Bronyville Episode 091 - Friendship? Thanks M. A. Larson

Time : Saturday February 2nd, noon PST

Show Notes


The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and managements. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode  recorded on February 2nd, 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Topic Time! - Convention Resurrection

Episode Discussion: Pony Ball Z - The deadly Trixzaa has returned, and only GOKU Twilight Sparkle can charge up for 18 minutes, use her powers in a shoddily animated 1 minute fight scene, breathe heavily for 2 minutes, and end the episode with a corny joke!


Hi everybody!

I meant to send this in weeks ago, but ha!  Life.  What'cha gonna do?

The serious topic times you've had have been fantastic; I'm sure all your listeners appreciate you approaching these difficult topics as much as I have.  Please do more.

Speaking of difficult topics, HOLY COW!  The fandom gave us all a bumpy ride this week.  Hopefully you all avoided the static.  Those tumblr, YouTube comments, etc.... yeah hopefully if you're reading this letter, you've already scolded the community for acting so seriously.  I had just gotten into MLP right after the Derpocalypse or so, so I missed a lot of that.  I didn't know the fandom would occasionally buck.  We should all try to keep apples and carrots handy just in case it needs calming again, yeesh!

Miss hearing you guys on my trips to work.  Can't wait to listen to the next episode!



PS, just for you guys:  I know you are all pretty tight with Pixel Kitties.  Did she show you the piece I wrote for her?  I decided she needed a rock guitar soundtrack wherever she went.  Anyway, you can listen to it, if you like:

Dear Cider, Sandy, Starry, and guests.

 I am writing this on Tuesday January 29th. AKA 'The Day Twilight Alicorn becomes Cannon.' and I would like to share my thoughts on the subject. I would appreciate if you could help me spread this letter to the masses.

Dear Bronies:

CALM THE BUCK DOWN. Yes, Twilight is going to be a Princess. No, This isn't the end of the world. Or the fandom. Or the Show.

I am typing this out to express my disappointment to all of you who have spent the last few hours flooding the message boards and image boards with Doom and Gloom. Have you really that little faith in the show that has brought us all together in the first place? Are you seriously convinced that the fandom is hanging by such a thin chord?

I think past experience proves this isn't the case. Just look at how far we've come. We rose from the Fires of 4chan. we survived Criticism Fox News, Jerry Springer, Tosh.0 and many others. We Rejoiced at the inclusion of Derpy, and we grieved at her removal. But through it all, one thing stands out to me. WE ARE STILL HERE. If something like this were enough to destroy us. then we would already be forgotten.

Now, Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this will be the blow that we won't be able to recover from, But if so. I think that it deserves the benefit of the doubt. After all, the last thing we want is a repeat of Derpygate.

Sincerely, Page Turner.

Greetings to Alicorn Cider, Alicorn Sandy, Bob Carr: Alicorn Attorney, and Glittering Alicorn,

Last week you got a letter from M.A.H. wondering if the fans ought to send thanks to Hasbro when they do things we like, rather than only contacting them to complain about things. Hopefully, I summed that up correctly. I was wondering if it would also make some sense to reach out to some of the sponsors of the show since it's on commercial television. If, for example, the Cuties mandarin orange commercial were to run during pony, and some of us buy them, would it be worthwhile to send an e-mail to the Cuties people just to let them know that we got our little oranges after seeing an ad on My Little Pony? I think that if we did that it'd let them know that MLP is, in fact, a good place to buy ads. Some companies have a system to do this sort of thing already with coupon codes (bronyville10) or through per-inquiry systems (the 1-800 order now spots) so I think there's something to the idea. Obviously, it'd be limited to things we'd actually buy. So, do you think this is a good idea or not?

Shine On,

Little Ribbon

Hay there Apple Cyder, Chef Sandy and guest, it's been a while since I wrote to you guys.

Just want to say that you guys are awesome and have done a good inspiring the community to try their "hoofs" in podcasting.

