Learn to Swim – Sunday mornings- December 2017 Update

On the last day of term, we were faced with thick snow and a broken heater in the small pool which made it feel positively arctic and swimming in there out of the question.  However, those Sunday morning swimmers in Learn to Swim who had braved the elements stepped up to the challenge and swam in the big pool, some of them for the first time ever.  Everyone did really well but a special mention to some of our smaller and less experienced swimmers from Level 1 – particularly George Mason and Edward Forsyth who did brilliantly well and were happily jumping and swimming across the pool at the end of the session.  A big thank you to the Dolphins coaches and swimmers for making room for us.        

The swimmers across all levels have been busy practicing and acquiring new skills throughout the term.  In Level 2 Persephone Forsyth and Henry Mason mastered backstroke this term – a fantastic achievement for both of them, and in Level 4 and 5 the teachers were all wonderfully impressed with some really great butterfly swimming from all of the swimmers – not something we really expect to see or are used to seeing at L4 and L5 so it was a real treat for us.

The following swimmers achieved skills badges this term:  Penguin 1:  James Maunder, Aimee Hill and Sienna Breeze.  Penguin 2:  Fiona Nicholls, Henry Mason, Emily Lambert.  Penguin 3:  Sophie Kent, Lauren Haynes, Alexander Sandford, Jacob Breeze, Chloe Hill, Isobel Miller.  Otter 1:  Alex Springthorpe, Sam Rigby, Cerys Long, Charlie Hall, India Morgan, Leo Sitzberger.  Otter 2:  Ella Duvivue, Jamie Morgan-Jones, Lily Woodiwiss and Oliver Forsyth.

We recognised the effort and achievement of the following swimmers: Charlie Griffin, Harley Griffiths, George Mason, Edward Forsyth, Persephone Forsyth, Jack May, Ella Morgan- Jones, Mia Brittle, Imogen Wood, Ben Warby, Thomas Woodward, Jack Honey, Harry Pateman, Masie Woodiwiss, Charlie Miller, Oliver Mitchell and Owen Hpa.

Swimmers were busy achieving distance badges too:  5m: Aimee Hill, Ella Morgan-Jones.  10m: Persephone Forsyth, Henry Mason, Imogen Wood, Mia Brittle.  25m: Sam Rigby, Leo Sitzberger.  50m: Jack Honey, Masie Woodiwiss, Cerys Long, Owen Hpa, Oliver Forsyth, Jamie Morgan-Jones.  Although we don’t have badges to recognise the achievement in learn to swim, a special mention has to go to Jamie Morgan-Jones and Lily Woodiwiss who both managed to swim 100m in the big pool in good style.

Well done to all of our swimmers – it was a term of great achievements.

We say goodbye this term to Ella Duvivue, Jamie Morgan-Jones, Lily Woodiwiss and Oliver Forsyth, all of whom are heading off to the big pool and Dolphins.   Keep up the great swimming.

Finally, we would like to wish all swimmers a happy break.  We hope to see you all back bursting with energy and enthusiasm in the new year.

Helen, Tanya, Izzy, Charlotte, Ellen, Bailey and Ellie