke CV