Just want to add more info on the "Bushiroad Dubbing My Little Pony for Japan" story. As you guys stated Bushiroad is a trading card game company that is going to do the Japanese dub for the show.

But what is not well known (if you don't buy their products) is that they often use their "Intellectual Proprieties" from their company and even getting the "Licensing rights" from other brands to make Trading Card Games. The most well known product from Bushiroad is their Trading Card Games "Cardfight Vanguard" and "Weiβ Schwarz" (German for White Black) or WS for short.

Vanguard is their own original thing and WS is a card game where they use characters from all kind of anime, for example "Evangelion", "Persona 4" and even "Macross Frontier".

The thing that I want to point out is that, since Bushiroad does all this anime card games and stuff... they might make a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Trading Card Game. Who knows right, if they is a demand for it they might make it... since they are working with Hasbro already.

Food for thoughts



Norman Sanzo

(Host for The MBS Show)

Dear Bronyville podcast, prepare your best tin foil hat because this is a doozy.


Since Alicorn Twilight is apparently going to happen this raises a very interesting question, is this how all Alicorns exist or is this a rarity (HA!). If this is how all ponies “ascend” to Alicornhood then when did Cadence Join Luna and Celestia? Did she manipulate a noble line to produce the necessary elements to make house Sparkle or is it all a coincidence?


First let’s prove Cadence is OLD, she in her Alicornness is recognized by the crystal ponies. This means that She, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, was deposed by Pony Sauron (King Sombra) and Celestia and Luna turned him to shadow. Thus placing Cadence’s age over 1000 years, and around during the whole Nightmare Moon episode.


I postulate that Cadence and Celestia then entered a conspiracy that lasted thousand years and involved the changeling Queen. O.O


Isn’t it the greatest coincidence that the Element of magic AND the Stallion of power Shining Armor are brother and sister? That the Purple future princess pony was just enough of an OCD pony to sniff out Crysalisis and free Cadence who was trapped with no food or water? Crysalisis was just powerful enough to beat Celestia? And then the being that is POWERED BY LOVE turning her back to a unicorn and the princess of love next to her dearly beloved. I say that the entire event was staged between Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Crysalisis.


Then pulling the main six into the returned Crystal Empire and having Shining Armor and Twilight both being integral to Sombra’s second downfall. I say that this too is implausible to be happening randomly.


Is it too hard to conceptually think that Cadence didn’t manipulate the House Sparkle to get out favorite OCD pony and her BBBFF!


The overthinking griffon, Fethers.


P.S. Fluttershy is best pony and the Fifth Doctor is the best Doctor Hooves!

Hey, I only recently started listening to the podcast while at work in the morning. You guys are a lot of fun to listen to and make my day much more enjoyable. Applejack is my favorite pony and I can laugh most of the jokes directed her way off but that's whatever. I live in the south away from most conventions so I've never gotten to go to any that I would like to go to. So my question is, do  any of you guys have a tip or two for getting to one of the big ones? Like when to drive, book a flight, what to look for in a motel or if I should use travelocity, something to that extent. Thank you so much for making me laugh every time I tune in.

Yours truly,

Blank Flank

Hey apple cider, chief, stary, and guests

I currently work at McDonald's and have never heard of the 100 nugget challenge.

I have been a fan of the show for a few months now and have come to enjoy listening to the podcast. Keep it up!

- Shungo/Kite

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Hello Love Doctor Sandtastic, Jeff aka shinobibrony here with  a question of course, I am getting back into the dating scene, the problem isn't getting women interested, I was just questionable on when I should reveal I am a brony?

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Dear Princess Celestia,

I just found this synopsis for ‘Ancient Alicorns’! Check this - ‘If Ancient Alicorns visited Equestria, who were they, and where did they come from? Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Bob, and Glittering Pony from EQLA delve into the facts behind these mysterious interdimensional travelers. Are they here to spread panic and mayhem? Or does their presence signal darker motives? Join us to find out more!’ Cool huh?


Apple Cider

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