Liturgy for Life in the City

Sample Worship Script



Call to worship

One:  May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

All:  And also with you.

One:  We gather this morning as a community of your people,

O God, from our several neighborhoods, cities, and towns,

to share with each other the love you show us.

All:  For your power and your love over all this city

and this world, we give you thanks, O God.



[select from “Words of Welcome” options on website or write your own]

Visitors, we are grateful you’ve come. Please take a look at the welcome insert for some information you may find helpful. We’d also love to know who you are, have a record of your visit, and to know how to get in contact with you. Please consider filling out the Connect Card on the insert or drop a card in the offering plate.

Lighting the Peace Lamp

We light our peace lamp each week to remember that we both witness and participate in God’s vision. We long for peace, pray for peace, and choose to live for peace.

[light the lamp]

Please join me in a prayer for peace for peace:


One:  At times we turn away from the poverty we see,

from the jingle of change in cups,

All:  God, have mercy.

One:  At times we have no tears when another youth is shot,

All:  God, have mercy.

One:  At times we look for an open field and clear brook

instead of hard pavement and tall buildings.

All:  God, have mercy.

One:  At times we long for silence as the sirens ring

and trains clatter.

All:  God, have mercy.

One:  Grant us all we need to serve you in this city, O God.

All:  God, have mercy.

        Time of Silence




Children’s Time: STS 47  Let the children come to me

(Check the schedule on the back of the bulletin for after chldren’s time. Be prepared to ask for volunteers if one or both assigned caregivers are absent.)

Children ages 3 and under are invited to go to the nursery. [NAME] and [NAME] are our nursery caregivers today. Thank you for serving.


Receiving God’s Word



Gospel (or primary preaching text)

        One:  For the word of God in Scripture,

for the word of God among us,

for the word of God within us,

         All:  thanks be to God.




Shared concerns and thanksgivings

Each week we enter this sacred space carrying with us the many and fragmented pieces of our lives, our fears, our desires, our sorrows and our satisfactions.

We pause for a moment now to share some of what we carry,

to name our prayers before one another and God.

We are always grateful for the presence of guests in our midst,

and so we’d be delighted if you would introduce yourselves during this time.

What do you have to share today with the body gathered here in God’s name?

(You might consider following each person’s sharing with “God, in your mercy and goodness ... hear our prayer," or “Who will join in this prayer? ... I will.”)


One: Loving God, we share with each other our joys, our sorrows, and our fears,

knowing you heard us before we spoke.

 All:  As we draw closer to each other in community,

let us also draw closer to you.

Offering Hymn

Another way we share with one another and with our neighbors is by sharing our offerings. As we are singing our offering hymn, if you have offerings to place in the basket, you may walk forward and drop them in. Please stand and join in singing [NUMBER].

(After the offering hymn, you may offer a prayer of dedication if you wish. Even something as simple as, “For these gifts offered, we give thanks, O God. Amen.”)



(Check the schedule on the back of the bulletin and kick off this time. You may also invite them to stand so that visitors know who to look for.)

[NAME] and [NAME] will be sitting at the Welcome Table during fellowship time this morning. Visitors and newcomers are most welcome to stop by.



One:  Creator God, worshipping you has satisfied us

like eating a peach dripping with juice.

All:  Worshipping you has refreshed us

like being brushed by a breeze from the lake.

One:  May our worship sustain us this week,

that we may live and work in the ways of your reign.

All:  Amen.

Extinguishing the Peace Lamp

        One:  Now the light of Christ is in you.

         All:  Thanks be to God.